Help for Heroes – Scottish Pigeon Auction Total £3,155

Just an update on the auction
The birds sold for a grand total of £3,155. A fantastic sum and much appreciated.
I have now been in contact with those who won on commission.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came along on Sunday, and especially those who were involved in the very keen bidding for birds. Your money will go to a great cause, and hopefully you will benefit from the stock you purchased.
A great thank you also must go to all those fanciers who so kindly donated birds. The response from throughout Scotland, England Northern Ireland and Ireland was tremendous. We could almost have doubled the number of Lots we had! I will write personally to each of those who donated to thank them.
Some other thanks are also due:-
The Committee and members of Gartcosh Works Social Club. They provided their premises free and could not do enough for us on the day. The club proved to be a great venue and is well located for motorway access. Some of the members of the club were previously fanciers or related to fanciers, so there was an element of taking the fancy back to the people!! (Other organisers could check out

Gordon Geddes, for his great support and provision of pens on the day.
Our courier sponsors, G&R Couriers, Saltire Pigeon Couriers and Delivery Solutions who all delivered birds for the sale without charge.
Sheena Main of Marlaw Pet Supplies, Airdrie.
Paul Chatterton, Timmy Mawhinney, John Withers, John Wilson, Joe Morrison, Gary Donaldson and Dennis Clements of Northern Ireland who did so much in promoting the event among fellow fanciers.
Mark and Gary Doyle and Sheldon Leonard of Arklow, Ireland who did similarly in their area.
Gareth Rankin, Jim Hannah and Steve Aitcheson who talked to others about the sale and gathered birds in for it.
Jo Murphy, for his sterling work as auctioneer, and his lovely wife Margaret.
Derek Hay who stepped in at the last moment to handle birds to the auction pen.
Young Corrie Galloway who ably assisted with the raffle.
Ingrid and Robin for providing the H4H merchandise stand and telling people why we were doing this.

My pal Danny Dominick, for putting up with my driving on what became a mammoth 4 ferry journey, 900 mile, 2 overnights jaunt to collect the birds from Ireland. He didn’t even smother me when my snoring reached jet engine levels!! Thanks Danny for being there with and for me.
And last but no means least my wife Liz and Danny’s partner Jacqueline who put up with so much and yet still let the two of us out to play!!! Liz also had to join me on trips to the Borders, the Lothians and Ayrshire whilst I was uplifting birds. She reckons she never gets a day away without “The Doos” being involved!
The response from fanciers has been overwhelmingly supportive and it is my intention to hold the event again next year. Hopefully it can become an annual fixture on the calendar which benefits our Wounded, Injured and Sick, Service Personnel and provides fanciers with the opportunity of buying quality racing pigeons.

Thanks once again

Yours Aye

Terry Markwick| County Co-ordinator Argyll and Bute | Help for Heroes
07825397249 |


This is the final list for the auction. There are birds in this list which have won at Club Fed and National level or are off winners at these levels. Don’t miss your opportunity!!! Phone me for commission bids!!

Help for Heroes – Scottish Pigeon Auction

Gartcosh Works Social Club Sunday 20th October 2013

Viewing from 12 till 2

Auction starts at 2.

Details/Pedigrees of birds will be appended to pens.
N.B. Sex of YB’s believed correct but not guaranteed.

Bidding starts at £20/bird (£40/pair).

