Friendship Nat - 1st Open R G & G Donaldson

It was in 1932 that His Majesty King George V presented a new cup to the Irish National Flying Club to be known as The King George V Challenge Cup and was to be awarded to the winner of the OB Grand National.

The 1932 Grand National race was flown from Les Sables at a distance of some 600 miles and the race was won by R Hawthorn from Ligoniel in North Belfast.This race was flown under IHU rules and it was not until 1948 that the Kings Cup was flown under IHU and RPRA rules.The race in 1948 was won by Sammy Robinson from Belfast.

The Irish National Flying Club have a six race programme for the 2020 season which enables its members to compete in the inland Nationals or over the channel at the very highest level. I hope you will enjoy using the website as it will be a source of information through out the season. Good luck to all members competing in this years Nationals. Ronnie Johnston Patron INFC.

The INFC has 2,100 members across Ireland. The 6 Race Programme includes the famous Kings Cup from France. Friendship Nat is also France, Ylr Nat Sennen Cove, YB Nat Penzance and OB and YB Nat from Skibbereen. Numerous other awards including Gold Medal, Hall of Fame Diploma, Triple Championship, Single Bird Challenge, 3 Bird Championship, Merit Awards etc. Results, Reports, Latest News etc. See Website or
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Friendship Nat - 1st Open R G & G Donaldson

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INFC Friendship National St. Malo race marking.
Trevor2 July 2023
Race sponsored by Beattie’s Bird and Pet Foods.

Race marking will take place on Monday 3rd July between 18:00PM and 20:00PM
for a possible release on Thursday.
Please take care when completing your entry forms, especially when totalling them up.
Attach your payment to the entry form and put your membership number on the back of your cheque or bank draft. If the payment covers more than one member please put all membership numbers on the back of the cheque or draft and please attach the entry forms together.
Payments will not be processed at the race marking to avoid queuing.
Any shortages will be removed from pool monies and any over payments will be added to pool monies.
Any members paying by euro please remember to multiply the sterling grand total by 1.25 for the currency conversion.
(This can be avoided by accurately completing your entry form and payment.)
Thank you for your cooperation and please all act responsibly when attending the marking centre and respect the facilities which have been kindly granted. Any help to race mark the pigeons would be appreciated. Catering will be available as usual.

INFC St. Allouestre King’s Cup Clock Checking Arangements.
Trevor3 July 2023
Due to race marking for the Friendship National Lisburn, Portadown and Banbridge clock stations will be open tomorrow evening (Tuesday) from 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm for any more second day and third day arrivals. No clocks will be checked at the race marking.

St. Malo Friendship National Sponsored by Beattie’s Bird & Pet Foods.
Thursday 6th July
The pigeons have been held over due to an incoming belt of rain over Ireland. Our next update will be Friday morning.

St. Malo Friendship National Friday 7th July.
Trevor7 July 2023Uncategorised

St. Malo Friendship National Friday 7th July 2023. - Sponsored by Beattie’s Bird and Pet Foods.

238 members have entered 1058 pigeons and are competing for £5685.00 in pools and prize money.

The pigeons have been release at 06.00 amwind direction at the release site was light south westerly and on route it will be south south easterly. Our next update will be this evening.

Inf. St. Malo Friendship National Friday 7th July update at 21.30.
Trevor7 July 2023Uncategorised
St. Malo Friendship National
Sponsored by Beattie’s Bird & Pet Foods.
Provisional top ten in today’s race. Subject to correction.
1 R G & G Donaldson Edgarstown 1682
2 Capper Bros. Bondhill 1679
3 G & C Simmons Edgardstown 1649
4 & 6 T McClean Edgarstown 1646 & 1603
5 John Greenaway Bondhill 1621
7 G O’Reilly Malahide 1599
8 G Marshall Cookstown 1589
9 P O’Connor Coleraine Premier 1579
10 P Dunlop Edgarstown 1568
All positions and pool money has been claimed on the first day of the race.

