RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2017 -

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RPRA (Irish Region) AGM 2017 -

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Irish Region (RPRA) AGM –

The AGM for the RPRA (Irish Region) took place on Saturday 4th February in Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick, County Antrim. Any member wishing to be on the INFC Committee was requested to attend the RPRA (Irish Region) meeting.
Those attending the meeting included: J Serplus Vice President, S G Briggs Vice President, R Reid Secretary, A C McGrugan, W Reynolds, G McDowell, G Delaney, W Knowles, J Burrows, T Griffith, F Russell, P Dunlop, C O’Hare, R Taylor, W Seaton, R Duddy, A Thompson, W Elliott, N Lewis, D Suitters, E McGimpsey, Art Kelly. Apologies: S Thompson, S McGarry.

The Vice President Sam Briggs opened the meeting by welcoming the members and he asked them firstly to stand in memory of those deceased in the past year. He then invited the Secretary to read the Minutes of the 2016 AGM, which were then passed. Accounts: Were agreed and passed as per the published Statement of Accounts for 2016, some £38,000 in the account. It was noted the RPRA fees for 2017 had been increased.

The following officials were elected for 2017: Life Vice-President L Boyle, and S Thompson, President S G Briggs, Vice Presidents J Serplus, G McDowell and J Burrows. Secretary/Treasurer Mr & Mrs R Reid.

Councillors to RPRA: S G Briggs, and G McDowell with Reserve G Delaney. Auditors Gilmour & Co (Carrickfergus). PO: W Reynolds. Jim Serplus retired as a RPRA Councillor.

Irish Region Committee includes: S Thompson, S G Briggs, J Serplus, R Reid, W Seaton, G McDowell, W Reynolds, J Burrows, A C McGrugan, G Delaney, C O’Hare, T Griffith, S McGarry, R Hamilton, M Atcheson and Lee Wilson.

INFC (RPRA) Management Committee: G McDowell Kells, G Delaney Dromore, W Reynolds Ballymena, P Dunlop Edgarstown, C O’Hare Ballyholland, J Serplus Laurelvale, P Smith Individual Dublin, R Duddy Ballyclare, A Thompson Ballyclare, C Lyons Hills & Maze, D Suitters Doagh, T Griffith Eastway, E McGimpsey Ards, N Lewis Doagh, A Kelly Individual Dublin.
INFC (RPRA) Appeals Committee: W Kelly St Pauls, J Burrows Eastway, and W Knowles Kingsmoss.

Under Correspondence and letter from W Reynolds thanking the Irish Region for the nomination to attend the 40th Anniversary of the Blackpool Show as a guest of the RPRA. At the dinner in the Hilton Hotel he had been presented with a Certificate of Merit for most valued contribution to the sport which included 40 years plus as a scribe for BHW. During the Blackpool weekend at the Gala Evening awards were presented to M & T Griffith, Delaney & McCambridge and G A & S Swindell from Banbridge who were 2nd in the Young Fancier Middle Distance 251-450 Miles. Just for the record the awards for M & T Griffith of Eastway included Tony Cornwell Memorial Trophy was for Best all round performance by a single pigeon. The Selby Thomas Memorial Trophy was won for 1st in the Adult Short Distance 0-250 Miles. Young fanciers Delaney & McCambridge from Dromore won the Guy Barrett Trophy based on performance, attitude to the sport and help at the local club. They also won the Young Fanciers Short Distance 0-250 Miles.

Resigned clubs include - Mourne & District, Donaghcloney, Milltown & District, Bessbrook and South Belfast. Any dispute during the season will be resolved if necessary calling emergency meeting, members can be called by phone.
There being no other business, the AGM was closed.

The AGM was followed by a Delegates Meeting - Minutes of last meeting read and passed.
Letter noted from Mr McAuley in Larne regarding a case at the last meeting. The President and Vice Presidents met at Antrim Forum to make a decision on Resolutions coming up at the AGM in Coventry at the end of the month. It was passed they do the same next time. This year the Irish Delegates will vote against 7/5, 7/6, 7/8, 7/9, and 7/12. They will support 7/1, 7/2, 7/3, 7/4, 7/7, 7/10, 7/11, 7/13, 7/14, and 7/15. Young Fanciers Award was on the agenda this year through Future of the Sport Committee.