Lot No Donor Details of Lot
1 Jim Donaldson, Peterhead Details on pen
2 Dave Mawhinney, NI GB13B46690 B Ch Pd Hen. Details to follow
3 W Kinnear & Son, Edinburgh GB13P6343. B Ch Hen. This YB has flown 8 races inc SNFC YB National Leicester. It is out of Auld Reekie and Kardale Style lines
4 Sheldon Leonard, Arklow, Ireland IHU13S101665. B Ch Hen “Charity” from the best that Universal Lofts has to offer
5 Walker & Wilson, Eyemouth NEHU13BOR745 B Ch Pd Hen. Bred for stock. Out of Shore Toon Lady 1st Arras 2010 SNRPC
6 G Parker & Son, Lisburn IHU13N18546. Ch Hen. Details on pen
7 R&J Combe, Elphinstone SU13E444 Blue Ch Cock. Well-bred YB. Pedigree on pen
8 Spence Bros., Lisburn 2014 YB
9 Joe Murphy, Fife SU09NE2823 Blue Cock. Pedigree on pen
10 S&M Neary, Gorey, Co Wexford IHU13S56847. Ch Hen. Details on pen
11 D&J Campbell and Bigger, NI GB07E21017. Blue W/F Hen. Winner on the road and breeder of Open and Section Prize Winners
12 Andrew Lees, Eyemouth NEHU12BOR1945. Blue Cock. Pure Cattrysse. Sire was 3rd Open SNFC Ypres and 3rd Open SNRPC YB National
13 Mr & Mrs G Delaney, Dromore, NI GB13D03311. Blue Hen. Highly successful loft
14 Kevin Murphy, Fife Details on pen
15 F Simpson, Doagh, NI GB11D02515. White Griz Hen. Roland Janssens
16 Jeff Greenaway, Dromore, NI 2014 YB
17 Mick McMurchie, Fife From the best of Mick’s fantastic lofts
18 D T Owen, Coldingham Blue Cock NEHU11BOR2533. 1st Club 2nd Fed son of 1st SNFC Eastbourne. Blue Hen NEHU13BOR1553 is free to the purchaser of this cock
19 Jim Hannah, Blantyre Details on pen
20 Joe Morrison, Larne, NI GB08H08032. B Ch Cock. 1st section 5714 birds 13th open 25722 birds from Tullamore 135 miles Winner of this bird has choice of hen free of charge (see Terry Markwick)
21 J&J Hood, Milton of Campsie 2014 YB. See details on pen
22 M&J O’Reilly, Arklow, Ireland IHU13S2196. Ch Hen Dam was winner of 2 x 1sts in the highly competitive Arklow Club.
23 GW&P Macaloney, Coatbridge Details to follow, but the name says it all!
24 Davy Elliot, Newbigging 2014 YB. A great opportunity!!
25 Donnelly Bros., NI GB13C48893. Dk Ch Hen. Details on pen.
26 D McStay, Carluke A pair of birds! SU08-5747 Ch Cock and SU12-219 B W/F Hen out of Eric Cannon Stock Birds.
27 Gibb & Byrne, Lisburn, NI GB13D06714. Blue Hen. Pure Jos Soontjen. Pedigree on pen
28 Lindsay Cowan, Ayrshire SU07A117. Barless Mealy Cock. From Lindsay’s excellent long distance family
29 S Aitcheson, Eyemouth NEHU13BOR1405. Dk Ch Cock. Bred from Steve’s highly successful Bricoux lines that have won him numerous prizes at National level.
30 D Clements, Lisburn, NI GB12L06193. B Ch Pd Hen. Cooremans out of Fenech Bros.,
31 Grant & McGovern, Ardrossan Staf Van Reet Cock. Details on Pen
32 R,G&G Donaldson, Portadown, NI GB07P12487. B Ch Hen. Andre Geens lines.
33 Morris Bros., Johnstone Red Ch Hen, G-Dtr of SNFC 1st Sect Claremont x 1st Sect SNFC Ypres when paired together
34 Lilley and Withers, Lisburn, NI GB12T12294. Ch Hen. Bred for stock, and not intended for sale. Vanwildermeersch lines. Bred from best of Bertie Fletcher & Son, Oakfield Lofts.
35 D Brown, Kirkcaldy, Fife SU12F274. B Ch Hen.
36 Joe Morrison, Larne, NI GB07H26000. B Ch Cock. Winner on the road. Winner of this bird has choice of hen free of charge (see Terry Markwick)
37 Ricky Young, Ayrshire SU13A8507. Red Hen. Same family as Ricky’s National Winner
38 Koole Lofts, Ireland IHU13S75098. Blue cock. Pedigree on pen. Soontjen and Janssen/Hofkens lines
39 Billy Graham, Lanarkshire Details on pen
40 R,G&G Donaldson, Portadown, NI GB12V45557. B Ch Cock. Off proven winners
41 Gareth Rankin, Larkhall Details on pen
42 Creagh Lofts, Owen Kirwin, “The Legend”, Gorey, Ireland IHU13S131116. B Ch Hen. From the multi winning National Loft of Owen Kirwin, bred from his Janssen x Hofkens lines.
43 D Clements, Lisburn, NI GB11L05833. B Ch Pd Hen. Pure Cooremans out of Fenech Bros., details on pen.
44 R,G&G Donaldson, Portadown, NI GB12V45527. Blue Cock. Won several prizes in 2012 before injury; inc 1st club, 30th sect and 81st open 22,147 birds.
45 Mark Findlay, Ayrshire SU10A4247. Ch Hen. From same lines as Lot 28
46 Wm McClelland, Doagh, NI GB12D18201. 2013 yb old ring used. Blue Hen. Herman Ceusters breeding. Details on pen
47 Norman Orr, Larkhall Details on pen
48 F Simpson, Doagh. NI GB13F49230. Red Cock. Details on pen
49 Paul Cunningham, Dublin, Ireland IHU11S103455 late bred old ring. Red Ch Cock.
Paul donated this pigeon off his best direct Roland Janssen’s
50 A&N Lewis, Doagh, NI 2014 YB
51 Jim Cameron, Lanarkshire Details on pen
52 Allan Darragh, Cullybackey Pair of 2014 YB’s
53 J Wilson, Doagh, NI 2014 YB
54 R,G&G Donaldson, Portadown, NI Pair of 2014 YB’s
55 Gary and Mark Doyle, Arklow, Ireland IHU13S2366. Blue Hen. From the lost that won all the averages in the Arklow club in 2013!!
56 Willie Powers, Dublin, Ireland IHU13S27593. B Ch Pd Hen. See details on pen
57 T&K Mawhinney, Donaghcloney, NI IHU13N06734. B Ch W/F Cock. An outstanding bird to close the sale. From this multiple winning loft which is also highly successful on the show bench.

