Irish South Road Federation – Results 2013


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Barleycove 20/09/13              Barleycove200913Extended

Skibbereen 14/09/13               Skibbereen140913Extended

Mallow 06/09/13                      Mallow060913Extended

Talbenny Open 31/08/13       Talbenny310813Extended

Pilmore Beach 31/08/13        Pilmore310813Extended

Thurles 24/08/13                     Thurles240813Extended

Barleycove 16/08/13              Barleycove160813Extended

Skibbereen 10/08/13              Skibbereen100813Extended

Mallow 03/08/13                      Mallow030813Extended

Pilmore Beach 27/07/13       Pilmore270713Extended

Thurles 20/07/13                     Thurles130713Extended

Thurles 13/07/13                      Thurles130713Extended

Penzance 13/07/13                  Penzance130713Extended

Barleycove 06/07/13             Barleycove060713Extended

Portland 01/07/13                   Portland010713

Skibbereen 29/06/13              Skibbereen290613Extended

Penzance 24/06/13                  Penzance240613Extended

Mallow 22/06/13                      Mallow220613Extended

Pilmore Beach 15/06/13        Pilmore150613Extended

Sennen Cove 08/06/13          SennenCove080613Extended

Skibbereen 08/06/13             Skibbereen080613Extended

Talbenny 01/06/13                 Talbenny010613

Mallow 01/06/13                      Mallow010613Extended

Pilmore Beach 25/05/13       Pilmore250513Extended

Barleycove 19/05/13              BARLEYCOVE190513

Skibbereen 11/05/13              Skibbereen110513Extended

Mallow 04/05/13                     Mallow040513Extended

Pilmore Beach 27/04/13      Pilmore270413extended

Thurles 20/04/13                    Thurles200413Extended

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