Winner 1st Open INFC St Malo for R G & G Donaldson of Edgarstown.
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Re: Friendship Nat - 1st Open R G & G Donaldson

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Fast Friendship National from St Malo – Big result for Portadown area

It was expected to be a fast race from France and that’s exactly how it turned out with all prizes won on the day and a lot of early arrivals into the Portadown area. The high flying Edgarstown had five birds placed in the Top 10 including overall winners R G & G Donaldson recording velocity 1682ypm. The race was sponsored by Beattie’s Bird & Pet Foods, Tandragee. Claims for Merit Awards and Hall of Fame Diplomas should be made in writing to the secretary.

The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres across Ireland including the temporary stations at Edgarstown in Portadown, Newry/Banbridge and Coleraine, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note, many thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for this report or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done, any little snips, details of the bird itself plus info on the sire and dam. Any awards won previous, how long in the birds etc. ASAP after the race. Just to finish well done to the Race Control team Al Larkin, Peter McKeown and Jim Armstrong. An almost impossible job with plenty of experts looking on.

INFC St Malo Friendship Nat Open 214/993 – 1-1N R G & G Donaldson Edgarstown 1682, 2-2N Capper Bros Bondhill 1679, 3-3N G & C Simmons 1649, 4-4N T McClean Edgarstown 1646, 5-5N John Greenaway Bondhill 1621, 6-6N T McClean Annaghmore 1603, 7-1S G O’Reilly Malahide & Dist1599, 8-7N G Marshall Cookstown Soc 1589, 9-8N Paul O’Connor Coleraine Prem 1579, 10-9N Paul Dunlop Edgarstown 1568, 11-10N S & N Doherty Cullybackey 1566, 12-11N C & P McArdle Armagh 1548, 13-12N D Coulter Glenavy & Dist 1538, 14-13N M Gillan Newry & Dist 1536, 15-14N T Marshall & Son Netownbreda 1534, 16-15N Ronnie Williamson Newry & Dist 1528, 17-16N Rev T A B Sawyers Banbridge 1524, 18-2S G O’Reilly Malahide & Dist 1521, 19-17N D McElhone Eastway 1520, 20-18N T Mawhinney Dromore 1518.

St Malo Friendship Nat (NIPA) - R G & G Donaldson Edgarstown 1682, Capper Bros Bondhill 1679, G & C Simmons 1649, T McClean Edgarstown 1646, John Greenaway Bondhill 1621, T McClean Annaghmore 1603, G Marshall Cookstown Soc 1589, Paul O’Connor Coleraine Prem 1579, Paul Dunlop Edgarstown 1568, S & N Doherty Cullybackey 1566, C & P McArdle Armagh 1548, D Coulter Glenavy & Dist 1538, M Gillan Newry & Dist 1536, Ronnie Williamson Newry & Dist 1528, Rev T A B Sawyers Banbridge 1524, D McElhone Eastway 1520, T Mawhinney Dromore 1518, Tom Wilson Gilford & Dist 1511, S & N Lester Laurelvale 1509, D W Lofts Foyle RPS 1495.

St Malo Friendship Nat (East Coast Fed Dublin) – G O’Reilly Malahide & Dist 1599 G O’Reilly 1521, Nigel Gordon Castlebellingham 1397, McKeown & McEvoy Castlebellingham 1389, Hand & Kallmeyer Skerries 1346, N & C Shiels Skerries 1316, G O’Reilly 1308.

INFC Centre/Station results St Malo

Portadown Station – R G & G Donaldson Edgarstown 1682, Capper Bros Bondhill 1679, G & C Simmons Edgarstown 1649, T McClean Edgarstown 1646, John Greenaway Bondhill 1621, T McClean 1603, P Dunlop Edgarstown 1568, D C & P McArdle Armagh 1548, Tom Wilson Gilford 1511, S & N Lester Laurelvale 1509, D Mawhinney Beechpark Soc 1482, Capper Bros 1446, J Barr 1443, D Mawhinney 1442, K Shannon 1430, S & N Lester 1340, P Dunlop 1328, G & C Topley Laurelvale 1153.

