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Just a mad thought when I cant sleep I check different sites and do a fair bit of reading I also like checking other fanciers photos of their lofts on facebook

I seen on pigeoncraic.com that MICK PURCELL is emigrating to Australia and I would like to wish Mick and the family all the very best from everyone here @ Beal Feirste Lofts and for anyone who doesn’t know who Mick is have a read at this reposted with the kind permission of pigeoncraic.com http://www.pigeoncraic.com/forum/index.php?mode=portal

Now Mick has already had one sale I wasn’t at it so I can’t say how well it did but looking at mick’s results and the families of birds he has I would be very surprised if it didn’t do very well

I could ask the question why???? About what im going to write next but im not instead im going to give all you fancier a great chance to save a few pounds sorry mo chara (my friend Mick)

You have the NCC North Coast Classic One Loft Race now having visited it many times I can tell you all that Sean Willie and the team run a first class loft and anyone who has been there will tell you the same I have been luck to do a few video interviews with Sean now I want you all to think about this fanciers pay £500 to enter 6 birds for a chance to win a guaranteed £1200 plus prizes for other places  now in my opinion that’s a great offer but £500 isn’t easy to come by for most so if your paying that sort of money lets be honest your going to send young birds out of what YOU believe are off the very best in your loft “well I know I would” I have said to Sean both privately and on video if I was starting out and have money for birds the NCC sales is were I would be going so I bet at this stage your wondering what has this all to do with Mick Purcell well on the final NCC sale on


There’s 3 yes 3 Mick Purcell birds for sale at £30 each yes less than £100

I’m not going to ask why they haven’t sold

But in my opinion these are steal

Don’t say micko didn’t tell you


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