RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2016 -

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RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2016 -

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RPRA (Irish Region) AGM –

The Annual General Meeting of the Irish Region will be held in the Templeton Hotel, Templepatrick, County Antrim on Saturday 6th February at 1.00pm. Any member wishing to be on the INFC Committee please attend this AGM for Nomination. Fifteen positions are available and have to be confirmed at this meeting each season. The Agenda will include Minutes of 2015 AGM, Statement of Accounts, Election of Officers for 2016 and New Clubs. Following the AGM a meeting of Region Delegates will be held followed by a General & Appeals Committee Meeting at 3.00pm. Agenda for this meeting will include Minutes of previous meeting, Correspondence, Suspensions/Removals and one Appeal - Percy Son & Murphy v Randalstown HPS. The Secretary has asked for names of all members that have resigned or had a Clearance Sale in members clubs during 2015. This annual meeting will usually mandate delegates on voting procedure on the RPRA Resolutions for the AGM to be held in Coventry on Friday 26th February 2016.
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Re: RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2016 -

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RPRA (Irish) AGM 2016/Awards 2015 –

The AGM of the Irish Region was held on Saturday 6th February at the Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick. Those attending the meeting included: S Thompson President, J Serplus Vice President, S G Briggs Vice President, R Reid Secretary, A C McGrugan, W Reynolds, G McDowell, G Delaney, W Knowles, J Burrows, T Griffith, E Gilliland, F Russell, R Taylor, W Sawyers, P Dunlop, C O’Hare, W Seaton, R Duddy, A Thompson. Apologies: S McGarry.

The President opened the meeting by welcoming the members and he asked them firstly to stand in memory of those deceased in the past year. He then invited the Secretary to read the Minutes of the 2015 AGM, which were then passed. Matters arising Ken Wilkinson sent a message thanking the Irish Region for the £1,000 Charity Donation to NI Hospice. Accounts: Were agreed and passed as per the published Statement of Accounts for 2015. There was a delay in getting the books back form the new Accountant, not their fault as the Secretary had some health problems having been in and out of hospital. The situation will be fully resolved, everything should be as normal next time. It was agreed Larne & District would continue as the club used for Internal Audit. It was also agreed that the cheques not cashed would be looked at and the total for old ones outdated would be donated to NI Children’s Hospice. As there was no other 2015 business, the President declared all offices vacant and asked Sam Briggs to take the chair for the Election of 2016 officials.

The following officials were elected: Life Vice-President L Boyle, and S Thompson, President S G Briggs, Vice Presidents J Serplus, G McDowell and J Burrows. Secretary/Treasurer Mr & Mrs R Reid.
Councillors to RPRA: S G Briggs, and J Serplus with Reserve G McDowell. Auditors Gilmour & Co (Carrickfergus). PO: W Reynolds.

Irish Region Committee: S Thompson, S G Briggs, J Serplus, R Reid, W Seaton, G McDowell, W Reynolds, J Burrows, A C McGrugan, G Delaney, C O’Hare, T Griffith, S McGarry, and R Hamilton.

INFC (RPRA) Management Committee: G McDowell Kells, G Delaney Dromore, W Reynolds Ballymena, P Dunlop Edgarstown, C O’Hare Ballyholland, R Stevenson Dromara, J Serplus Laurelvale, P Smith Dublin, K Shannon Dungannon, R Duddy Ballyclare, A Thompson Ballyclare, C Lyons Hills & Maze, D Suitters Doagh, T Griffith Eastway, and E McGimpsey Ards. Wesley Sawyers Banbridge is the new Junior Vice President at INFC.

INFC (RPRA) Appeals Committee: W Kelly St Pauls, J Burrows Eastway, and W Knowles Kingsmoss.

Sam Thompson was thanked for all his hard work over many years and a long spell as RPRA Councillor, he in turned thanked the members and wished the new President Sam Briggs the very best, he will give assistance at every opportunity.
New Clubs: Titanic HPS accepted with no objections, Secretary Jackie Scates.

There being no other business, the AGM was closed.

The AGM was followed by a Delegates Meeting - Minutes of last meeting read and passed. The success with the RPRA One-Loft race firstly with the St Patricks College in Banbridge and Roy Bothwell winning the Yearling Race. Ken Wilkinson was provided with a form for an entry in 2016, this will be Riverside School in Antrim. Letter noted from Mr McAuley in Larne regarding a case at the last meeting. The President and Vice Presidents met at Antrim Forum to make a decision on Resolutions coming up at the AGM in Coventry at the end of the month. It was passed they do the same next time. This year the Irish Delegates will vote against 7/1, 7/4, 7/5, 7/6, 7/7, 7/8, 7/10, 7/12, 7/13, 7/14, 7/15, 7/18, 7/19, 7/20, 7/21, 7/24 and 7/25. They will support 7/2, 7/3, 7/9, 7/16, 7/17, 7/22, 7/23, 7/26 and 7/27.

The meeting resumed before 3.00pm with a General & Appeals Committee meeting, President Sam Briggs in the chair, supported by Secretary Robert Reid. The minutes of the previous meeting of 3rd October 2015 were read and passed. Letter read from Downpatrick and Secretary to follow up. There were no suspensions or removals to deal with.