Balbriggan Station – G O’Reilly Malahide & Dist 1599, G O’Reilly 1521, Hand & Kallmyer Skerries 1475, N Gordon Castlebellingham 1396, McKeown & McEvoy Castlebellingham 1389, Hand & Kallmyer 1346, N & C Shiels Skerries 1316, G O’Reilly 1308, P & J Jones 1110, K Anderson 1048, P Rock & Son 1025, G O’Reilly 942, G O’Reilly 938, J Doheny Malahide & Dist 938.

Muckamore Station – G Marshall Cookstown 1589, S & N Doherty Cullybackey 1566, D McElhone Eastway 1520, L O’Neill & Sons Harmony 1491, A Thompson Ballyclare 1482, H Turkington Kells 1474, A Thompson 1462, D McElhone 1433, A Gault Ballyclare 1405, B & M Gilmore Doagh 1399, C & R McIntyre Cullybackey 1393, S O’Toole & Son Larne 1378, A Thompson 1369, J Rock Harryville 1358, G Marshall 1348, A Thompson 1340, C & L Woodside Ballyclare 1327, N Lusty Muckamore 1310, L O’Neill & Sons 1281, R Duddy Ballyclare 1248.

Coleraine Station – Paul O’Connor Coleraine Prem 1579, D W Lofts Foyle 1495, D Dixon Ballymoney 1423, R Gage Windsor Soc 1107.

Banbridge Station – M Gillan Newry & Dist 1536, R Williamson Newry & Dist 1528, Rev TAB Sawyers & Son Drumnavaddy 1524, T & K Mahinney Dromore 1518, R Williamson 1493, James Cleland Annsborough 1462, R Williamson 1444, Mal Maguire & Son Millvale 1420, W B Shaw Corrigs 1414, James Cleland 1409, J Mount & Son Drumnavaddy 1400, R Williamson 1395, Mark Maguire & Son Newry & Dist 1392, Donnelly Bros Newry City 1381, C O’Hare & Son Ballyholland 1350.

Mid Antrim Combine INFC St Malo Friendship National -

Doherty Loft wins 1st Combine & 11th Open INFC National & Chris and Robin McIntyre of Cullybackey win INFC Merit Award
The final old bird race of the season on the Northern Ireland calendar was the INFC St Malo Friendship National. Birds were liberated on Friday 7th July at 06.00am in light south westerly winds increasing to strong winds in Ireland. Best in the Mid Antrim Combine was the father and daughter partnership of Stephen and Natalie Doherty who fly their birds to Portglenone and race in the Cullybackey club. They timed their 2yo cheq cock sitting 10 days on eggs at 2.56pm flying 477 miles to win 10th North Section & 11th Open INFC National. This season the cock had three races from Fermoy and then just trained with Sam Murphy and had two Balbriggans with Tommy Cairns. Their winner is direct from Aaron Murtagh of Armagh. Next best in the local area was Henry Turkington of Kells who timed his yearling cheq hen at 15.22pm to win 25th North Section and 29th Open National. The dam is from Jim and David Braniff of Glen HPS and is a full sister to Henry's 25th Open St Malo National 2017. The sire is half-brother to 44th Open Kings Cup 2016, and the grandsire is from the late Sam Rodney of Ballyclare. Danny Dixon of Dunloy was next best in the Combine and 40th Open with a 2yo blue cock. Sire is his good “Belgie Cock” and the dam is a daughter of the “Un-rung Cock” that Albert Cousins gave him, being an inbred uncle of “Dixie Chic” his own 1st Nat winner. Chris & Robin McIntyre of Cullybackey timed their 4yo blue cock at 16.22pm to finish 47th North Section & 52nd Open National and win a Merit Award. This pigeon has now been in St Malo three times, 2021 with the NIPA just out of race time, 2022 1st Club Cullybackey, 2nd MAC & 64th Open INFC Friendship National and this season 2nd Club, 4th MAC, 47th North Section & 52nd Open INFC Friendship National flying 493 miles. He has also been in the Open and Section result in the last two seasons from Penzance with the NIPA and also, in the Section prizes from Talbenny in 2021 and is a full brother to 5 x 1st club winners for the loft. Former NIPA Talbenny National and Penzance Classic winner Jimmy Rock of Harryville was 52nd & 83rd North Section and 58th & 92 Open National. Jimmy's first bird a 2yo late bred hen sitting on 10 days eggs had Talbenny & Penzance this season. Sire from Alan Darragh and dam was Jimmy's Penzance Classic winner. Jimmy's second bird a Jacobs x Grondelear 4yo chequer hen has won 1st Club Talbenny and twice in the prizes from Penzance. Mr & Mrs Robinson of Cullybackey finished a top cross Channel season with 82nd North Section & 91st Open INFC National. Laurence and Heather timed a 4yo blue hen racing on roundabout. This hen has raced steady with quite a few good club and section positions from the channel races. Her sire was gifted to them by Tommy Grattan, and dam is Vandenabeele from Harry Boyd of Kells. Davy Houston & Son had the best bird in Broughshane & District on 1204 with a 2yo cheq cock of Rob Rome bloodlines and finally Jimmy Smyth & Son of Ahoghill timed two birds both yearlings the same way bred on the day, and another two the next morning. Sire of the first two from Mark Milliken of Rasharkin and dam from Sam Murphy. M Eagleson PO.

