Only the strong hearted will survive...08/06/15

New scribe to cover Northern Ireland, all the news reports here plus all the info on his Charity Sales.
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Only the strong hearted will survive...08/06/15

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Only the strong hearted will survive...

Yesterday (Monday) seen fanciers from all area's headin in the one direction, that direction being Lisburn marking station, where not only the biggest but in my eyes one of the best Nationals of the year was basketing, with a fantastic total of 5300 birds being entered for this race of an average 300+ miles, i can assure you the winning bird on the day will earn his perch for life.
No matter what type of racing any fancier focuses on be it sprint/ middle/ long distance this national is always well supported by all fanciers with the best of their pigeons being set up for it in all types of nest condition. Tomorrow on liberation i can assure you any fancier who has entered this race will be doing laps of the garden and sitting on the edge of their seat awaiting their first bird/birds.
I would just like to wish each and every fancier that sent, the best of luck and i hope you get a day like today to give those pigeons the best weather possible to make it home safe and well...
"Flying start with Ross Kelly"

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