NIPA: Race marking early for Mallow –

Info 04 Sep 2013

NIPA:  Will racemark tomorrow night Thursday for a possible release in MALLOW and not Fermoy as on the race programme due to the hawkstrike on the EDC at Fermoy on the 24th August. Would all race secretaries please ensure that their club members put the correct measurements on their 5 Bird entry sheet. Forecast for Friday is sunshine with a light N/West wind. There are NO individual crates permitted in this race ALL birds MUST be spread over the crates failure to comply will mean disqualification

Could all broken crates in your clubs possession be put onto the transporter to enable the repair of these. Could all trophies be returned in a clean condition to the NIPA office asap. Thanks Fred.

Ulster Federation: The Ulster Federation will race race mark their birds on Thursday evening for a possible release on Friday from Mallow.

ISRF: Race marking for Mallow brought forward to Thursday night for a race on Friday.

ECF (Dublin): The race this week will be on Friday, this is due to a poor weather forecast for Saturday & Sunday. Marking is tomorrow Thursday, usual pick up times by transporter. Forecast is for north winds on Friday and we are hoping for a lib time of 11.00am on Friday but this lib time may change due to weather.



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