Dinner at Stormont Hotel - Balfast

It was in 1932 that His Majesty King George V presented a new cup to the Irish National Flying Club to be known as The King George V Challenge Cup and was to be awarded to the winner of the OB Grand National.

The 1932 Grand National race was flown from Les Sables at a distance of some 600 miles and the race was won by R Hawthorn from Ligoniel in North Belfast.This race was flown under IHU rules and it was not until 1948 that the Kings Cup was flown under IHU and RPRA rules.The race in 1948 was won by Sammy Robinson from Belfast.

The Irish National Flying Club have a six race programme for the 2020 season which enables its members to compete in the inland Nationals or over the channel at the very highest level. I hope you will enjoy using the website as it will be a source of information through out the season. Good luck to all members competing in this years Nationals. Ronnie Johnston Patron INFC.

The INFC has 2,100 members across Ireland. The 6 Race Programme includes the famous Kings Cup from France. Friendship Nat is also France, Ylr Nat Sennen Cove, YB Nat Penzance and OB and YB Nat from Skibbereen. Numerous other awards including Gold Medal, Hall of Fame Diploma, Triple Championship, Single Bird Challenge, 3 Bird Championship, Merit Awards etc. Results, Reports, Latest News etc. See Website http://www.irishnationalflyingclub.com or http://www.infc.co.uk
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Dinner at Stormont Hotel - Balfast

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“Homer” presents awards at Irish National Night of the Year –

The annual Night of the Year for the Irish National Flying Club was held as usual at the plush Stormont Hotel in Belfast on Friday 26th November 2022. As well as all the winners it was a special occasion for myself, having at last been persuaded by the Patron Ronnie Johnston to present awards at this years event. Other than work as Press Officer, and on a number of other occasions covering news reports my last time involved was back 40 years ago when I was asked to present the first winners of the Gold Medal with their prize. I think on that occasion back in 1982 the special guest was the Lord Mayor of Belfast and during the presentation some lids on the cups crashed to the ground, the officials have been more careful since. After having success at first getting with the late L O Barr the Yearling Nat established firstly in 1977 as a race to celebrate the Queens Jubilee who was The INFC Patron at the time and in 1978 we managed to get the race added to the official programme and since its introduction it has become one of the top races of the year. As I had said the Yearling National was flown for the first time in 1977 to celebrate the Queens Jubilee Year, liberation in Weymouth was at 5.30am after a one-day hold-over. Toland & Campbell from Bleary won 1st Open INFC doing velocity 1055 and collected the Jubilee Trophy. In 1978 the race was added to the INFC race programme, and the new Nelson Corry Cup was presented for first time to W V Troughton of Gilford flying 298 miles recording velocity1232. As I say after having success getting a Yearling National, I put forward a resolution to the AGM in 1979 for a Gold Medal to be awarded to individual birds scoring on four occasions in the Kings Cup. We already had the Hall of Fame Diploma for three times in the Kings Cup, the Gold Medal was to be a bigger test. The first year to qualify for this award was in 1982 and we could hardly believe we had two winners, and it might not be just a hard as we were thinking. In the 40 years up to this year we have just had 14 winners and that included Paul Dunlop from Edgartown the winner in 2022. Paul has set a bit of a record having won the Silver Medal awarded to birds 4 times in the Friendship Nat result and this bird bred this season’s Gold Medal winner. He is the first-time winner of both medals, fantastic! - And well done.

The big local winner was Danny Dixon who races in Dunloy and competes in the Mid Antrim Combine, he won three major awards in a season of top success. Rhead Trophy best average St Allouestre Kings Cup, and Penzance YB Grand Nat; Diamond Cup best average St Allouestre Kings Cup, Sennen Cove Yearling Nat and Penzance YB Grand National. Presidents Cup best average St Allouestre Kings Cup, Sennen Cove Yearling Nat, Penzance YB Grand Nat and Skibbereen YB National.