Mid Antrim Combine St Malo Friendship National - S & N Doherty Cullybackey 1566, H Turkington Kells & Dist 1474, D Dixon Rasharkin 1423, C & R McIntyre Cullybackey 1393, Jimmy Rock Harryville 1358, Mr & Mrs Robinson Cullybackey 1234, Jimmy Rock 1227, D Houston & Son Broughshane & Dist 1204, J Smyth & Son Ahoghill 1099, J Smyth & Son 1052, J Smyth & Son 630, J Smyth & Son 473.

Friendship Nat St Malo race report by Homer:-

1st Open & 1st North Sect St Malo R G & G Donaldson of Edgarstown, vel 1682 flying 450 miles winning £717 and Friendship National Cup for the winner.

After hitting the bar on countless occasions, we have achieved a lifetime ambition of winning a 1st National, a French One, makes It even sweeter. Thank you for every single call, message and text of congratulations. Special mention to A & N Lewis of Doagh & Dist for breeding the winner. He Is from a Racing Kit in 2019 and is Mark Gilbert and their own 'Le Premier' Bloodlines. Donaldson team.
The winning lofts are situated on the outskirts of Portadown and consists of uncle and nephew partnership of Roy, Gary & Graeme, known as United Lofts. The loft was in great form after clocking 3 in the previous weeks Kings Cup, finishing 16th, 31st and 98th Open. The boys had also been responsible for breeding 3rd & 6th Open NIPA St Malo OB National, 12th Open East Down Combine St Malo and 13th Open INFC Kings Cup.

The winning pigeon, now known as 'Billy', named after Roy's late father and boys grandad. He was purchased in a racing kit from A & N Lewis in 2019, with his nest mate winning Bude for the boys previous and another hen winning 2020 NIPA St Malo OB National. United Lofts are no strangers to success and have produced numerous top performances and been close on several occasions, before finally taking the national honours from St Malo. 'Billy' is down off A & N Lewis's 'Le Premier' (5th Open St Malo) and 'Lily' (2nd INFC Friendship Quimper), also containing the blood of Mark Gilbert, Alan Darragh & Alan Kelly.

He had previously flown the INFC Kings Cup in 2021 and was in injured in run up to France in 2022. He was sent to NIPA St Malo OB National this year returning on the night of the Kings Cup marking. 'Billy' had taken nothing from himself, and his body was in great condition, and he had taken up to a new hen in the following days and started to show himself around the lofts on the open-door, gathering twigs and grass from the garden. His hen laid a few days before Friendship race marking and the boys only decided to send him to the race that afternoon when handling the birds and seeing his form and condition, taking the lads entry to 8.

