Randalstown Season 2023 Awards –

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Randalstown Season 2023 Awards –

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Randalstown Season 2023 Awards –

Randalstown HPS Secretary John Miller has supplied me with the club awards for the past 2023 season. It was a close finish this year with John Miller just pipping Stewart bros for the Highest Prize-winner award by 13 points. John won seven races including Skibbereen OB Inland National, 2nd Talbenny, Bude, Penzance Classic and Dale YB National. Runners up Stewart Bros also won seven races two old birds and the first five young bird races. Next best was Anthony McNeill who won the tough Skibbereen YB National. The followed by Frank Dickey, Houston Bros and W & W Gilbert. Racing in the INFC and Anthony McNeill had the best club bird in the Penzance yearling national finishing 5th Combine, 27th North Section and 44th Open 485/3070 velo 1074. John Miller was placed 49th North Section & 67th Open, Houston Bros 143rd North Section & 177th Open and another bird for Anthony McNeill 275th Open. From the Penzance young bird National Anthony McNeill was again best winning with three birds placed 8th, 9th & 17th Mid Antrim Combine, 58th & 87th North Section, 64th, 99th & 188th Open 284/1950 velo 1142.

Cup Winners 2023

John Miller - 244 Points wins T Cotter Cup - Highest Prizewinner, Champion Old Bird Cup 2023, Skibbereen OB Inland Derby Cup, Mr & Mrs Magill Cup - Most points old birds, Castledawson Cup - 2nd Talbenny, Joe Boyd Cup - Best Average all channel races, J Miller Cup - best average 3rd & 4th OB races, Gribben Cup - Penzance Classic, Jas McKeown Cup - Dale YB National Nipa, YB Average, S & V Miller Cup – Bude, and YB Points Shield.

Stewart Bros 231 Points win J Kyle Cup - Best Average 1st & 2nd OB Races, OB Inland Average, McKay Cup - Best Average 1st & 2nd YB Races, and Champion YB Cup 2023.

J McNeill & Son 80 Points win Infc Penzance Yearling National, Infc YB National Penzance, Nipa Skibbereen YB National, Adair Shield - Best Average 2 YB Nationals, and Lynch Shield - Lowest winning velo YB's

F & J & G Dickey win J Shaw Cup - 1st Talbenny. Houston Bros win Penzance OB Cup, Shean Simpson Trophy – Penzance, and Marrion Cup - Lowest winning velo on channel. W & W Gilbert win G Kissick Trophy - Best average Bude & Penzance

Old Bird Winners 2023

Tullamore - John Miller 1st, 2nd & 3rd velo 1679, 1678 & 1675

1st Roscrea - Stewart Bros velo 1315, 24th MAC 51/1445, 48th Section 86/2486

2nd Roscrea - F & G & J Dickey velo 1427, 15th MAC 62/1875, 25th Section 102/3275

1st Fermoy - John Miller velo 1877

2nd Fermoy - Stewart Bros 1st, 2nd & 3rd velo 1604, 4th & 5th MAC 60/1686, 15th & 16th Section 109/3551

Skibbereen Inland National - J Miller velo 1333, 6th MAC, 9th Section 56/424 190th Open 431/4180. Stewart Bros 19th Section

1st Talbenny - F & G & J Dickey velo 1358, 12th MAC 50/806, 17st Section 90/1404, 106th Open 9872/10655

2nd Talbenny - John Miller velo 1360, 4th MAC 52/721, 7th Section 88/1257, 89th Open 572/8707

Bude - John Miller velo 1165, 8th MAC 32/278, 16th Section 65/665, 130th Open 472/5452

Penzance - Houston Bros velo 1115, 31st MAC 47/373

Penzance Classic - John Miller velo 1002, 10th MAC

Young Bird Winners 2023

1st Kilbeggan - Stewart Bros 1st & 2nd velo 1171, 26th MAC 29/654, 50th Section 55/1532

2nd Kilbeggan - Stewart Bros 1st, 2nd & 3rd velo 1900, 6th & 7th MAC 44/1341, 16th Section 76/2603

Tullamore - Stewart Bros velo 1402, 12th MAC 52/1276, 44th Section 83/2395

1st Roscrea - Stewart Bros velo 1929

2nd Roscrea - Stewart Bros velo 2003, 16th MAC 46/1230, 26th Section 66/1997

Fermoy - J McNeill & Son velo 1231, 10th MAC 50/1205, 23rd Section 79/2071

Nipa Dale YB National - John Miller 1st & 2nd velo 1319, 16th MAC, 22nd Section 47/348 120th Open 351/2875

2nd Fermoy - John Miller velo 1518, 9th MAC 32/648, 22nd Section 53/1170

Nipa Skibbereen YB National - J McNeill & Son velo 933, 12th MAC 28/241, 16th Section 41/389 109th Open 266/2633.

Mervyn Eagleson Mid Antrim PO.
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