Roscrea - 23/04/11

Bannsider has wide experience of racing in this area and has contact with all the local clubs in the North West. The Triangle involves all lofts racing in the Coleraine Area.
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Roscrea - 23/04/11

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Saturday 23rd April the top half of section A were in Roscrea for the third old bird race of the season. Reports came through that the strings were cut and our winged athletes were in the sky and on their homeward journey in what must be considered perfect racing conditions. The wind direction was a westerly with the cloud height of 1300ft and broken at 4000ft with good visibility from six miles. Here at the top end the section the wind was of a northerly nature and this showed in the fall in velocity. A lot of clubs had a lot of their members away to the race as a fast lot of clubs had a considerable increase in birdage which is good to see.

Top distance loft of Nevin Bros top in Triangle.

The Big Coleraine Premier wins the Triangle again this week this time we see the loft of Nevin Brothers stop the high flying Hanson+Harper in making it a hat trick of wins and knock the duo into second position in a nail biting finish with the ever improving loft of Diamond Brothers in third.Nevin Brothers took the red card from a birdage of 535 sent by 17 members to show the sprint lofts how its done.
Coleraine Premier
1st Nevin Bros 1436
2nd Hanson & Harper 1435
3rd Diamond Bros 1434
4th A McDonnell 1428
5th Diamond Bros 1426
6th A McDonnell 1423
7th R McAlary 1423
8th Hanson & Harper 1421
9th P O'Connor 1420
10th J L Madden 1420

Over in the Coleraine + County Derry its a first red card of the season to the loft of Kenny Mc Auley with a paddy McManus bird from a club birdage of 317. In second spot is the Willow Drive loft of Terence McCrudden with 3rd going to the loft on wheels of Rab Montgomery and also wins the pools. Drinks on you Rab. Its a true saying that money goes to money.

Coleraine+County Derry
1st Kenny Mc Auley 1426
2nd T Mc Crudden 1423
3rd R Mongomery 1403
4th J Mc Cormick 1398
5th W & W Murdoch 1398
6th O Mc Auley 1397.89

Windsor Social 14 Members of the above club sent -280 birds to Rosscrea. The creamery loft of G Donaghey, Son & G/son take the red card from E + J McGarry in second and R Mc Cook in third.Was it a Marc De Cock pigeon Winky I wonder?

Windsor Social
1st G Donaghey, Son & G/son 1414
2nd E & J McGarry 1412
3rd R McCook 1405
4th C Morrow & Son 1399
5th G Donaghey, Son & G/son 1394
6th E Christie 1386
7th A & M Glass 1385
8th Horner & Scott 1383
9th R McCook 1381
10th K Glass 1379
Also a note from the club wishing to thank the following fancies from outside of the club who kindly donated youngsters to there recent Breeder Buyer sale - W Henry, M Howard, W & W Murdoch, D Dixon, G Connolly, W & L McCaw, L Madden and J McCandless.

Ballymoney HPS Lynn goes 6 yards clear from over 1033 birds. This is the biggest club in the area as can be seen by the massive bird age and also takes some winning. Lynn Neil goes six yards clear to win the big Ballymoney club with well over one thousand birds entered, his winner is a blue Van reet/Dennis Sapin yearling hen.In second spot is the ever present Danny Dixon who hasn't hit top form yet, with third going to A + M Boyle. 27 Members Sent - 1033 Birds for the race from Roscrea. Its a first win of the season to
Section A member Lynn Neill.
1st L Neill 1473
2nd D Dixon 1467
3rd A&M Boyle 1465
4th J Hutchinson & son 1465
5th G Holmes 1461
6th D&H Stuart1460
7th G Holmes 1459
8th J Connolly 1458
9th J Hutchinson&son 1457
10th L Neill 1453

Limavady R.P.S. 8 Members Sent - 187 Birds
1st H Crawford 1377
2nd R Witherow 1357
3rd R Witherow 1356
4th R Witherow 1353
5th R Witherow 1347
6th R Witherow 1343

Coalisland + District
Congratulations to my big old mate Joe Devlin on what looks like not being just a club win but also a 1-2 in the section. Fantastic flyen from the Jolly green giant. Myself and Joe would share the cab in the Nipa lorry and he would pick my brain on the training and feeding and health side of the birds. Must have payed off big lad. All use fanciers out there would have to see this mans set up and attention to detail. First class fancier and first class result. Well done.In third club is the back to back Section Fancier of the Year Karl Murphy with one of his top racing cocks.This cock was the father of the 15th open pigeon in the North Coast Classic in the final race and only a few seconds behind the winner in lifting the £10,000 first prize.

Coalisland + District
1st JOE DEVLIN 1519
2nd JOE DEVLIN 1519
3rd KARL MURPHY 1492
4th S&L DRAIN 1492
5th W BLEEKS & SON 1490
6th W BLEEKS & SON 1489
7th JOE DEVLIN 1481
9th JOE DEVLIN 1473
I'd like to congratulate Team Drain on their section victory last week from 2nd Tullamore, well done Sean.

Cookstown Social Well what can I say. The Smudger did say he would win on week 3 and sure enough he did.This could be the loft that gives the flying postman a big run for Section Fancier and stop him from the hat trick. But as the saying goes “one swallow doesn't make a summer”,were did I hear that before. He will have to be relentless in his pursuit for Fame and Glory.
9 Members Sent - 352 Birds
1st G & S Smith 1517
2nd G & S Smith 1502
3rd J Mc Cormick 1498
4th J Mc Cormick 1485
5th J Mc Cormick 1481
6th G & S Smith 1477
7th G & S Smith 1468
8th G & S Smith 1468
9th S Marshall 1466
10th S Marshall 1464

Castledawson H.P.S 7 Members Sent - 170 Birds
1st M McERLEAN 1465
2nd S K WATSON 1465
3rd T LEACOCK & SON 1449
4th M LYNN 1437
5th T LEACOCK & SON 1424
6th T LEACOCK & SON 1423

Coleraine Triangle
1st Nevin Bros 1436
2nd Hanson & Harpur 1435
3rd Diamond Bros 1434
4th A McDonnell 1428
5th Diamond Bros 1426
6th Kenny Mc Auley 1426
7th T Mc Crudden 1423
8th A McDonnell 1423
9th R McAlary 1423
10th Hanson & Harper 1421

In closing I'd like to remind you all that the first Big National is only a few weeks away so you all should already be penciling in you candidates.Already even only after a few races some of the so called Big lofts are under performing and will need to get into gear very soon or face more gloom.

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