NIPA Approach 75th Anniversary -

A look back at the 1950's & 60's through the Archives
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NIPA Approach 75th Anniversary -

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As the NIPA are approaching their 75th Anniversary of our inauguration which took place on November 4th 1944 we thought you might like to read some of the minutes of meetings held in days gone by starting with the inauguration which was held in the Ulster Unionist Headquarters in Glengall St Belfast.


At the outset Mr T Waring thanked the delegates present for their attendance and thought that with such a good representation the new Federation should be inauguarated.

On the motion of R McAllister seconded by J Russell of Ballymena the proposition that a country federation be started forthwith was put to the meeting and carried unanimously. Mr Waring then asked for an appropriate for this new organisation and after a lengthy discussion Northern Ireland Provincial Amalgamation was adopted.


The following officials were elected for the ensuing season

President on the motion of T Waring seconded by J Magill of Randalstown Mr T McCrory of Ballymena was elected

Chairman T Waring of Lisburn Pp by R McAllister Ck Sec W Boyd of Larne

V/Chairman T Gracey of Dunmurry Pp by A McComb Hillsboro sec J Hutchinson Dromore

Secretary W McCluggage of Larne Pp T Waring of Lisburn sec by A Cooke Ballymena

Assist Secty W Boyd of Larne Pp by T Gracey of Dunmurry sec A Stevenson of Lisburn

Treasurer J W McAllister of Carrick Pp JMcGookin of Larne sec R McAllister of Ck

Vice Presidents W Stinson of Ballymoney , P Molloy of Coleraine , H A Montgomery of Coleraine , W Dickson of Dromore , J McAllister of Carrick , R Maxwell of Dunmurry and J R McLaughlin of Larne in addition to the above all clubs were to elect 1 each and forward name and addresses to the secretary.


It was decided that the committee should consist of all officials with a further 5 drawn from the delegates the following were the 5 elected , A H Magill Dromore , J Russell Ballymena , A Stevenson Lisburn , J Kyle Randalstown and J Cunningham Dromore.


The matter as to the proper procedure of affiliation to the NHU was discussed , as some of the points of issue were not clear , the secretary was instructed to write to J Selby Thomas on the matter. this was on the motion of J Fisher of Coleraine sec by R Bell of Randalstown.


As this amalgamation was now functioning the chairman pointed out that clubs should resign from their previous parent bodies ie the Ulster Federation and The Ulster Combine. Any clubs which are affiliated the the IHU should also resign , clubs affiliated to the NHU through the Irish Centre shuld not resign in the meantime until word is received back from Selby Thomas as to the proper method to be adopted .


On the motion of R Bell Randalstown sec by J Fisher Coleraine club and membership fees were passed at £1 and 15 shillings respectively.


Mr M Crowthers Dunmurry raised the question as to wether some of his club members who resided within the city boundary of Belfast were eligible for membership through the Dunmurry club. W Boyd of Larne explained that he had been instructed by his club to put before this meeting the possibility of some Belfast clubs wanting their pigeons convoyed his club would be in complete agreement with this arrangement at a nominal fee per hamper , but hestressed the point that these clubs if any would have no representation at the amalgamation whatsoever. as Mr Crowthers question was on similar lines he would make a proposition that these fanciers be allowed membership through the Dunmurry club R McAllister sec and was put to the meeting and was passed. Mr T Gracey wanted to know how his club for instance would stand as in the near future the city boundary may be extended which would bring his club within the city , the chairman pointed out that as a foundation club the matter would not arise . Before closing the meeting the chairman again thanked all present for their attendance and in his opinion had made a real good job in their selection of officials. the meeting closed at 6 pm . W McCluggage secty T Waring Chairman.

the following delegates were present ,

Hillsboro A McComb , J A Matchett , F McBride ,

Dunmurry T Gracey ,M Crowthers.

Lisburn & Dist A Stevenson , R Topping

Coleraine P Molloy

Portstewart F Hemphill

Randalstown J Kyle R Bell

Dromore T Wilkinson

Ballymena HPS A Cooke J Russell

Coleraine & Co Derry J Dunne J Fisher

Dromore West End J Kerr W Hutchinson

Ashfield Amateur T J McConnell

Larne & Dist J McGookin W Boyd

Whiteabbey J Mckinty

Carrickfergus R McAllister

Rock View Banbridge G Baines J B Diamond

we hope you enjoy reading of your organisations past and would sincerely like to thank Anthony McDonnell of Coleraine for supplying these excerpts from the original minute book we will endeavour to put some more minutes online in the future.
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