Kilbeggan Old Bird - Sat 20/04/24

New NIPA Press Officer – I would like to inform everyone that I have been newly elected as Press Officer for the NIPA and will be covering Sections C, D, F and G in the NIPA in this forthcoming season 2024. I kindly ask for all the Club Secretaries or race Secretaries within these sections to get in contact with me highlighting their club and contact details for the future publication of results, loft reports and any other information for publication. I would loke to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best of luck and good health in 2024. I am very privileged to be taking on this esteemed role and I can’t wait to get up and running. Jordan Hughes. "Journey’s End” NIPA Press Officer. Mobile: 07713 808554, E-mail:
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Kilbeggan Old Bird - Sat 20/04/24

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The Mighty N.I.P.A. got up and running this weekend. 7 months since the end of the 2023 Season, plenty of preparing and planning was done by the N.I.P.A. Team during this period for a new season. The First Race of the 2024 N.I.P.A Season got underway on Saturday the 20thof April. A total of 491 Members sent 13,199 Birds to Kilbeggan in County Westmeath for the first race of the N.I.P.A. Old Bird Season. The Birds were liberated at 10:00AM in beautiful conditions perfect for the season opener with little to no wind at the liberation point.

I’d like to give a special mention to the hard working unsung heroes who make the N.I.P.A. a success with all the hours put into the organisation. From Fred Russell and Joey Vage in the Office, Jim Ramsey our Race Controller who is still recovering from an accident at home, and our Fleet Conveyors Paul Howard & Paddy McNeice who also went through a period of being unwell. Plus, many others.
Markey off to a Flyer from Kilbeggan.

The Winning Bird from the first Old Bird Race belongs to Owen Markey of Ballyholland H.P.S in Section G.
What a start it was for Owen Winning the Open and having 6 in the top 10 out of 13,199 Birds. A Top Fancier with a loft of pigeons hitting the ground running for this season Owen has named his Kilbeggan Open Winner as ‘Turn n Burn’. This latest Open Winner for Owen was bred by good friends Kevin & Kristopher Rooney. ‘Turn n Burn’ is a Gus Janssen/Stefan Lambrecht and is a grandson of their old Gus Janssen Cock who is responsible for hundreds of winners a once in a lifetime pigeon. Not a year goes by Owen doesn’t get something special from these guys with some of his main stock pigeons containing their lines, their birds are always full of outstanding quality. 5thOpen for Owen was ‘723’ previous winner of 5th Open, 6thNorth Section from Skibbereen Youngbird National 15,000 Birds. 7thOpen is ‘203’ a previous winner of 11th Open 17,000 Birds and 14thOpen 9,000 Birds. Many Congratulations to Owen Markey on claiming 1stN.I.P.A. Open from the opening Old Bird race of the Season.
Also, Congratulations to 2nd& 3rd Open Winner Ron Williamson of Newry & District H.P.S. in Section G. It was a great day for the Newry Area in Section G and an overall great day weather wise to have the opener.