One appeal was to be heard Percy Son & Murphy v Randalstown. After introductions Sam Murphy and Noel Percy on the one side and for the club John Millar and Ian Stewart they left the room for the meeting to consider the case. After a bit of discussion it was agreed to hear the case now, the Randalstown members were called back. The case was about the awarding of a cup in the INFC Yearling Nat to a club member who had failed to put in a Verification Card. It was felt the Rule 17 in the Club was outdated and more to do with ordinary NIPA races. The Club Secretary John Millar stated that over his many years in the job custom and practice was to award the cup to the first member in the published result. Interested parties left the room and the meeting decided to find in favour of the club. The parties returned to be told the decision and Percy Son & Murphy were told they had a right of appeal within 21 days to Council.

A Plate brought back from the RPRA would be awarded to the 1st Young Fancier in the NIPA Rosscarbery YB Nat of 2016. Items to be raised with the RPRA include transfers, Continental Rings and the Form of 6 birds for £2 which was previously up to 18 birds. Sponsorship of the YB Competition £1,000 was to be put to Future of Sport Committee.

A vote of thanks was recorded for MLA’s Robin Swann and Leslie Cree who put forward that Pigeon Racing will now be included as a sport in the Rates (Amendment) Bill. A proposal to allow pigeon racing be designated as a sport for rates purposes has flown through the NI Assembly. The Rates (Amendment) Bill is before the house for its further consideration stage. It aims to provide 100% rates relief for recreational sports clubs. Ulster Unionist MLA Robin Swann put forward an amendment to allow it to be included so it can avail of the current 80% level of rates relief. Colin Watson was also thanked for his help with this project over many months.

The RPRA awards for the 2015 season were presented as usual at the NIPA Ladies Night, President Sammy Thompson carried out the presentation. The winners were as follows, each NIPA Section have an Individual Bird Performance over two cross channel races which were Talbenny & Penzance.

Irish Region Awards 2015 – Individual Bird Talbenny & Penzance: Sect A Diamond Bros Coleraine Premier Vel 1259, Sect B D Dixon Ballymoney Vel 1276, Sect C D & J Campbell & Bigger Eastway Vel 1265, Sect D J Greenaway Dromore Vel 1280, Sect E No Claim, Sect F McGimpsey Bros Ards Vel 1211, Sect G R Williamson Newry & Dist Vel 1292, Sect H A Hall Omagh Vel 1111. Overall Winner R Williamson Newry & Dist Vel 1292.

Irish Region Mileage Awards 2015: 0-250 Miles P & J Boal Dromore , 251-450 Miles M Maguire & Son Millvale, 450 + Speirs & Campbell Cookstown.
Best Y B Performance 2015 - Bingham & Seaton Ligoniel, Best O B performance 2015, R Willamson Newry & District.

Young Fancier Mileage Awards 2015
0-250 A & S Swindell Newry City, 251-450 T Booth Mourne & Dist, 450 + A & S Swindell Newry City.

Young Fancier of the Year – Winner Ellie Marshall Comber. Runner-up T Booth Mourne & Dist and A & S Swindell Newry City.

Dominic Diamond (l) collects the Sect A Award for Diamond Bros of Coleraine Prem.

Jeff Greenaway from Dromore HPS wins Sect D.

McGimpsey Bros from Newtownards won Sect F, Eddie collected the award.

Ron Williamson from Newry & Dist wins Sect G.

Alan Hall from Omagh & District wins Sect H.

Ron Williamson was the overall winner doing velocity 1292.

P & J Boal from Dromore HPS won the Mileage Award 0-250 Miles.

Bingham & Seaton from Ligoniel won Best YB Performance in 2015.

Ron Williamson from Newry & Dist won Best OB Performance in 2015.

Ellie Marshall from Comber was Young Fancier of the Year 2015.

A & S Swindell from Newry City won Young Fancier Mileage 0-250 and 450+.

Troy Booth from Mourne & District won Young Fancier Mileage 251-450 Miles.

At the Blackpool Show in January, a number of additional awards were collected, very well done in competition across the UK & Ireland. St Patricks College in Banbridge had a school entry in the 2015 One-Loft Race and won the Ace Pigeon Award. NIPA Assistant Secretary Gregory McAvoy and Mick Conlon who were involved with the application collected the prize from RPRA President Les Blacklock. Roy Bothwell from Wilton Cross in Lurgan won the 2015 One-Loft Yearling Race with a bird I believe bred by Tom Wilson. In the major awards P & J Boal won the Short Distance for the second time in three seasons and brought home the Selby Thomas Memorial Trophy. Bingham & Seaton from Ligoniel in Belfast returned to the sport with a new loft and won the Louis Massarella Trophy for Best Performance by a Young Bird. In the Young Fancier Adam & Scott Swindell from Banbridge racing in Newry City won Major Lewis Memorial Long Distance Young Fancier Trophy 451 Miles and above. Troy Booth from Mourne & District the NIPA Young Fancier of the Year finished 2nd in the Middle Distance 251-450 Miles. If I get some details on the winners I will feature them later.

Irish Region Secretary Robert Reid with A & S Swindell presenting the
Major Lewis Memorial Long Distance Young Fancier Trophy 451 Miles +

W Reynolds PO.
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