The boys feed Van Tilburg from Henry McLoughlin & Natural corn from Donnelly Feeds in their own regime. They train regularly on transporter with lifelong friend Ron Williamson as well as private tosses from Newry, avoiding BOP issues further afield. The pigeons are all raced roundabout in the early part of the season inland with both cocks and hens raced every week, weather permitting. They were paired then for the channel and the nationals in mind.

The United Lofts clocked a further 3 entries, with their 2nd arrival missing out on her Merit Award and the third being a daughter of the National winner. The boys want to thank all who have phoned, visited and/or messaged to congratulate them. They also want to thank A & N Lewis for breeding the winner and Ronnie Williamson for his years for friendship, advice, and guidance.

2nd Open & 2nd North Sect St Malo Capper Bros of Bondhill, vel 1679 flying 453 miles winning £179 and British Barcelona Club Trophy for 2nd position in Friendship National.

Another fantastic loft from the Portadown area Capper Bros of Bondhill has won numerous top places including as recently as 2021 finishing 1st North Sect & 2nd Open INFC Kings Cup winning Nelson Vase and NIPA Cup. It gives me great pleasure to be writing a report for one of the nicest guys in the pigeon game, William Robert Capper or WR as we know him. Racing as Capper Bros, a name synonymous with top results from French race points and others, always at the top of the pag,e more often than not! The mealy yearling cock was clocked into the Annaghmore loft to take 2nd National. Racing roundabout, having been shown his hen for 15 minutes before being hampered for the trip to St Malo. His sire, the “600 cock” was bred for stock from the “41 cock” of the Larkin Bros, one of a batch of 6 Cookstown Sizzlers from the lofts of Glen Smith. The dam of the 600 cock was a gift from club mate, Davy Calvin. Dam of the mealy yearling was a gift from Willies good friend Philip Boyd, from his very good Soontjen family of birds. William Robert would like to thank all who have called and got in touch with congratulations. Alan Larkin PO.

3rd Open & 3rd North Sect St Malo G & C Simmons of Edgarstown, vel 1649 flying 454 miles winning £75.

Our timer a blue Van Herk cock is Bred in the Purple. He was sent on chipped eggs he was our first pigeon timed in from Penzance Classic he had never shown much form on the land but on the channel he was very consistent hence why he was sent to the Friendship National. He was a gift bird from are good friend Robert Rea of Larne (Rea Rockets) Sire is down of “Kleine 83” (Philip Boal) responsible for 12 x 1sts when paired to his Granddaughter. She is granddam to 1st Open Fermoy, 1st and 2nd Section C, plus 3rd Open St Malo national. She is from the Stam Couple responsible for 7 x 1sts a 2nd National NIPA, plus Old Bird of the Year for (Philip Boal). Dam is from “Filip” 1st NIPA Open winner when paired to “Perfect light” Double NIPA open winner (Philip Boal), the sire is also grandsire to 1st Open Yearling National for Billy Hutchinson 2023. Both sire and dam have bred many prize winners. Simmo PO.

4th & 6th Open and 4th & 6th North Sect T McClean of Edgarstown, vel 1646 and 1603 flying 451 miles winning £853 and favourite for 2B Ave Henry Beattie & Son Trophy.

Tom McClean having another good cross channel season including racing from France, recent winner of the INFC National Champion award. The loft had two big early arrivals from St Malo finishing 4th & 6th Open INFC and looking good for the best 2 Bird Average. The first bird a two-year-old hen was bred by Trevor Scott timed many times on the channel including Bude this year. The sire Sticker Donckers has bred many winners and is a, grand-son of “Superman”. Dam was another Sticker Donckers full sister to the lofts double 1st Sect winner and 3rd Section. The second bird was also a two-year-old hen a Mark Janssen bred from a black Mark Janssen cock from a pair of the late Sid Grainger through Gary Benson of Lisburn crossed with Gary’s old bloodlines. This hen has been across the channel many timed including Talbenny, Bude and Penzance.