The Winner of Section C (78/1,731) from Kilbeggan was C. McManus of Ligoniel & District H.P.S. Conor takes the first 4 positions in the Club (325 Birds) 1st, 5th, 8th& 12th Section C (1,731 Birds) and 56th, 193rdOpen (13,199 Birds) Pictured is Conor and his Son John all smiles after a great start to the 2024 Season for them. Conor’s Section Winner now called ‘Breakaway John’ was bred by good friend Joe Ward and is from his top breeding and racing cock ‘Sean Og’ Winner of 4x1st Clubs, 2x1st Fed Winner when paired to ‘White Tail’ 1st Fed Winner from Bude. Conor’s Section Winner also bred him 1st Club, 6th Section C, 33rd Open from 20,000 Pigeons last season. 2nd Club, 5th Section is off a daughter of ‘The 56 Hen’ a dtr of 2x1st Ulster Fed Winners, 3rd Club, 8th Section is from a pair of racers off winners. All of the above birds carry Joe’s ‘Bandit’ Bloodlines. Many Congratulations to Section C Winner Conor McManus and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners
Ballycarry & District: (7/166) 1st S. Beattie & Dtr 1482; 2nd N J Arthurs 1478; 3rd W. Degnan & T. McKee 1468; 4th S. Beattie & Dtr 1461; 5th S. Beattie & Dtr 1460; 6th S. Beattie & Dtr 1458
Ballyclare & District: (8/253) 1st G&R Lawrie 1529; 2nd Higginson & Fasciola 1515; 3rd G&R Lawrie 1514; 4th Higginson & Fasciola 1513; 5th Higginson & Fasciola 1504; 6th G&R Lawrie 1493
Carrick Social: (7/197) 1st D&J Armstrong & Son 1567; 2nd Mr & Mrs Reid & Bigger 1551; 3rd D&J Armstrong & Son 1545; 4th D&J Armstrong & Son 1545; 5th Mr & Mrs Reid & Bigger 1541; 6th Mr & Mrs Reid & Bigger 1539
Doagh & District: (5/132) 1st Mr&Mrs B. McNeilly 1519; 2nd Mr&Mrs B. McNeilly 1519; 3rd Mr&Mrs B. McNeilly 1516; 4th J&R Scott 1511; 5th J&R Scott 1510; 6th J&R Scott 1488
Eastway H.P.S: (10/234) 1st N. McAllister 1563; 2nd J. Buurows 1559; 3rd G. McKenna 1554; 4th G. McKenna 1545; 5th D&J Campbell 1539; 6thN. McAllister 1533
Glenarm & District: (6/179) 1st J&R Baxter 1449; 2nd O. O’Neill & Son 1436; 3rd K.S McCloy 1399; 4th McMullan Bros 1389; 5th McMullan Bros 1386; 6th G. McWhirter 1380
Horseshoe H.P.S: (/) 1st K&D Hagans 1488; 2nd J. Hastings 1468; 3rd K&D Hagans 1467; 4th J. Hastings 1458; 5th N. Ferguson & Son 1419; 6th J. Hastings 1412
Kingsmoss: (9/93) 1st G&C Lowry 1467; 2nd T. Cairns & Son 1457; 3rd T. Cairns & Son 1438; 4th G&C Lowry 1421; 5th Knowles & Hall 1417; 6th Knowles & Hall 1416
Larne & District: (11/230) 1st Crawford & Robinson 1529; 2nd Rea & Magill 1520; 3rd Rea & Magill 1515; 4th Rea & Magill 1514; 5thRea & Magill 1514; 6th Rea & Magill 1513
Ligoniel & District: (18/325) 1st C. McManus 1581; 2nd C. McManus 1554; 3rdC. McManus 1548; 4th C. McManus 1543; 5th C. McManus 1543; 6th Bingham & Seaton 1542

East Antrim Amalgamation: 1st D&J Armstrong 1567, 20 Points; 2nd N. McAllister 1563, 19 Points; 3rd J. Burrows 1559, 18 Points; 4th G. McKenna 1554, 17 Points; 5th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger, 16 Points; 6th D&J Armstrong 1545, 15 Points; 7th D&J Armstrong 1545, 14 Points; 8th G. McKenna 1545, 13 Points; 9th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1541, 12 Points; 10th D&J Armstrong 1541, 11 Points; 11th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1539, 10 Points; 12th D&J Armstrong 1539, 9 Points; 13th D&J Armstrong 1539, 8 Points; 14th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1538, 7 Points; 15th D&J Armstrong 1538, 6 Points; 16th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1534, 5 Points; 17thN. McAllister 1533, 4 Points; 18th N. McAllister 1533, 3 Points; 19thN. McAllister 1532, 2 Points; 20th N. McAllister 1530, 1 Point
We couldn’t have hoped for a better day for the first race of the season and indeed the 1st race for the newly formed amalgamation. It was clear after the dreadful weather we have all had the videos from the liberation site looked promising and a good honest race lay ahead. Winning the race this week and no stranger to the top honours was Jim Armstrong of D&J Armstrong Carrickfergus.
Jim was in top gear with a 2 year old blue hen from his well established family of Louis Corman pigeons which have been ultra successful over the years. It’s also worth noting this hen was 2nd section last season for Jim from Roscrea. Full brothers and sisters are also 1st prize winners. She was raced on Jim’s current widowhood system.
Well done big man on your win from all at the EAA.
My plan is to give a special mention every week and this week it goes to N. Mccallister of Eastway winning his own club and taking no less than 5 of the top 20 positions, that’s a great card so very well done to you sir.
I look forward to the season ahead and would like to thank every member and club who joined this to make it all possible. All being well we will go from strength to strength.
Any objections to the EAA Secretary within 7 days.
Thank you
Jonny Baxter EAA Press Officer

