News Update August 2018 -

The North Coast Classic is now in its 8th year! All our prize money and pool money has been paid within 10 days. We have SIX Hotspot races prior to the North Coast Classic Race from Cork. The six Hot Spot races will take place from 70, 115, 150, 175, 196 and 150 miles on consecutive Sundays. Each week we have given prizes for the top 5 in each Hotspot race. The final race, The North Coast Classic, from Cork will be 265 miles. 1st Prize £15,000, other estimated prizes are £3,000, £2,000, £1,000, £800, £600, £400, £200, 7 x £150 and 6 x £100. Ace Pigeon £1,000, 2 Bird Average £500 and Six Hot Spot Races with prizes 1st £150, 2nd £100, 3rd £50, 4th £50 and 5th £50. All prizes are based on 700 birds, deadline for entry is the end of April 2020. Adrian.

News Update August 2018 -

Postby willie reynolds » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:47 pm


Birds have recovered well from their exertions on Monday. They exercised well this morning and most are back to their best. All pigeons will be assessed the day before the next Hotspot and those that are not deemed fit will not participate in Hotspot 3. If these youngsters are sent in an unfit state won’t preform and worst case scenario, get lost. They will train and compete when fully recovered.


Hotspot 3 from Mullingar is going ahead tomorrow . Sean hopes to liberate around 9am weather permitting.
Important information - Could everyone use the Car parking facilities at the Earl Morrison Hall at the north side at bottom of the lane. It's important that no one parks out on the lane as our landlord needs full access to his property. Anyone with walking difficulties can be dropped off up at the lofts.

Good luck to all competing and fingers crossed for a successful Hotspot.
Note to all those that are pooling, remember that pools close at 10pm tonight.

Sunday 05/08/18

Liberation due at 10.00am update later



Birds away and home from today’s 30 mile toss. Same again tomorrow weather permitting.

Birds away and home from a wee 40 miler today.
Full returns today again. Training tomorrow again weather permitting.

Birds away and home from today’s 30 miler.

Hotspot 4 is postponed to Monday. Sorry for late decision but the forecast has changed. Monday is more favourable.

Hotspot 4 goes ahead tomorrow. We are going to Kildare 137 miles and hope to liberate approx 9.00am. Good luck to all.


Birds are being released at 9 45 . Weather is beautiful and the wind is light NW . Good luck to all competing . Fingers crossed for a good Hotspot today

Prize Winners and Pool Winners
13th August 2018 3:50 pm | By: NCC AUTHOR - Adrian
Another excellent hotspot today again . First birds made good time and in fact beat our estimated time by 7 mins . First through the trap today was Bushwackers , a syndicate made up of Kenny Glass and Ernie Christie . Congratulations on your victory . The other Prize winners are Martin Mulholland ,Team Spirit , Ghyll Lofts who take the Unlimited pool £250 ,Alanna . Richys Rockets in 6th place take the single bird nom pool £270 . Congratulations to everyone . Full result will be posted later this evening.



Birds were away yesterday for a wee wing stretcher. Birds away and home from today’s 30 miler.


Another successful 30 miler today again


Hotspot 5 from Kilkenny 179 miles is scheduled for Sunday weather permitting.

We are postponing tomorrow’s Hotspot 5 as the forecast is suggesting that the low cloud is going to persist into the afternoon. I apologise for this late decision but no point in taking chances. Thanks for your patience.


Tuesday looks to be a possibility for Hotspot 5, I will update when we decide.


Hotspot 5 Kilkenny goes ahead tomorrow Tuesday 21st. Good luck to all competing and fingers crossed for another good Hotspot

Tuesday 21/08/18

Birds being liberated at 10.00am in a light SW wind. ETA is 13 00
Good luck to all competing and for a successful hotspot


Monday 27/08/18

Hotspot 6 - Birds up at 9 30 in moderate SW Birds cleared instantly. Good luck to all competing
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