5th Open & 5th North Sect John Greenaway of Bondhill, vel 1621 flying 452 miles winning £266.

John Greenaway of Bondhill famous for winning many times from France “Iron Lady” – Was a 1996 hen who achieved a Hall of Fame Diploma for racing in the prizes in 3 French races in 3 years. She was 9th Open, 19th Open and 64th Open from Redon, France and then won the Gold Medal for four times in the prizes. Her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren have scored from France also. In fact, one of her grandsons went on to achieve the same feat of attaining a Hall of Fame Diploma. Another grandson won 1st Open NIPA Bude. She was bred and raced by John Greenaway of Bondhill. Another super result to add to his CV.

7th Open & 1st South Sect G O’Reilly of Malahide & Dist, vel 1599 flying 387 miles winning £133 and John Millar Logistics Trophy for 1st member in the section not winning the open.

Former Kings cup winner Gerry O’Reilly tops the South Sect in another France Classic race from St Malo. We sent fifteen birds to the Friendship National and clocked eight of them, five on the day and three the next day, of the eight, three of them had flown France before. The others had flown the channel the year before. The first three pigeons were 7th, 18th and 75th National. Details below supplied by Derek O’Reilly.
IHU21S-008837 RED COCK. 7th National, 1st Fed, 1st club St Malo 2023. This cock is a medium size pigeon and was sitting on fourteen-day old eggs when sent to the race. He was privately trained and had three inland races up to 136 miles. His mother was 1st club Talbenny 2020 and 1st Club St Malo 2020.
IHU20S-059605 BLUE COCK. 18th National, 2nd Fed, 2nd Club St Malo 2023. The blue cock was sitting on ten-day old eggs when sent to the race. He was also privately trained and had three inland races up to 136 miles. He had flown the two channel races in 2021. He was 8th Fed, 2nd Club St Malo in 2022.
IHU21S-008828 RED HEN. 75th National, 8th Fed, 3rd Club St Malo 2023. This hen is a small bird in the hand was sitting on overdue eggs when sent to the race. She was also privately trained and had three inland races up to 136 miles. She had flown the two channel races in 2021. Her mother was 7th Club Bude in 2020.

8th Open & 7th North Sect G Marshall of Cookstown Soc, vel 1589 flying 469 miles winning £43.

Gerald Marshall kept the flag flying for Cookstown after Stephen McFlynn from that area won the NIPA National from St Mao. His yearling Busschaert hen was a Late Bred never raced of trained as a young bird. This season it had all the inland races, then across the water for Talbenny (1) and (2) plus Bude. She was sent to the Friendship Nat flying to eggs, sitting 9 days. The loft sent three yearlings and clocked all three birds on the day.

9th Open & 8th North Sect P O’Connor of Coleraine Premier HPS, vel 1579 flying 495 miles winning £606.

Paul O’Connor had the best bird in Coleraine in the Friendship Nat to follow up his only bird on the day and best in Coleraine Centre in the NIPA St Malo where he finished 2nd Sect A and 8th Open. The two-year-old Dark Cheq Busschaert hen was flying 9 hours and 12 minutes, Paul has a great record across the water, a very consistent racer into Coleraine, and 2023 will be a season to remember.

10th Open & 9th North Sect P Dunlop of Edgarstown, vel 1568 flying 451 miles winning £127.

Paul timed a cheq cock sitting on 10 day eggs his breeding is nothing but the best he’s a half-brother to Paul’s Gold Medal winner also to a 19th Open French Diploma winner plus 44th Open Friendship National 2015. Sire is bred in the Purple he is down off Paul’s Hall of Fame winner (The Big Hen) not only has he sired 10th open St Malo he is also sire to Paul’s (Gold Medal winner) in 2022. Dam is from the late Oliver Jackson (Bondhill), she was 8th open St Malo winning over £2000 In prize money there was only 11 birds on race time her breeding was from Paul’s lofts as Paul and Oliver where close friends for many years. Simmo PO.