For further details phone me on 07920428903


Help for Heroes – Scottish Pigeon Auction 

Gartcosh Works Social Club on Sunday 20th October 2013


The majority are birds straight out of these winning lofts, which can immediately go in to your stock section, and you could be breeding your own champions in 2014!

Birds from these lofts have scored at Club, Fed, Combine and National level for fanciers all over the UK, Ireland and further afield. There are several winning birds included for sale!

Lots donated by:-
Morris Bros., Jim Donaldson, Allan Darragh, Jim Hannah, Gregory Bros., Steven Aitcheson, Dave Mawhinney, Mick McMurchie, Ricky Young, T & K Mawhinney, Mark Findlay, W Kinnear & Son, Donnelly Bros., Longdells Lofts, Lindsay Cowan, Joe Murphy, Spence Bros., Kevin Murphy, Grant & McGovern, J & J Hood, Owen Kirwin (The Legend), G W & P Macaloney, Davie Brown, G Parker, Billy Graham, Sheldon Leonard, Jim Cameron, Norman Orr, Billy Cullimore, Gareth Rankin, Joe Morrison, Gerald Delaney (Oroory Hill Lofts), Andrew Lees, Ian Gibb (Gibb and Byrne), Walker & Wilson, Doyle and Doyle, R & J Combe, Geoff Greenaway, Davy Elliot, also at auction birds out of stock purchased from M & D Evans, Eric Cannon, Bob McDonald, Jos Thone and others. Additional birds are being donated daily and a full list will be on, by e mail from and available at the sale

Bidding starts at £20/bird (£40/pair).

Auctioneer Joe Murphy

The auction will be held in Gartcosh Works Social Club, Eastgate, Gartcosh, Glasgow, G69 8AS (By kind permission of the Social Club Committee)

Viewing from 12 noon to 2pm. Auction starts at 2pm.

Bar and snack or full meal facilities available.

Getting to Gartcosh:- From Glasgow and West take M8 or M74 to M73 to Jnct 2A Muirhead/Gartcosh; From Edinburgh take M8 to M73 to Jnct 2A as above; From Stirling and North take M9 to M80 to M73 to Jnct 2A; From Lanark and South take M74 to M73 to Jnct 2A.

All commission bids to Terry Markwick, 07920428903.

All payments to be made before confirmation of sale.

Purchasers to arrange for, and pay carriage on, birds promised for 2014.

Our grateful thanks to everyone who kindly donated birds for the auction, and to sponsors Gartcosh Works Social Club, Saltire Pigeon Couriers, Marlaw Pet Supplies and G & R Pigeon Couriers.

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