Prize Night 2023 in Beechlawn Hotel -

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Prize Night 2023 in Beechlawn Hotel -

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Ulster Federation presentation was held last night in the beechlawns hotel. I would like to thank Herbie Thorpe for doing a brilliant job on giving out all our Federation award and framed pictures of our fed winner and also the single bird prize money. Herbie, David Braniff and Joe and Sharon Flood all kindly donated prizes for our ballot. Herbie put up 2 young birds David put up 1 young bird and Mr and Mrs flood put up 5 bags of corn, a big thank you to Tony Ferran for sorting out last night's venue for our prize night and also a big thankyou to you all that went to the dinner it was greatly appreciated. My apologies to the members who awards were not at the dinner last night as I did not have them with me. You will have them in the next couple of days. I can on put this down to my inexperience in doing the job I am sorry if anyone felt left out or unappreciated. But rest assured that I will not make this mistake again.

Old bird fed and award winners
P Carson winning the 1st Tullamore.
A&A Ferran winning the 2nd Tullamore, meritorious award Telbenny/Penzance and being our old bird fed fancier of the year.
Kevin Doherty winning the 1st horse and Jockey
Spence bros winning Fermoy and also winning skibbereen old bird derby
D M&G Dee Ferguson Gerry Ferguson winning the 2 Telbenny races and meritorious award for Telbenny/Fermoy
Fermoy instead of bude J Lindores son Nicholas and
Darryl Barrow
A & Ryan Milliken Horse and Jockey, Penzance and Penzance classic
St Malo Martin Black I man who is always knocking at the door from France
Runner up st Malo mark Johnston and son
Skibbereen/st Malo 2 bird average McCullough and Dickson
Young bird fed winners and award winners
M Kelly and sons winning Navan
R&M Mcmanus winning the second Navan
Wilson bros and Wilson winning the 1st Mullingar
Arthur O'Hanlon winning the 2nd Mullingar, Tullamore, Horse and Jockey, Fermoy and Fermoy 5 bird, winning best young bird of the year highest prize winner in the single bird being fed young bird fancier of the year plus having a double fed winner and finally overall fed fancier of the year outstanding racing Artie.

T&L Cooke winning Dale
David Balloch winning Horse and jockey and also winning skibbereen young bird derby with the same we pigeon
Lastly I would like to thank you all for your support, hard work and effort on keeping the Ulster Federation moving forward It's been a very challenging year for us but we made it threw with flying colours and this was achieved by us working together. I am looking forward to going again this year for hopefully an even better year wishing you all the very best for this season, up the fed
Lee Wilson Secretary Ulster Federation.
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