INFC Clubs St Malo (France):
Edgarstown HPS - 1st R.G & G Donaldson 1682, 2nd G & C Simmons 1649, 3rd T McClean 1646, 4th T McClean 1603, 5th P Dunlop 1568, 6th P Dunlop 1329, 7th T McClean 1233, 8th P Dunlop 1130, 9th R Bell & Sons 1117, 10th J Robinson 1094, 11th R Bell & Sons 1091, 12th R.G&G Donaldson 1007, 13th T McClean 984, 14th R.G&G Donaldson 979. Firstly, I’d like to say a massive congratulations from myself and from the members of Edgarstown HPS to Roy, Gary and Graham on not only winning the club but winning 1st Open from the Friendship National a dream come true for the Donaldson team. Their winner a mealy cock now named “Billy” was from a Kit of 6 2019 yb’s purchased from A & N Lewis of Doagh & District this partnership are no strangers to timing from France only last week they were 16th Open Kings Cup and finished 3rd in the Single Bird Challenge. Edgarstown HPS had a super race with four members taking 5 places in the Top 10 of the INFC Open result and with 14 birds timed in the club result also outstanding flying from arguably one of the best distance clubs within Northern Ireland. That brings the curtain down on the 2023 old bird season, well done to all the winners/prize winners throughout the season. Over and out Simmo PO.

Bondhill Social – Capper Bros 1679, John Greenaway 1621, Capper Bros 1446, 1270.
Malahide & District – G O’Reilly 1599, G O’Reilly 1521, G O’Reilly 1308.
Cookstown Social G Marshall 1589, 1348.
Coleraine Premier HPS – Paul O’Connor 1579.
Cullybackey HPS – S & N Doherty 1566, C & R McIntyre 1393, M/M Robinson 1234.
Armagh HPS – D C & P McArdle 1548.
Glenavy & District – D Coulter 1538, D Scott 1400.
Newry & District – M Gillan 1536, Ronnie Williamson 1528, 1444, 1395, 1332, 1285, 1162.
Newtownbreda – T Marshall & Son 1534.
Banbridge – Rev T A B Sawyers 1524, MConlon & Sons 1320.
Drumnavaddy Inv HPS – Rev TAB Sawyers 1524, J Mount & Son 1400, 1315, Sam Ogle 1306, J Mount & Son 937. Congratulations to Wesley Sawyers winning the club also Sammy Ogle and especially Jim Mount who sent just three birds and all in the results.
Eastway – D McElhone 1520, 1433.
Dromore HPS – T Mawhinney 1518, 1294.
Gilford & District – Tom Wilson 1511.
Laurelvale – S & N Lester 1509, 1340.
Foyle RPS – D W Lofts 1495.
Harmony HPS – L Oneill & Son 1491, G & J O’Hare 1286,L O’Neill & Son 1281, R & S Malcolmson 1256.
Beechpark Social – D Mawhinney & Son 1482, 1442.
Ballyclare & District – A Thompson 1482, 1462, A Gault 1405, A Thompson 1368, 1340, 1327, R Duddy 1248, 1248.
Skerries – Hand & Kallmeyer 1475, 1346, N & C Shiels 1316.
Kells & District HPS H Turkington 1474.
Annsborough - James Cleland 1462, 1409, Gallagher Bros 1167.
Lurgan Social – John Barr 1443.
Crossgar HPS – Adair & McCombs 1433, McCartan & Woodsides 1415,1302, Adair & McCombs 1243.
Derriaghy – D M & K Johnston 1424, 1197.
Ballymoney HPS – D Dixon 1423.
Millvale – Mal Maguire & Son 1420, Mark Maguire & Son 1392, Donnelly Bros 1381, Mal Maguire & Son 1329, T Mooney & Son 1299, Donnelly Bros 1290, 1252, 1162, 1160.
Hillsborough & Maze J & D Coburn & Sons 1418.
Corrigs – W B Shaw 1414, C McManus 1179, Robert Shaw 1166.
Doagh & District HPS – B & M Gilmore 1399.
Castlebellingham – Nigel Gordon 1397, McKeown & McEvoy 1389.
Harryville HPS – J Rock 1358, 1227.
Comber Social – R Johnston 1351.
Ballyholland – C O’Hare & Son 1350, A McAteer & Sons 1185.
Downpatrick Premier – S Milligan & Daughter 1347, 1200.
Dromara – C Rooney & Sons 1346.
Muckamore HPS – Noel Lusty 1310.
Killyleagh Central – R Straney 1282.
Lisburn & District – S & W English 1218.
Broughshane & District – D Houston & Son 1204.
Carrick Social – Jeff McMaw 1192.
Colin HPS – P & K Braniff 1184.
Balbriggan IRPC - St Malo INFC friendship National flown on 7th July 2023. 238 national members sent 1058 birds to St Malo, the winning bird and only club bird home in race time was that of Mr & Mrs Ken Guildea. Kens bird is a 5 year old blue white flight hen, she was sent to this race sitting on 10 old eggs, she was timed in on race day 2 at 10:05 am after flying over 394 miles. This hen has flown the channel many times and scoring from Talbenny 3 times, her sire & dam were gifted to Ken from Tommy Nelson from his Sootjen lines. Well done Ken, always great to score from a French race. Tony Corcoran PO.
This year in my race report I amalgamated the usual Fed, Combine and Club results giving extensive coverage to the whole country, its essential I have details from all lofts placed in the Top 10, ASAP after the race is flown. My contact details are in the Race Entry booklet and at the tail of this report, many thanks to all those who assisted in putting this report together, their help is invaluable.

