RPRA Drug Testing 2016 –


Council of the RPRA has approved drug testing for the 2016 season

drug testing kit

To encourage organisations to conduct performance enhancing drug tests a budget of £7,000 has been set aside to undertake drug tests during 2016. RPRA Organisations can therefore send samples to the RPRA for testing.

To encourage clubs further, free tests are offered on the following basis: organisations with less than 40 lofts – 2 free tests; organisations with more than 40 lofts – 4 free tests, until such time as the budget is exhausted.

Testing kits will be supplied free of charge providing a sample is returned within 8 weeks, otherwise a charge of £7.50 per kit will be invoiced. All regions are holding testing kits.

The RPRA Performance Enhancing Drugs Committee will also be carrying out random testing during the 2016 season. Appendix G – Rule 3a applies.

The charge for additional tests and for non-affiliated organisations will be at a cost of £110 per test. However testing kits (£7.50 inclusive of VAT and postage) must be purchased from the RPRA.

It is the responsibility of all fanciers to ensure that no banned substances, as laid down in Appendix G of the current RPRA Rules, are administered to their racing pigeons in any form.

Fanciers are strongly advised to check with the manufacturer or seller of all ingredients of any products used.

Appendix G – Appendix-G-290216

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