Penzance – 21/06/15

NIPA Race/Date
Penzance 21/06/15, Lib 8.10am, wind Westerly

NIPA Open Penzance 619/5954 –
1-1C Bingham & Seaton Ligoniel 1271, 2-1F J Crossan Downpatrick 1269, 3-1B J & N Lamb Crumlin 1255, 4-2C Baxter & Holden Larne & Dist 1254, 5-3C Whiteside Bros Eastway 1249, 6-4C Baxter & Holden 1248, 7-5C G & M Atcheson Ligoniel 1243, 8-6C G & M Atcheson 1242, 9-7C G McKenna Eastway 1239, 10-8C A & N Lewis Doagh & Dist 1237, 11-1G R Williamson Newry & Dist 1236, 12-9C A Thompson Ballyclare 1229, 13-2G R Williamson 1227, 14-2B W & J Smyth Ballymena 1226, 15-1A K Shannon Dungannon 1224, 16-3G Cowan Bros Bessbrook 1224, 17-3B J McDowell & Sons Ballymoney 1223, 18-10C J Smith Ligoniel 1220, 19-11C D J Connor Kingsmoss 1219, 20-1D J Greenaway Dromore 1218.

Best in each NIPA Section:

Sect A 47/473 – K Shannon Dungannon 1224, W Bleeks & Son Coalisland 1166, Hanson & Harpur Coleraine Prem 1165.
Sect B 105/818 – J & N Lamb Crumlin 1255, W & J Smyth Ballymena 1226, J McDowell & Sons Ballymoney 1223.
Sect C 103/1023 – Bingham & Seaton Ligoniel 1271, Baxter & Holden Larne & Dist 1254, Whiteside Bros Eastway 1249.
Sect D 69/755 – J Greenaway Dromore 1218, Burton & Glover Kingswood 1218, W Allister & Sons Lisburn & Dist 1212.
Sect E 145/1564 – J Robinson Edgarstown 1218, T McClean Annaghmore 1215, P Lotton Annaghmore 1214.
Sect F 46/439 – J Crossan Downpatrick 1269, P & C Johnston Comber Cent 1189, K Murray Killyleagh & Dist 1170.
Sect G 68/701 – R Williamson Newry & Dist 1236, R Williamson 1227, Cowan Bros Bessbrook 1224.
Sect H 36/181 – W McIlmoyle Limavady 1119, T Booth Mourne & Dist 1095, A Hall Omagh & Dist 1064.

NIPA Open & Sect Result Penzance – Penzance Old Birds 2015

NIPA Club Result Penzance – Penzance-Old-Birds-2015


Penzance 20th June 2015 Held Over
Posted on June 17, 2015 by fred
The N.I.P.A. are in Penzance and have held over due to fog on the channel, at the release point it is over cast with low cloud and mist on the hills. In Camborne it is foggy which is approximately 25 miles from Penzance in Bude it is foggy out to sea, Talbenny is overcast but was starting to showing signs of improvement.

The N.I.P.A. have liberated in Penzance at 8-10am in a light westerly wind with blue sky and sunshine the temperature was 14 degrees. In Camborne approximately 25 to 30 miles up the coast they had blue sky and sunshine with a light westerly wind. In Bude they had a high white cloud with patches of blue with a light westerly wind. In Fishguard it was a high white cloud with blue patches with a light westerly wind. In Ireland along the coast from Wexford up to Skerries it was much the same as the rest of the route, so I would like to wish you all good luck.

Hampering for the St Malo O/B Derby will now take place on Tuesday Morning 23rd June Hampering times as follows Portavogie 6.30-8.00am sharp, Crossgar 6.30-9.15am, Ballylesson 6.30-10.00am.

The N.I.P.A. will race mark on Tuesday morning 23rd June 2015 for a possible release in St Malo on Thursday 25th June 2015 ,collection times are as follows, Coleraine 9-00am Cullybackey 10-00am Muckamore 10-30am Dromore 11-30am Doagh 9-00am Larne 9-45am Carrick 10-30am ligoniel 11-15am Coalisland 9-00am Loughgall 9-30am Portadown 10-15am Lurgan 10-45am Lisburn 11-30am Killyleagh 9-00am Newry 1-00pm your cooperation is very much appreciated.

Saint Malo 2015
The N.I.P.A. would like to thank the members for their cooperation on getting the birds ready for Staint Malo on Tuesday morning, which allowed the lorry to leave on the 9-30pm ferry from the south of Ireland to sail straight into France it is very much appreciated .The birds arrived at the ferry at 7-00pm and got a light feed and then were watered, the water was left on the birds all night while the ferry sailed. Next morning the birds got another light feed and the drinkers topped up. The birds arrived in France today 24th June 2015 at 3-00pm our time, then they arrived on site at 6-30pm our time, they got another light feed at 7-00pm and watered. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the two drivers for looking after the birds and putting the effort into making this possible for a Thursday morning liberation if possible ( weather permitting ).

Birds have been liberated at 7am with little to no wind, hope the returns are good…
Have a good one everyone…

The N.I.P.A. have liberated in Saint Malo at 7-00am, there was no wind at release point and they had blue sky and sunshine right up to Camborne which is approximately 25 to 30 miles north of Penzance. The wind is to pick up on route as the birds come north, it’s to go force 4 or 5 southerly later and the sea state slight to moderate, visibility moderate to good. There is to be some light rain at the home end and good luck to all.

The N.I.P.A. have decided to race mark on Friday 26th June 2015, for their race from Roscrea the birds will be lifted at centres, times are as follows Derry 5-00pm Coleraine 6-00pm Ballymoney 6-30pm Cullybackey 7-30 Mucamore 8-00pm Doagh 6-30pm Larne 7-15pm Carrick 7-45pm ligoniel 8-15pm Coalisland 5-30pm loughgall 6-00pm Portadown 6-30pm Lurgan 7-00pm Lisburn 8-00pm Banbridge 10-00pm Newry 11-00pm Killyleagh 7-30pm

The East Down Combine have Liberated in Penzance at 08.10 in a West Wind.

Penzance was flown after a one day hold over due to fog on the channel, liberation was at 8.10am in a Lt Westerly wind on Sunday 21st June. Binghasm & Seaton from Ligoniel won 1st Open NIPA doing velocity 1271 followed by former Kings Cup winner Jackie Crossan from Downpatrick 1st Sect F and John Lamb from Crumlin & District 1st Sect B.

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