The meeting resumed before 3.00pm with a General & Appeals Committee meeting, President Sam Briggs in the chair, supported by Secretary Robert Reid. The minutes of the previous meeting of 1st October 2016 were read and passed. There were no suspensions or removals to deal with. Free Transfers were to be raised at Council. Item (5) and (6) was Appeal N Ferguson & Son v Larne & District. Appeal upheld club out of order not holding 168 Meeting. The second appeal was rejected. All parties would have been informed in writing and would have 21 days to appeal to RPRA Council.

The Irish Region awards were presented as usual at the NIPA Ladies Night, carried out by Brian Swann the father of Robin Swann MLA who was the special guest.

RPRA (Irish Region) Awards 2016 – Best Individual Bird Talbenny & Penzance:
Sect A – G & S Smith, Cookstown Vel 1348; Sect B – M D C Magill, Harryville Vel 1347; Sect C – Rea & Magill, Larne & District Vel 1315; Sect D – H F Browne, Lisburn & District Vel 1345; Sect E – J Robinson, Edgarstown HPS Vel 1383; Sect F – K Murray, Killyleagh & District Vel 1293; Sect G – Donnelly Bros, Newry City Vel 1378; Sect H – D Booth, Mourne & District Vel 1305. Overall Winner – J Robinson of Edgarstown Vel 1383.

Irish Region Mileage Awards 2016: 0-250 Miles M & T Griffith Eastway, 251-450 Miles P & J Boal Dromore, 450 + H Cordner Annaghmore.
Best O/B Performance 2016 and Best Overall – M & T Griffith Eastway. Best Y/B Performance 2016 - Gregg Bros & McCandless Titanic.
Young Fancier Mileage Awards 2016: 0-250 Miles Delaney & McCambridge Harmony, 251-450 Miles C A & S Swindell Newry City, 450 + No claim.
Young Fancier of the Year 2016 – 1st Delaney & McCambridge, Harmony HPS. Runner-up E Marshall Comber.

***** Full report of presentation and photos listed in Homers Odyssey under RPRA (Irish Region) Awards 2016

Awards collected at Blackpool 2017 -

Trevor and Jeanette Griffith of Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland, received both the Tony Cornwell and Selby Thomas Trophies at the RPRA Awards Presentations at Blackpool Winter Gardens, thanks to their blue cock ‘Sqn Ldr Ted’.

The bird is named after Trevor’s late father, Squadron Leader Ted Griffith DFC & Bar RAF. Trevor told us: “Ted, who died twenty seven years ago, was responsible for me getting involved in this great sport. He would be extremely proud of the pigeon’s achievements and also of the way that pigeon racing has resulted in the many true friendships which we have made, not only here at home but also further afield.

“Sqn Ldr Ted is the most successful pigeon we have ever had the privilege of racing. We have other pigeons which have won the mighty NIPA with up to 32,000 competing and a National winner, but none compare with the consistency of this pigeon. The photo will hopefully become a piece of family memorabilia which will be past down to future generations. The photo includes myself and my son Martin, we are the present partnership of M & T Griffith.”

Just for the record the Tony Cornwell Memorial Trophy was for Best all round performance by a single pigeon. The Selby Thomas Memorial Trophy was won for 1st in the Adult Short Distance 0-250 Miles. At the same presentation during the recent Blackpool Show younf fanciers Delaney & McCambridge from Dromore won the Guy Barrett Trophy based on performance, attitude to the sport and help at the local club. They also won the Young Fanciers Short Distance 0-250 Miles. During the weekend Willie Reynolds from Ballymena & Dist was presented with a Merit Diploma for long service to the sport including 40 years plus as a scribe at British Homing World.

Montage of RPRA Award winner for M & T Griffith of Eastway.

Young Fanciers Jack Delaney and Ronan McCambridge from Dromore with the Guy Barrett Trophy.

Trevor Griffith from the Eastway HPS in Belfast with the Tony Cornwell Memorial Trophy.

Delaney & McCambridge 1st in the Young Fanciers 0-250 Miles.

M & T Griffith collect the Selby Thomas Memorial Trophy 1st 0-250 Miles.

Willie Reynolds collects his Diploma of Merit from the RPRA President Les Blacklock at Blackpool.

Sam Briggs (r) making presentation to Billy Seaton.
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