Kilbeggan Old Bird - Sat 20/04/23

After a number of years we have a local competition going again in East Antrim for lofts to enjoy. The new PO is Johnny Baxter who races the birds in Glenarm & District.
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Kilbeggan Old Bird - Sat 20/04/23

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East Antrim Amalgamation: 1st D&J Armstrong 1567, 20 Points; 2nd N. McAllister 1563, 19 Points; 3rd J. Burrows 1559, 18 Points; 4th G. McKenna 1554, 17 Points; 5th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger, 16 Points; 6th D&J Armstrong 1545, 15 Points; 7th D&J Armstrong 1545, 14 Points; 8th G. McKenna 1545, 13 Points; 9th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1541, 12 Points; 10th D&J Armstrong 1541, 11 Points; 11th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1539, 10 Points; 12th D&J Armstrong 1539, 9 Points; 13th D&J Armstrong 1539, 8 Points; 14th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1538, 7 Points; 15th D&J Armstrong 1538, 6 Points; 16th Mr&Mrs Reid & Bigger 1534, 5 Points; 17thN. McAllister 1533, 4 Points; 18th N. McAllister 1533, 3 Points; 19thN. McAllister 1532, 2 Points; 20th N. McAllister 1530, 1 Point.

We couldn’t have hoped for a better day for the first race of the season and indeed the 1st race for the newly formed amalgamation. It was clear after the dreadful weather we have all had the videos from the liberation site looked promising and a good honest race lay ahead. Winning the race this week and no stranger to the top honours was Jim Armstrong of D&J Armstrong Carrickfergus.
Jim was in top gear with a 2 year old blue hen from his well established family of Louis Corman pigeons which have been ultra successful over the years. It’s also worth noting this hen was 2nd section last season for Jim from Roscrea. Full brothers and sisters are also 1st prize winners. She was raced on Jim’s current widowhood system.
Well done big man on your win from all at the EAA.

My plan is to give a special mention every week and this week it goes to N. Mccallister of Eastway winning his own club and taking no less than 5 of the top 20 positions, that’s a great card so very well done to you sir.
I look forward to the season ahead and would like to thank every member and club who joined this to make it all possible. All being well we will go from strength to strength. Any objections to the EAA Secretary within 7 days. Thank you. Jonny Baxter EAA Press Officer.


Jim Armstrong from Carrickfergus, winner in East Antrim Amal.
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