Gold Medals won in The INFC - Four Times in the Result in the Kings Cup
1982 – G M Kirkpatrick, Ballymacbrennan
1979 – 119th, 1980 – 83rd, 1981 – 62nd, 1982 – 14th
1982 – J McCartan, Annalong
1979 – 84th, 1980 – 97th, 1981 – 149th, 1982 – 17th
1992 – W Catherwood & Sons, Ballynahinch
1988 – 26th, 1989 – 133rd, 1991 – 7th, 1992 – 48th
1993 – M Conlon & Sons, Banbridge
1990 – 26th, 1991 – 14th, 1992 – 89th, 1993 – 68th
1994 – Ron Williamson, Bondhill Social
1989 – 22nd, 1992 – 126th, 1993 – 113th, 1994 – 147th
1995 – F Scott & Son, Dromore HPS
1992 – 31st, 1993 – 67th, 1994 – 62nd, 1995 – 8th
1995 – Gordon Kirkpatrick, Ballymacbrennan
1991 – 47th, 1992 – 79th, 1993 – 49th, 1995 – 77th
1995 – Burns Bros, Comber Social
1992 – 114th, 1993 – 73rd, 1994 – 95th, 1995 – 188th
2011 – J Waring & Son, Lisburn & District
2005 – 24th, 2006 – 53rd, 2010 – 25th, 2011 – 163rd
2012 – Rev T.A.B. Sawyers & Son, Banbridge
2005 – 107th, 2010 – 134th, 2001 – 58th, 2012 – 41st
2012 – N Black & Son, Dromara
2009 – 241st, 2010 – 153rd, 2011 – 200th, 2012 – 52nd
2013 – John Greenaway, Bondhill Social
2010 – 145th, 2011 – 241st, 2012 – 34th, 2013 – 159th
2012018 – A McAteer & Sons, Ballyholland
2015 – 107th, 2016 – 27th, 2017 – 162nd, 2018 – 47th
2022 – Paul Dunlop, Edgarstown HPS
2017 – 141st, 2018 – 69th, 2019 – 54th, 2022 – 156th
The Yearling Nat and Gold Medal lists are included in the INFC History section on www.pigeonnetwork.com

Donnelly Bros from Newry City won the National Champion award after finishing runner-up on two occasions. This loft has had major success over many years and the Newry Area was always a hot-bed of racing for as long as I can remember and Donnelly Bros have topped the NIPA on several occasions. Richard Donnelly while still at school posted me the Newry results on a regular basis away in my early days as a scribe, how long ago was that? Next stop the Kings Cup.

INFC Chairman Len McCavery who just recently returned from Florida welcomed another good attendance representing winning lofts across Ireland and a number of those were just attending for the occasion. He invited INFC President Clifford Brown to say grace prior delivery of an excellent 4 course meal. With the tables cleared it was time for the presentation and firstly Len introduced the top table guests. Firstly the main man long serving secretary Trevor Topping who with his family support have done a massive job for the INFC membership over a long period of time and although things are not getting any easier he hopes it continues for many years yet. The current President is Clifford Brown and he will help with the presentation of awards, a former Press Officer he continues to report on the local pigeon scene currently covering the fortunes of the East Down Combine. Clifford was with good friend Herbie Elliott who has attended the event for many years. “Homer” he said needed no introduction current Press Officer has been reporting on the sport for close on 50 years and he was supported by Adie McCormick from Lisburn. Len congratulated the winners especially the McArdle Family in Newry City with C McArdle & Sons winning the Blue Riband Kings Cup. He again thanked the committee members and many helpers that carried out duties at both the Marking Centre in Lisburn and others involved in the various Clock Centres, and he congratulated the new liberation team of Peter McKeown, Alan Larkin and Jim Armstrong, who enjoyed a good first season and long may it continue. He also thanked Jim McCrory and family for all the transport arrangements, the press and publicity scribes, Davy Black co-ordinator for the Single Bird Challenge and finally the club sponsors which included Frazer Animal Feeds, Beattie’s Bird & Pet Foods, Bamfords Topflight, Danny Dixon and BHW. President Clifford Browne proposed the toast to Patron Ronnie Johnston who has held many positions in the INFC including Ass Secretary, as Irish Rover he has spent a lifetime reporting for the Racing Pigeon and for many years and still going has acted as an Auctioneer taking over, I think from the long serving Jack Irvine. At that time the Muckamore HPS Clubrooms used to be packed out. Well done to Trevor Topping and all who assisted in the seamless presentation of the exceptional well-polished cups, an awesome array of awards executed within an hour. Last season’s winner of the Kings Cup Liam McCall was just a few days earlier out of hospital following an operation and travelled up from Wicklow to present the award to this season’s winners C McArdle & Sons, it has been the tradition the previous season winner presents the award to the new winners. MC for the presentation Ronnie Johnston is the memory man, a real mind of information. Many thanks to my daughter Bronagh for the help in getting me ready and for Adie who looked after the photos.