The Winner of Section D (57/1,657) from Kilbeggan was P&J Boal of Dromore H.P.S. Philip was clocking for fun taking the first 21 Positions in the Club (220 Birds) 1st,2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th plus many more places in the Section (1,657 Birds) and 6th, 14th, 18th, 30th, 33rd, 35th, 36th 37th Open plus many more N.I.P.A. Open prizes (13,199 Birds) Philip is pictured proudly holding his Kilbeggan Section D Winner GB23D01318 is a Blue Cheq Hen and was flying on the Chaos System flying only her fourth ever race. Her Sire is of Rudy Van Reeth ‘Den 2000’ and her Dam is from Kris Van Massenhoven’s famous ‘Box 2’. She has previously won 1stClub 237 birds, 1st Section D 2,181 Birds, 30th Open N.I.P.A. 17,805 birds. GB 23D01288 finished 2nd Section D, 14th Open and is 50% Van Herck 50% Van Reeth. And 3rd Section GB23D01286 finishing 18th Open is 100% Willy Van Herck. Also Congratulations to Owen on another super result from Philip. Many Congratulations to Section D Winner P&J Boal and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners
Colin H.P.S: (5/170) 1st O&M Monaghan 1574; 2nd O&M Monaghan 1562; 3rd J. Gregory & Sons 1559; 4thJ. Gregory & Sons 1552; 5th O&M Monaghan 1549; 6thJ. Gergory & Sons 1549
Derriaghy: (5/123) 1st D. Johnston 1514; 2nd D. Johnston 1511; 3rd K. Johnston 1509; 4th K. Johnston 1507; 5th D. Johnston 1498; 6thK. Johnston 1495
Dromara H.P.S: (7/207) 1st M. Russell 1594; 2nd M. Russell 1594; 3rd B. Murray 1585; 4thB. Murray 1584; 5th M. Russell 1575; 6th C. Rooney & Sons 1572
Dromore West End: D/S
Dromore H.P.S: (5/220) 1st P&J Boal 1617; 2nd P&J Boal 1604; 3rdP&J Boal 1603; 4th P&J Boal 1590; 5th P&J Boal 1589; 6th P&J Boal 1589
Glen H.P.S: (5/191) 1st J&D Braniff 1564; 2nd J&D Braniff 1551; 3rd J&D Braniff 1547; 4th J&D Braniff 1546; 5th C. Rea 1531; 6thJ&D Braniff 1529
Glenavy & District: (2/60) 1st I. Gibb & Sons 1564; 2nd I. Gibb & Sons 1530; 3rd I. Gibb & Sons 1500; 4th I. Gibb & Sons 1496; 5th I. Gibb & Sons 1491; 6th G&S Owens 1375
Harmony H.P.S: (7/121) 1stAbernethy & Turner 1565; 2nd Abernethy & Turner 1538; 3rdBilly Wallace 1527; 4th Abernethy & Turner 1522; 5thMr & Mrs S. McAllister 1517; 6th Billy Wallace 1513
Hillsborough & Maze: (5/173) 1st J. Greenaway 1580; 2nd I. Rollins & Son 1558; 3rd I. Rollins & Son 1557; 4th I. Rollins & Son 1555; 5th I. Rollins & Son 1554; 6th I. Rollins & Son 1553
Kingswood H.P.S: D/S
Lisburn & District: (12/271) 1st S G Briggs 1567; 2nd S G Briggs 1565; 3rd R. Topping & Son 1561; 4th Spence Bros 1551; 5th S G Briggs 1544; 6thSpence Bros 1537
South Belfast H.P.S: (3/73) 1st Lavery, Lavery & Nesbett 1521; 2nd T. McNally 1513; 3rd T. McNally 1513; 4th T. McNally 1512; 5th R. Kenna 1510; 6thR. Kenna 1488
Titanic H.P.S: D/S
Trinity H.P.S: (7/257) 1st J&L Smyth 1575; 2nd J&L Smyth 1561; 3rd J&L Smyth 1560; 4th J&L Smyth 1554; 5th J&L Smyth 1552; 6thP&K McCarthy 1551

