News Update - February/March 2017

The North Coast Classic is now in its 8th year! All our prize money and pool money has been paid within 10 days. We have SIX Hotspot races prior to the North Coast Classic Race from Cork. The six Hot Spot races will take place from 70, 115, 150, 175, 196 and 150 miles on consecutive Sundays. Each week we have given prizes for the top 5 in each Hotspot race. The final race, The North Coast Classic, from Cork will be 265 miles. 1st Prize £15,000, other estimated prizes are £3,000, £2,000, £1,000, £800, £600, £400, £200, 7 x £150 and 6 x £100. Ace Pigeon £1,000, 2 Bird Average £500 and Six Hot Spot Races with prizes 1st £150, 2nd £100, 3rd £50, 4th £50 and 5th £50. All prizes are based on 700 birds, deadline for entry is the end of April 2020. Adrian.

News Update - February/March 2017

Postby willie reynolds » Wed Feb 15, 2017 8:57 am

So now that the NCC is up and running,Sean has asked me to update everyone on how the Venture bird system will work in 2017,but before I go into detail on that. I'll put up the list of breeders of the Venture birds for 2017 and what a list it is . First up is the 2016 winner and reigning champion Bobby Daziel from the partnership of Dalziel and Parker. Bobby is sending over a venture team of 6 youngsters (This partnership has also won the French derby one loft race) When Bobby's venture youngsters are ready he'll send pedigrees for them. After hearing about how these youngsters are bred, I can honestly say that anyone getting these youngsters will stand a great chance in this year's race

Next up is Francis Corcooran ( Alpine Lofts )Francis is also a past winner off the NCC's big race and believe it or not Francis has also had the Ace pigeon in the NCC .( some achievement ) Sean was telling me that over the years Francis still holds the record for lifting the most prize money in the NCC . If your interested in this team of 6 youngsters, keep your eyes on this FB site. As I get more information on them, I'll post it .

Next up is Davy Campbell ( Fernlea lofts )Davy is entering 6 youngsters all from his top NIPA open winning blood lines. As I am sure most of you already know, Davy Campbell is one of the top flyers in the NIPA. One of Davy's venture pigeons was unlucky not to win the NCC, with it and the eventual winner coming up the field together clear of anything else but Davy's bird sat out, then another 4 trapped before him, leaving him 6th open

Next up is Terence Mc Crudden with a team of 6 venture youngsters entered. Terence has a fantastic record in the NCC over the years . In all he has picked up 2nd and 8th open in the same race ,along with 10th and 14th open in different years(all final race positions) but his top performance was lifting the Ace pigeon award in the NCC .Nearly forgot to mention that he has also won a hot spot in the NCC. Anyway ,most of us know how good this man and his birds are .So watch this space for more information on him and his birds .

Next up is John and Viv Abernathy ( Harmony lofts )John and Viv had a fantastic year with their Venture pigeons last year. They had 3 of their venture birds in the top 12 open positions in the NCC, in what was the hardest race the NCC has ever had. John and Viv's venture's took 2nd, 11 and 12th open ( some going )They are also hot-spot winners. So over the year's there's been quite a few happy customers with venture youngsters from Harmony lofts.

Next up is John Hall from Portavogie,who will also have a team of 6 venture youngsters in John is a past winner off the NCC's big race (think it was 2010 ) That year Sean bought 6 of John's youngsters at a sale in Belfast Peter Martin was running for a good cause. Sean then put the 6 youngsters up as Venture youngsters ,when it came to hot-spot 4 there was 2 that hadn't been sold, anyway John got Peter to bye one of the unsold youngsters for him and 2 weeks later John wins the big money with 1 of his own venture youngsters .Over the years John Hall venture youngsters have had some fantastic results in different finals in the NCC, Moffatt Bros were 6 open in the final 2015 with one of John's Venture youngsters, Dennis Gregg was 11th open with a venture of John's. John has also won a hot spot with one of his Venture youngsters. This man has a family of top quality pigeons.
The last 3 names on the list are Kevin Parsons, Garry Jennings Blaris lofts ..and John Gladwin, Formula one lofts

Iam under a bit of pressure tonight, so I'll have to say sorry and get the info on these lad's up tomorrow night.

Now I'll try to explain Sean's plan's for the NCC's venture system in 2017.

Each of the above lad's will offer 6 youngsters, for venture birds this year. Sean wants to keep them in teams of 6.( each team of 6 will be from the same man ) Then Sean will put each team in turn, up for raffle .Each raffle will have 59 numbers ,with the winning number for the raffel being the bonus ball on a Wednesday or Saturday night, depending on when the last number is sold. ( if the last number is sold on a Saturday,Sunday Monday or Tuesday ,Then Wednesday nights bonus ball will be the winning number .If the last number is sold on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, then Saturday nights bonus ball will be the winning number).Each number in each raffle will cost £15 ....Anyone winning a raffle will have their team of 6 youngsters entered into the NCC 2017 free of charge .

All Raffles will be run on this Facebook site and everyone will be able to see who has taken each number. Hopefully the first raffle will start Wednesday. Any Questions please ask. Paul O'Connor PO.
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Re: News Update - February/March 2017

Postby willie reynolds » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:41 pm

24th February 2017 3:43 pm | By: NCC AUTHOR - Adrian
The North Coast Classic are holding a series of raffles for this years ventures . All the ventures will be bred by top fanciers and will be raffled in groups of 6 . The lucky winners will have their choice from

John Hall & Son

Alpine Lofts

Blaris Lofts

Terence McCrudden

Hofkens UK Kev Parsons

Formula One Lofts

Harmony Lofts

Fearnlea Lofts

You can not mix and match . All the ventures will then compete in our series of NCC Hotspots and NCC Final with the prospect of winning our top prize of £15000 and all our other prizes .

Tickets are £15 each and you can purchase as many as you like . Tickets are numbered 1-59 for each draw and the winning number will be the bonus ball as per National Lottery and each draw will commence when all 59 numbers are sold . The draw then will be held either Wed or Sat depending on the sale of tickets .

To enter forward your name and raffle number/numbers choice via NCC Facebook Page or phone Sean Diamond 07548607756 . All payments must be made within 48 hrs to have your choice/choices confirmed . Payments should be made by cash or bank transfer .

Halifax 24 The Diamond Coleraine

Acc Holder Mr Christopher Diamond

Sort Code 11-09-93

Account No 11045665

Iban GB 59 HLFX 11099311045665
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Re: News Update - February/March 2017

Postby willie reynolds » Wed Mar 08, 2017 6:41 pm

Rob McKinney was the lucky winner of raffle one
8th March 2017 8:27 am | By: Admin
Rob McKinney was the lucky winner of raffle one. He has a team of 6 birds bred by 2016 NCC Winner, Bobby Daziell & Grandson.

NCC has decided to sell most of our Venture Pigeons by Raffle using the National Lottery Bonus Ball Scheme. The lucky winner can enters 6 birds in a series of hotspots plus the final.

Sean Diamond congratulates Rob Mckinney on winning the first NCC bonus ball draw winning six venture birds from Bobby Dalziel.

Visitors to the loft racing this year from (l) Noel Ferguson ,Dennis Gregg, Jackie Ferguson, Sean NCC and Kenny Glass .
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