Irish National Flying Club - Trophy and Award Winners 2022

King George V Challenge Cup—Saint Allouestre. Grand National old bird race winner.
C. McArdle & Sons Newry City Invitation H.P.S. Vel. 1258
Nelson Vase – Saint Allouestre O.B.-- 1st RPRA member after winner in Kings Cup race.
G. Douglas Blackwatertown West End H.P.S. Vel. 1219
Gilliland Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B. -- 1st IHU member after winner in Kings Cup race.
B. & P. Emmett E.C.F. Boyne Valley Vel. 1216
East Down Combine Cup--Saint Allouestre O.B.--1st E.D.C. member in the Kings Cup race.
Cowan & McCartney Dundonald H.P.S. Vel. 1166
Ulster Federation Cup –Saint Allouestre O.B. 1st Ulster Federation member in Kings Cup race.
S. McAllister & Sons Lagan Valley R.P.C. Vel. 1111
N.I.P.A. Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B--1st NIPA member in Kings Cup race.
C. McArdle & Sons Newry City Invitation H.P.S. Vel. 1258
Joe Cullen Memorial Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B.--1st East Coast Fed. member in the Kings Cup race.
B. & P. Emmett E.C.F. Boyne Valley Vel. 1216
Billy Ingle Trophy--- Saint Allouestre O.B.—1st Irish South Road Fed. Member in the Kings Cup race.
J. Cullen Bray Invitation R.P.C. Vel. 1000
S.L.F. Cup--- Saint Allouestre O.B.—1st South Leinster Fed. member in the Kings Cup race.
Cooley Bros. & Son Newtown Kilpeddar R.P.C. Vel. 1062
Duddy Extreme Distance Trophy-- Saint Allouestre O.B. Furthest flying member in the King’s Cup open prizes. Trevor Steele Coleraine Premier H.P.S. 527 Miles 131st Open Vel. 734
Harkness Rose Bowl—Saint Allouestre O.B.--Best two bird average Kings Cup.
M. Ewbanks Newry City Invitation H.P.S. Vel. 1153
Joe Doheny Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B. Single bird challenge Kings Cup.
S. Hughes Coalisland & District H.P.S. Vel. 1094
Robinson Trophy—Saint Allouestre O.B. 14th position in Kings Cup.
A. Feeney & Son Gilford H.P.S. Vel. 1176
McCloud Cup—Saint Allouestre O.B.--1st Yearling in the Kings Cup.
Devine & Himli E.C.F. Skerries R.P.C. Vel. 1211
Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup--Skibbereen O.B-- Inland National.
D. Walsh Tower Invitation R.P.C. Vel. 1418
Gerald Delaney Trophy—Skibbereen O.B.—Best section winning velocity after winning section.
John F. McCabe & Son Newry & District H.P.S. Vel. 1338
Framed Diploma – Skibbereen O.B. – Lowest section winning velocity.
P. Keegan & L. Darling Donnycarney R.P.C. Vel. 1337
Friendship Cup—Saint Malo O.B.-- Friendship National.
R. Straney Killyleagh Central H.P.S. Vel. 1061
British Barcelona Club Trophy—Saint Malo O.B.-- 2nd position in the Friendship National.
F. Moran E.C.F. Malahide & District R.P.C. Vel. 1058
John Millar Logistics Trophy – Saint Malo O.B. - 1st member in the section not winning the open.
F. Moran E.C.F. Malahide & District R.P.C. Vel. 1058
Henry Beattie & Son Trophy— Saint Malo O.B.—Best two bird average Friendship National.
Hand & Kallmeyer E.C.F. Skeries R.P.C. Vel. 1036
Irvine Trophy—Best Average O.B. Nationals Saint. Malo and Saint Allouestre.
Donnelly Bros. Newry City Invitation H.P.S. Vel. 1091
Nelson Corry Trophy—Sennen Cove O.B.—Yearling National. Moody Bros. Gilford H.P.S. Vel. 1272
James McGrugan Memorial Cup Sennen Cove Yearling National—Section winner not winning the open. J. McLoughlin Blanchardstown R.P.C. Vel. 1199
Sam Buckley Memorial Cup – Best two bird average Sennen Cove Yearling National.
Mr & Mrs B. McNeilly Doagh & District H.P.S. Vel. 1175
Charles Ingle Memorial Trophy—10th Open position Sennen Cove Yearling National.
A. O’Brien S.L.F. Gorey R.P.C. Vel. 1174
J.M.K. McGugan Perpetual Cup--- Penzance —Y.B. Channel Grand National.
Larkin Bros. Blackwatertown West End H.P.S. Vel. 1238
William Erwin Memorial Cup- Penzance- 1st South Section in Channel Y.B. National.
P. Rock & Son Dublin North-East R.P.C. Vel. 1107
De-Scheemaecker Trophy- Penzance Y.B- Best two bird average in Channel Y.B. National.
G. Buckley & Sons Annaghmore H.P.S. Vel. 1235
Tom Marshall Trophy—Skibbereen—Y.B. Inland National Bolger Family Blackwater R.P.C. Vel. 1329
Framed Diploma -- Skibbereen – Y.B. Inland National Middle section winner.
B. & P. McEvoy E.C.F. Castlebellingham R.P.C. Vel. 1203
Framed Diploma – Skibbereen --- Y.B. Inland National North section winner.
J. & D. Braniff Wheatfield H.P.S. Vel. 1246
J. Gilmour Memorial Cup —Best average Saint Allouestre O. B. and Sennen Cove Yearling Nationals.
Devine & Himli E.C.F. Skerries. Vel. 1192
A. Darragh Cup Best average Sennen Cove Yearling and St. Malo Friendship Nationals.
Larkin Bros. Blackwatertown West End H.P.S. Vel. 1071
Jarvis Cup—Best Average Penzance and Skibbereen Y.B. Nationals.
D. Calvin Bondhill Social H.P.S. Vel. 1210
Rhead Trophy Best Average – Saint Allouestre O.B. and Penzance Y.B. Nationals.
D. Dixon Ballymoney H.P.S. Vel. 1194
Diamond Cup—Best Average Saint Allouestre O.B. Sennen Cove Yearling and Penzance Y.B.
D. Dixon Ballymoney H.P.S. Vel. 1128
Harkers Trophy—Best Average Sennen Cove Yearling and Penzance Y. B. Nationals.
Larkin Bros. Blackwatertown West End H.P.S. Vel. 1209
Robin Duddy Trophy. Penzance Y. B.
Furthest flying member in the Penzance Young Bird channel national open prizes.
B. & D. Coyle Coleraine Premier H.P.S. 195th Open 346 miles Vel. 370
Charles Hunniford Memorial Trophy --- Best average (North Section) Skibbereen O.B. & Y.B. nationals. J. & D. Braniff Wheatfield H.P.S. Vel. 1285
The New North Cup --- Best Average Sennen Cove Yearling, Saint Allouestre Kings Cup,
Saint Malo Friendship, Penzance Young Bird Nationals. Donnelly Bros. Millvale H.P.S. Vel. 987
President’s Cup--- Best Average Saint Allouestre Kings Cup, Sennen Cove Yearling,
Penzance Y.B. and Skibbereen Y.B. Nationals. D. Dixon Ballymoney H.P.S. Vel. 1124
De-Scheemaecker Trophy--Runner up best average all races.
A Thompson Ballyclare & District H.P.S. Vel. 956
Erwin Trophy—Best Average all races. Donnelly Bros. Millvale H.P.S. Vel. 997

