RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2015 -

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RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2015 -

Postby willie reynolds » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:52 pm

The AGM for the RPRA (Irish Region) was held for the first time in the Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick, Co Antrim on Saturday last 7th February. It was attended as usual by a small number of Delegates and members. Council member Sam Briggs was elected as PO for the season 2015 and I look forward to his report, I am sure he had as much trouble as I had following the proceedings.

Not many changes were made in the election of officials but some items were discussed including the AGM Agenda for the RPRA to be held in Coventry at the end of the month. Council Delegates had as usual gone through the various AGM Resolutions and brought their thoughts to the meeting. There was an Amendment put forward to change the vote regarding items 7/20 and 7/21 which were New Rules submitted by Southern Region. When put to the meeting the vote was to support the decision of the Region Delegates and vote against these two items. The Irish Delegates will also vote against 7/1, 7/3, 7/4, 7/5, 7/6, 7/9, 7/10, 7/12, 7/3, 7/15, 7/16, 7/17, 7/18, and the two above 7/20 and 7/21.
They will support the changes for 7/2, 7/7, 7/8, 7/11, 7/14 and 7/19.

I would just like to print the two Resolutions that were put to a vote.

7/20 New Rule proposed by Southern Region. Approved minutes of the RPRA Council Meetings and RPRA Region Meetings will be published in the BHW and put on the RPRA website.
7/21 New Rule proposed by Southern Region. The audited accounts of RPRA Council and RPRA Regions will be published in the BHW and put on the RPRA website.

The full agenda has already been published in the BHW and is available on the RPRA website and other sites.

The Secretary mentioned something in relation to deceased members retaining membership without charge and the PO will maybe have picked this up. Don’t think I have ever seen anything about this published before. A few other run of the mill questions and then just at the end an item asked re ETS Clocks and especially Tauris & Bricon. The PO is on the Clock Committee and will investigate the questions raised, he will bring back a report both on this and the Council Meeting itself to be published. A Delegates Report from the RPRA Council meetings should be listed on the Agenda of all Irish Meetings. There is a lot needs changed, but not this time. Before I knew it the meeting was over and the members left were heading home.
The PO has a task on his hands and I do wish him the best of luck, I am sure he will do his very best to keep all the membership informed and I look forward to seeing the text.
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Re: RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2015 -

Postby willie reynolds » Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:17 pm

The AGM of the Irish Region was held on Saturday 7th February at the Templeton Hotel. Attending the meeting: S Thompson President, J Serplus Vice President, S G Briggs Vice President, R Reid Secretary, A C McGrugan, W Reynolds, G McDowell, G Delaney, W Kelly, W Knowles, J Burrows, T Griffith, E Gilliland, L Woodside, P Dunlop, C O’Hare, W Seaton, N Hanna, B Elliott, R Duddy, D Irvine. Apologies: S McGarry, R Hamilton, W Sawyers, K Shannon, P Smith, D Suitters, R Stevenson.

The President opened the meeting by welcoming the members and he asked the Secretary to read the Minutes of the 2014 AGM, which were then passed. Matters arising: None. Accounts: Were agreed and passed. As there was no other 2014 business, the President declared all offices vacant and asked S G Briggs to take the chair for the election of 2015 officials.

The following officials were elected: Life Vice-President L Boyle, President S Thompson, Vice Presidents S G Briggs and J Serplus, Secretary/Treasurer Mr & Mrs R Reid. Region Committee: W Seaton, N Hanna, C O’Hare, A C McGrugan, W Reynolds, G McDowell, G Delaney, W Kelly, W Knowles, J Burrows, S Thompson, J Serplus, R Reid, T Griffith, S McGarry, S G Briggs. Councillors to RPRA: S Thompson, S G Briggs, with Reserve J Serplus. PO: S G Briggs.

INFC (RPRA) Management Committee: G McDowell, G Delaney, W Reynolds, L Woodside, P Dunlop, C O’Hare, W Sawyers, D Suitters, R Stevenson, J Serplus, P Smith, K Shannon.
INFC (RPRA) Appeals Committee: W Kelly, J Burrows, W Knowles.

There being no other business, the AGM was closed. The AGM was followed by a Delegates Meeting, only item on the agenda was Minutes of last meeting – these being passed. The Secretary informed the members that the current Accountant had moved to another area, and if it was possible the Secretary would prefer to have an Accountant close to where he lived, this was agreed. There being no other business the meeting was closed. This was followed by an Appeal and Committee Meeting. The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed as a true record. There were no appeals. The Secretary informed the members that the Randalstown HPS appeal had been withdrawn. Club Resigning: Corcreeney HPS, this was agreed. J McSeveney applied to have his suspension lifted. The Secretary informed the Committee that he was still awaiting more details, no decision was made. There being no further business, the meeting was closed. S G Briggs, Irish Region PO.

** This report was published in BHW 20/02/15. Not much mention of items listed above, and it looks like not all places were filled on INFC Committee.
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