MAC Presentation in Ballymena - 11/01/2020

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MAC Presentation in Ballymena - 11/01/2020

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MAC Presentation in Ballymena –

As with recent tradition the MAC Awards for the racing season are presented at the dinner function of a member club, this year it was the turn again of Ballymena & District who held their prize presentation in the local Adair Arms Hotel in Ballymena on Saturday 11th January. Officials attending included President Danny Dixon, Chairman Robert Service and Secretary Willie Reynolds. Membership is in decline and where is the past most of the local clubs had a show series, and usually a dinner presentation with big attendances, only a handful continue along those lines now. Changes over the next few years will be massive and the sport as I have always described it will be a whole lot different in coming times.

MAC has been going now for over 40 years and in that time members have won numerous awards, up to 1st National and many others achieved Fancier of the Year. it started out as a bit of weekly fun and that’s what we need to get back to in whatever time is left.

As usual Diplomas were presented to each 1st Mid Antrim Combine winner, only one per loft regardless of how many 1sts. Over recent seasons the Diplomas and trophy engraving have been sponsored by Danny Dixon, for that we are most grateful. MAC will be having discussions regarding the racing for the new season at the AGM in March, and that will probably include a website for results. Mervyn Eagleson has done a fantastic job as PO that includes all races flown in both the NIPA and INFC, we are also looking at the possibility of running a page on Facebook.

Race winners in 2019 included the following: Old Birds – Mullingar J & M Milliken (Rasharkin) 1st, 2nd & 4rd vel 1665, Tullamore D Dixon (Rasharkin) 1st vel 1581, Roscrea W & J Smyth (Ballymena) 1st vel 1531, Gowran Park M/M Robinson (Ahoghill) 1st & 2nd vel 1290, Fermoy Surgenor Bros (Kells) 1st & 2nd vel 1313, Corrin John Millar (Randalstown) 1st & 3rd vel 1217, Fermoy Comeback W & J Smyth 1st vel 1656, Barleycove Inl Nat J & M Milliken 1st vel 1505, Gowran Park (2) Harry Boyd (Kells) 1st & 2nd vel 2135, Fermoy (3) F Barkley (Rasharkin) 1st vel 1697, Fermoy 5 Bird Championship W & J McLean (Rasharkin) 1st vel 1689, Talbenny C & D Jackson (Kells) 1st vel 1564, Bude M/M Robinson 1st & 2nd vel 1469, Castletown Ylr Nat C & D Jackson 1st vel 1538, Penzance C & D Jackson 1st vel 1598, Penzance Classic C & D Jackson 1st vel 1598, Fermoy (4) J & M Milliken 1st & 3rd vel 1611, St Malo Nat (France) Hugh Boyd (Randalstown) 1st vel 955.

Young Birds – Area Lib Mullingar Blair & Rankin (Ballymena) 1st vel 1337, Area Lib Tullamore T & M Morrow (Associate) 1st vel 1503, Area Lib Tullamore (2) J & M Milliken 1st vel 1437, Gowran Park Surgenor Bros 1st & 3rd vel 1302, Fermoy (1) W & J McLean 1st vel 2028, Fermoy (2) Surgenor Bros 1st vel 1512, Roscrea Comeback R H Clements (Associate) 1st, 2nd & 3rd vel 1525, Talbenny Nat Blair & Rankin 1st vel 1468, Corrin D Dixon 1st, 2nd & 3rd vel 1175, Corrin 5 Bird Championship D Dixon 1st & 3rd vel 1175, Skibbereen Nat J & M Milliken 1st & 2nd vel 1952.

I.N.F.C. Races – Skibbereen Old Bird D Dixon 1st, 2nd & 3rd vel 1257, Sennen Cove Yearling Blair & Rankin 1st vel 1377, Kings Cup Grand Nat St Allouestre Martin Graham (Ballymena) 1st vel 478, Friendship Nat Lamballe J Smyth & Son (Ahoghill) 1st vel 626, Skibbereen Young Bird D Dixon 1st vel 1597, Penzance YB Grand Nat D Dixon 1st, 2nd & 3rd vel 1309.

Rasharkin & District lofts dominated and the overall winners had Danny Dixon 6 x 1sts, J & M Milliken 5 x 1sts, C & D Jackson (Kells) 4 x 1sts, Surgenor Bros (Kells) 3 x 1sts, Blair & Rankin (Ballymena) 3 x 1sts, Mr & Mrs Robinson (Ahoghill) 2 x 1sts, W & J Smyth (Ballymena) 2 x 1sts, W & J McLean (Rasharkin) 2 x 1sts and single race victories for John Millar (Randalstown), Harry Boyd (Kells), Fred Barkley (Rasharkin), Hugh Boyd (Randalstown), T & M Morrow (Associate), R H Clements (Associate), M Graham (Ballymena), and J Smyth & Son (Ahoghill).