Paul Dunlop, Edgarstown H.P.S.
Blue Chequer Hen GB15E-01001 won: 2017 – 141st, 2018 – 69th, 2019 – 54th, 2022,156th.

D. Walsh *** Moody Bros. *** C. McArdle & Sons *** R. Straney *** Larkin Bros. *** Bolger Family

Framed Diplomas sponsored by Danny Dixon (Dunloy) Saint Allouestre Single Bird Challenge
1st Sean Hughes (Coalisland & District), 2nd A & N Lewis Doagh & District), 3rd G Buckley & Sons (Annaghmore HPS).

Friendship National Merit Awards 2022 – Awarded for a pigeon twice in the Friendship Nat prizes.
Fintan Moran Malahide & District R.P.C.
“Mr Reliable” Blue Cock IHU18S-075713
Lamballe Friendship National 2021 31st Open
St. Malo Friendship National 2022 2nd Open
Richard McCracken Markethill H.P.S.
“Drumorgan Jake”Black Chequer Cock GB18X-17128
Lamballe Friendship National 2021 59th Open
St. Malo Friendship National 2022 92nd Open
Arnold Thompson Ballyclare & District H.P.S.
Blue Hen GB19B-34028
Lamballe Friendship National 2021 9th Open
St. Malo Friendship National 2022 45th Open
Adair & McComb’s Crossgar H.P.S.
“Sweet Lips” Blue w/f Hen IHU19N-06340
Lamballe Friendship National 2021 39th Open
St. Malo Friendship National 2022 59th Open

Kings Cup Merit Awards 2022 – Awarded to pigeons twice in the Kings Cup prizes.
John Greenaway Bondhill Social H.P.S.
Blue Cock GB19B-13280
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2021 5th Open
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2022 96th Open
Burns Bros Comber Social HPS
“Wee Bridie” Blue Ch w/f Hen IHU19N-01702
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2021 6th Open
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2022 138th Open
A McAteer & Sons Ballyholland
“Drumcove Clara” Blue Cheq Hen GB19B-32131
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2021 15th Open
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2022 165th Open
N Black & Son Dromara HPS
“Honeysuckle! Pencil Blue Pied Hen GB18D-06256
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2021 27th Open
St. Allouestre King’s Cup 2022 210th Open

Willie Reynolds – NIPA & INFC Press Officer
Tel/Fax: (028) 256 44683
Mobile: 07538 238364
Twitter: willie reynolds@homerbhw
Email: homerbhw@gmail.com

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