Homer - Willie Reynolds INFC Press Officer
Tel/Fax: (028) 256 44683
Mobile: 07538 238364
Twitter: willie reynolds@homerbhw

Tommy Nelson from his Sootjen lines. Well done Ken, always great to score from a French race. Tony Corcoran PO.

Photo Captions Friendship Nat race report
Congratulations Roy and Gary Donaldson 1st Open Irish National Flying Club St Malo Friendship National. Flying 450 miles.
“Billy” winner of 1st Open INFC Friendship National from St Malo for R G & G Donaldson.
W R Capper from Bonhill Social, 2nd Open in the Kings Cup 2021 and now 2nd Open in the Friendship National 2023, knocking on the door.
The Simmons team from Edgarstown, 3rd North Sect & 3rd Open INFC St Malo Friendship Nat.
Tom McClean from Edgarstown holding his 4th & 6th Open in the Friendship Nat, probable best 2 Bird Average.
John Greenaway from Bondhill Social, 5th North Sect & 5th Open Friendship National.
Gerry O’Reilly & Son from Malahide & District, 1st & 2nd South Sect St Malo and 7th Open INFC.
Gerald Marshall of Cookstown Soc holding his winner of 8th Open & 7th North Sect flying 469 miles.
Winner of 9th Open & 8th North Sect for Paul O’Connor of Coleraine Premier HPS, flying 495 miles.
Paul Dunlop from Edgarstown holding his Friendship Nat bird, 9th North Sect & 10th Open INFC.
Mr & Mrs Ken Guildea had the only bird in Balbriggan.

MAC Photo Captions
Stephen and Natalie Doherty with their 1st MA Combine & 11th Open INFC Friendship National cock.
Henry Turkington of Kells 29th Open INFC Friendship National.
Jimmy Rock and son in law Darrel with Friendship National Birds 58th & 92nd Open National.
Chris McIntyre with son Robin and their Merit Award winner from St Malo.
INFC Merit Award Winner - 64th Open St Malo Friendship National 2022, 52nd Open St Malo Friendship National 2023 for C & R McIntyre of Cullybackey.
“Mal’s Dream” the 2023 INFC Kings Cup winner for Mark Maguire & Son from Newry.
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