The Winner of Section F (64/1,313) from Kilbeggan was Morrison Bros of Killyleagh & District H.P.S David finishes 1st Section F (1,313 Birds) and 32ndOpen N.I.P.A (13,199) Many Congratulations to Section F Winners Morrison Bros and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners.
Ards: (6/94) 1st McGimpsey Bros 1537; 2ndJ. Orr 1508; 3rd H&S Muckle 1482; 4th A. Marshall 1474; 5th A. Marshall 1473; 6th McGimpsey Bros 1471
Annalong: D/S
Bangor R.P.C: (9/190) 1st Burgess & Brennan 1546; 2nd Burgess & Brennan 1532; 3rd Lambert & Stewart 1532; 4th Burgess & Brennan 1532; 5th Burgess & Brennan 1527; 6th R. Moore & Son 1527
Cloughey H.P.S: (5/95) 1st C&H Cully 1551; 2nd C&H Cully 1543; 3rdGordon Bros & Sons 1528; 4th C&H Cully 1515; 5th C&H Cully 1515; 6th McCormick & Young 1500
Comber Central H.P.S: D/S
Corrigs: (2/47) 1st P. Brown & Son 1524; 2nd G&P Brown 1522; 3rd P. Brown & Son 1521; 4th P. Brown & Son 1491; 5th P. Brown & Son 1491; 6th G&P Brown 1486
Crossgar: (8/175) 1st McCartan & Woodside 1584; 2nd McCartan & Woodside 1584; 3rd McCartan & Woodside 1575; 4thMcCartan & Woodside 1558; 5th McCartan & Woodside 1558; 6thMcCartan & Woodside 1557
Downpatrick Premier: (6/81) 1st E. Wynn & Dtr 1568; 2nd T&G Black 1563; 3rd T&G Black 1557; 4th E. Wynn & Dtr 1520; 5th T. Burns 1514; 6thT. Burns 1514
Killyleagh Central: (8/228) P. Murray 1566; 2nd R. Watson & Son 1539; 3rd P. Murray 1536; 4th R. Watson & Son 1533; 5th P. Murray 1527; 6th P. Murray 1526
Killyleagh & District: (10/187) 1st Morrison Bros 1590; 2nd D. Grieves 1569; 3rdD. Grieves 1557; 4th D. Grieves 1556; 5th Morrison Bros 1554; 6th D. Grieves 1551
Kircubbin: D/S
Millisle & District H.P.S: (10/211) 1st Rainey Bros 1510; 2nd R. Strain & Son 1499; 3rd Rainey Bros 1496; 4th Rainey Bros 1495; 5th Rainey Bros 1495; 6thR. Strain & Son 1494
Newtownards H.P.S: (6/99) 1st McGimpsey Bros 1537; 2nd J. Orr 1508; 3rd H&S Muckle 1482; 4thA. Marshall 1474; 5th A. Marshall 1473; 6th McGimpsey Bros 1471

The Winner of Section G (37/1,405) from Kilbeggan was Owen Markey of Ballyholland H.P.S. (See Opening Report for more Info) Owen takes the first 6 in his club (231 Birds) 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th Section (1,405 Birds) and 1st Open along with 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th Open (13,199 Birds)
Many Congratulations to Owen Markey and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners.
Ashfield: D/S
Ballyholland: (5/231) 1st Owen Markey 1633; 2nd Owen Markey 1619; 3rd Owen Markey 1612; 4thOwen Markey 1610; 5th Owen Markey 1609; 6th Owen Markey 1606
Banbridge H.P.S: (7/150) 1st R. Carson & Son 1533; 2nd McCracken Bros 1523; 3rd R. Carson & Son 1515; 4th R. Carson & Son 1509; 5th R. Carson & Son 1508; 6th F. Simpson 1506
Banbridge Social: D/S
Drumnavady: (10/250) 1st G&S McMullan 1568; 2nd S. Ogle 1567; 3rd S. Ogle 1567; 4thS. Ogle 1566; 5th S. Ogle 1565; 6th S. Ogle 1555
Millvale: (3/132) 1st T. Mooney & Son 1541; 2nd N. Murtagh 1528; 3rd N. Murtagh 1527; 4th N. Murtagh 1526; 5th N. Murtagh 1525; 6th N. Murtagh 1525
Newry City: (4/97) 1st Thompson & Lunn 1583; 2nd Thompson & Lunn 1580; 3rd Thompson & Lunn 1579; 4th Donnelly Bros 1575; 5th Thompson & Lunn 1569; 6th Thompson & Lunn 1568
Newry & District: (6/338) 1st R. Williamson 1632; 2nd R. Williamson 1632; 3rd Gary McLoughlin 1622; 4th R. Williamson 1603; 5th R. Williamson 1601; 6th J.F McCabe & Son 1601

That’s the first race of the year done and dusted. I Hope everyone enjoyed being back racing in their local clubs having the craic with clubmates and waiting on the birds’ arrivals. This is what the Sport is all about. This time last year was my first race report as Press Officer, I am looking forward to another year of reporting as I enjoy doing them. I would like to wish everyone the best of luck and good health in 2024, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as last years. I’m looking forward to talking to you all over the forthcoming season. I would like to kindly ask for all club representatives/race secretaries within the covered sections to contact myself to be included in my weekly Reports, With Club , Section & Open Winning Photos, With the Winning Pigeons Info etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my N.I.P.A Journey’s End Report
Yours in Sport ,
Jordan Hughes
Mobile: 07713808554
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Owen Markey from Ballyholland 1st Open NIPA Kilbeggan.
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