MAC Diplomas at the dinner were presented by Brian Herbison of Cullybackey, cups and trophies by Sammy Steele also Cullybackey, the Section B Diplomas by Centre Manager at Ahoghill Jackie Steele of Rasharkin and then Danny Dixon was invited to present the sponsorship cheques in the major races.

Cup & Trophy winners in 2019 –
Old Bird Inland Average won by G Gibson Associate vel 1475, Cross Channel Average won by Hugh Boyd Randalstown vel 1200, Old Bird Ave and McIlhagga Memorial Cup for 1st MAC St Malo won by Hugh Boyd vel 955, B Eagleson Memorial Cup best average Talbenny (1) & (2), Bude and Penzance (Not won in 2019), T Shanks & Son Cup Old Bird of the Year won by J Eagleson & Sons Ballymena (GB18B-12586), Les Mairs OB Fancier of the Year won by J & M Milliken Rasharkin, Young Bird Ave won by Blair & Rankin of Ballymena & District, New North Cup best average Bude & Talbenny YB won by R H Clements Associate vel 1420, Combined Average not won 2019, and Young Bird of the Year won jointly by Blair & Rankin Ballymena (GB19B-16063), W & J McLean Rasharkin (GB19R-09522), and D Dixon Rasharkin (GB19B-22567).

Club Points Shield for Old Birds and Club Points Shield Young Birds both won by Rasharkin & District. Champions League won by Ahoghill, INFC Points Cup won by D Dixon Rasharkin. Old Bird Knock-Out won by Mr & Mrs Robinson Ahoghill, and Young Bird Knock-Out no competition 2019.

Sponsorship from Danny Dixon and Village Inn Dunloy -
Champions League winners Ahoghill Flying Club £200 (M/M Robinson), runner-up Ballymena & District £100 (J Eagleson & Sons). Irish Nat FC – Skibbereen O/B £50 won by D Dixon (Rasharkin), Yearling Sennen Cove £50 won by Blair & Rankin (Ballymena), Kings Cup St Allouestre £100 won by Martin Graham (Ballymena), Friendship Lamballe £100 won by J Smyth & Son (Ahoghill), Skibbereen Y/B £50 won by D Dixon (Rasharkin), Penzance £50 won by D Dixon (Rasharkin).

NIPA – Barleycove Inl Nat £50 won by J & M Milliken (Rasharkin), Fermoy 5 Bird £50 won by W & J McLean (Rasharkin), Castletown Ylr £50 won by C & D Jackson (Kells), Penzance Classic £50 won by C & D Jackson (Kells), Saint Malo OB Nat £100 won by Hugh Boyd (Randalstown), Talbenny YB Nat £50 won by Blair & Rankin (Ballymena), Castletown 5 Bird £50 won by J & M Milliken (Rasharkin), Skibbereen YB Nat £50 won by J & M Milliken (Rasharkin). Old Bird Knock-Out £50 won by Mr & Mrs Robinson (Ahoghill), Young Bird Knock-Out no competition.

Mid Antrim Combine Chairman Robert Service (r) with the cup and trophy winners.

Brian Herbison (l) with the Mid Antrim Combine 1st Open Diploma winners.

Ahoghill Centre Manager Jackie Steele (l) presents the NIPA Sect B
Diplomas to the various winners in the Mid Antrim Combine.

Danny Dixon presents the sponsored cheques to the various winners in the
Nat & Classic races of MAC, including the famous Champions League.

Bertie Blair (l) won YB Average and Young Bird of the Year collecting cup from Sammy Steele.

Hugh Boyd (l) from Randalstown won McIlhagga Cup, Cross Channel Ave and Old Bird Average.

President Danny Dixon (l) had Top Irish Nat FC Points and shared Young Bird of the Year Award.

J & M Milliken from Rasharkin (l) won the OB Fancier of the Year.

Rasharkin & District HPS members celebrate with the Club Points Shield in the Old Birds and Young Birds.

Blue w/f (H) “Faith” winner of 1st Open NIPA for Blair & Rankin of Ballymena & Dist.

Blue Cheq (h) “Bleachgreen Dawn” winner of McIlhagga Cup for 1st MAC St Malo.

Champion “Red Lighting”, won 3 x 1sts in the Mid Antrim Combine.

Gary Gibson from Cullybackey won the OB Inland Average.

Ballymena Dinner Tullyglass Hotel 1998, included George Connolly Chairman and Frank Clarke Secretary.
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