Top 7 for J L Madden – Roscrea 08/08/15

Top 7 for J L Madden – Roscrea 08/08/15
J L Madden of Coleraine Premier, 1st Open NIPA Roscrea 756/23,770

J L Madden of Coleraine Premier, 1st Open NIPA Roscrea 756/23,770

Magnificent Seven for J L Madden of Coleraine – Roscrea 08/08/15

The NIPA were in Roscrea for the 4th young bird event, a distance of 159 miles to Coleraine lofts. What a brilliant result for the in-form loft at present in the Coleraine Triangle. J L Madden had what you can only dream about with a drop of seven birds to take the top seven in the mighty NIPA Open, shortly followed with another five placing all these in the top 16 of the NIPA  result.

Everyone knows Leslie races the famous Lambrecth lines having done exceptional with these birds. He was the first to have these lines in this area. One bird that has left his mark in the breeding loft is the immortal Kingpin, which won the NIPA National from Barleycove in a north east wind. This super breeder has left sons and daughters in the breeding loft that are churning out top pigeons.

He bought in a new family of top Sprint lines two seasons ago but is keeping these a guarded secret, and crossed them into his Lambrecth lines which have been doing the damage these past few weeks for him.

The first 16 places have been taken by the big Coleraine Premier HPS which is a super performance in a very strong club. Coincidentally these fanciers that take the first 16 in the NIPA Open train on Leslie Maddens transporter from Moneymore three times a week. From the members of Coleraine Premier we congratulate Leslie on a super performance.

NIPA Open Roscrea 756/23,770 –

1-1A J L Madden Coleraine Premier 2099, 2-2A J L Madden 2097, 3-3A J L Madden 2097, 4-4A J L Madden 2097, 5-5A J L Madden 2097, 6-6A J L Madden 2097, 7-7A J L Madden 2097, 8-8A M/M MsSeveney & Son Coleraine Prem 2090, 9-9A M/M McSeveney & Son 2089, 10-10A R Montgomery Coleraine Prem 2084, 11-11A J L Madden 2084, 12-12A J L Madden 2084, 13-13A J L Madden 2084, 14-14A J L Madden 2084, 15-15A J L Madden 2082, 16-16A Newton & Quinn Coleraine Prem 2080, 17-1C G & M Atcheson Ligoniel 2078, 18-2C G & M Atcheson 2077, 19-3C G & M Atcheson 2076, 20-4C G & M Atcheson 2075.

Best in each NIPA Section:

Sect A 59/1865 – J L Madden Coleraine Prem 2099, J L Madden 2097, J L Madden 2097.

Sect B 122/4087 – Stewart Bros Randalstown 2072, Horner Bros & Scott Windsor Soc 2061, D Dixon Ballymoney 2059.

Sect C 148/4266 – G & M Atcheson Ligoniel 2078, G & M Atcheson 2077, G & M Atcheson 2076.

Sect D 78/2352 – J Greenaway Dromore 2065, J Greenaway 2062, J Greenaway 2060.

Sect E 155/6001 – P Caughlin Monaghan 2067, D Parr Annaghmore 2055, D C & P McArdle Armagh 2038.

Sect F 45/1122 – C Hutchinson Comber Cent 2020, C Hutchinson 2019, C Hutchinson 1978.

Sect G 68/2679 – O Markey Ballyholland 2036, C O’Hare & Daughter Ballyholland 2029, R Williamson Newry & Dist 2027.

Sect H 81/1398 – K Armstrong Omagh & Dist 1922, A McCrudden Derry & Dist 1889, J Crawford Limavady 1885.

NIPA Club Results here! 1st-Roscrea-Y-Birds-club-result-8th-august-2015

NIPA Open & Sect Result here!  !st Roscrea Young Birds 8th August 2015


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