1st Roscrea YB - Friday 11th August 2023

New NIPA Press Officer – I would like to inform everyone that I have been newly elected as Press Officer for the NIPA and will be covering Sections C, D, F and G in the NIPA in this forthcoming season 2024. I kindly ask for all the Club Secretaries or race Secretaries within these sections to get in contact with me highlighting their club and contact details for the future publication of results, loft reports and any other information for publication. I would loke to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best of luck and good health in 2024. I am very privileged to be taking on this esteemed role and I can’t wait to get up and running. Jordan Hughes. "Journey’s End” NIPA Press Officer. Mobile: 07713 808554, E-mail: jordanhughespro.gmail.com
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1st Roscrea YB - Friday 11th August 2023

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Up next on the N.I.P.A. Race Programme was a trip further down the country to Roscrea in County Tipperary. The weather hasn’t been the best to us this past while and it therefore meant another Thursday Race marking night as weather for the weekend wasn’t favourable for the youngbirds with high winds and frequent showers forecasted. A Total of 533 members of the Mighty N.I.P.A. sent 17,805 Birds to Roscrea for the fourth race of the 2023 Youngbird programme. The Birds were liberated in Roscrea Liberation site at 8:00 AM on Friday morning the 11th of August in clear skies and with a Light Southerly Wind.

The Winning Bird from the fourth youngbird race of the season belongs to N. Weir of Loughall H.P.S in Section E.
Many Congratulations to Nelson Weir on claiming 1st Open N.I.P.A. from Roscrea from 17,805 Birds. 2nd & 3rd Open was G&S Smith of Cookstown Social in Section A. Congratulations to all after clocking great velocities.

The Winner of Section C (87/2,584) from Roscrea was Rea & Magill of Larne & District H.P.S. Rab Finishes 1st Club (462 Birds) 1st Section C (2,584 Birds) and 40th Open (17,805 Birds) The Section C Winner was a Red Cock showing to a hen, he is from the cream of Michael Atcheson’s Red Family. His Sire is from ‘Champion Gregor’ and the Dam is a half sister to ‘Gregor’ from the ‘Unrung Cock’ Many Congratulations to Section C Winners Rea & Magill and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners

Ballycarry & District: (5/124) 1st E. Arthurs 2032; 2nd E. Arthurs 984; 3rd E. Arthurs 1947; 4th E. Arthurs 1939; 5th N J Arthurs 1938; 6th N J Arthurs 1938
Ballyclare & District: (7/203) 1st A&T Agnew 2024; 2nd A&T Agnew 2023; 3rd Higginson & Fasciola 2012; 4th A&T Agnew 1996; 5th A&T Agnew 1996; 6th A&T Agnew 1985
Carrick Social: (8/268) 1st D&J Armstrong & Son 2026; 2nd Mr & Mrs Reid & Son 2012; 3rd Mr & Mrs Robinson 1992; 4th Mr & Mrs Robinson 1992; 5th Mr & Mrs Robinson 1987; 6th Mr & Mrs Robinson 1985
Doagh & District: (5/200) 1st Wilson & McCullough 2008; 2nd D&S Suitters & Sons 2007; 3rd A&N Lewis 1992; 4th J&R Scott 1990; 5th A&N Lewis 1989; 6th J&L McClean 1979
Eastway H.P.S: (9/404) 1st G. McKenna 2017; 2nd R. Francey & Son 2009; 3rd D. McElhone 2003; 4th D. McElhone 1998; 5th D&J Campbell 1997; 6th D&J Campbell 1996
Glenarm & District: (2/36) 1st G. McWhirter 1910; 2nd G. McWhirter 1831; 3rd G. McWhirter 1816; 4th O. O’Neill & Son 1796; 5th O. O’Neill & Son 1795; 6th O. O’Neill & Son 1771
Horseshoe H.P.S: (5/102) 1st J. Hastings 2003; 2nd K&D Hagans 1965; 3rd K&D Hagans 1959; 4th K&D Hagans 1953; 5th J. Hastings 1950; 6th J. Hastings 1947
Kingsmoss: (5/156) 1st J. Dawson & Son 1992; 2nd J&S Graham 1958; 3rd J. Dawson & Son 1946; 4th J&S Graham 1942; 5th J&S Graham 1942; 6th Knowles & Hill 1936
Larne & District: (17/462) 1st Rea & Magill 2036; 2nd R&M Robinson 2028; 3rd Crawford & Robinson 2007; 4th Crawford & Robinson 2006; 5th Rea & Magill 2003; 6th Rea & Magill 2002
Ligoniel & District: (17/409) 1st Bingham & Seaton 2026; 2nd Bingham & Seaton 2024; 3rd Bingham & Seaton 2022; 4th E. McAuley & Partners 2017; 5th C. McManus 2015; 6th T. Longman 2012

The Winner of Section D (64/2,181) from Roscrea was P&J Boal of Dromore H.P.S. Philip Finishes 1st Club (237 Birds) 1st Section D (2,181 Birds) and 33rd Open N.I.P.A. (17,805 Birds) The Section D Winning Bird GB 23 D 01318 is a Cheq White Flight Hen. She is a natural young bird, being raced to mixed sexes in her loft. Her Sire is a Direct Rudy Van Reeth and her Dam is a Direct Kris Van Massenhoven, she is from his famous ‘Box 2 Pair’. Many Congratulations to Section D Winners P&J Boal and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners

Colin H.P.S: (6/282) 1st O&M Monaghan 2028; 2nd O&M Monaghan 2028; 3rd Johnston Bros 2025; 4th Johnston Bros 1993; 5th J. Gregory & Sons 1992; 6th Johnston Bros 1985
Derriaghy: (5/112) 1st D M & K Johnston 1943; 2nd D M & K Johnston 1934; 3rd D M & K Johnston 1919; 4th K. Johnston 1833; 5th K. Johnston 1823; 6th R. Benson 1788
Dromara H.P.S: (4/85) 1st Russell Bros 1960; 2nd Russell Bros 1896; 3rd Russell Bros 1852; 4th Russell Bros 1852; 5th Russell Bros 1851; 6th N. Black & Son 1831
Dromore West End: D/S
Dromore H.P.S: (6/237) 1st P&J Boal 2041; 2nd P&J Boal 2017; 3rd P&J Boal 2016; 4th H. McAvoy 1991; 5th H. McAvoy 1988; 6th P&J Boal 1974
Glen H.P.S: (6/205) 1st J&D Braniff 2016; 2nd J&D Braniff 1989; 3rd J&D Braniff 1986; 4th J&D Braniff 1973; 5th J&D Braniff 1972; 6th M. McManus 1952
Glenavy & District: (3/106) 1st I. Gibb & Sons 2019; 2nd I. Gibb & Sons 2005; 3rd I. Gibb & Sons 1996; 4th G&S Owens 1986; 5th I. Gibb & Sons 1979; 6th I. Gibb & Sons 1975
Harmony H.P.S: (10/337) 1st Abernethy & Turner 1984; 2nd B. Hogg & Sons 1982; 3rd S. Casement & Son 1982; 4th B. Hogg & Sons 1981; 5th B. Hogg & Sons 1979; 6th B. Hogg & Sons 1967
Hillsborough & Maze: (10/417) 1st I. Rollins & Son 2023; 2nd J. Greenaway 2004; 3rd J&J Taggart 1994; 4th J. Greenaway 1991; 5th G. Marsden 1984; 6th G. Marsden 1984
Kingswood H.P.S: D/S
Lisburn & District: (13/389) 1st G. Smyth 2028; 2nd G. Smyth 2013; 3rd G. Smyth 2011; 4th W. Joss 1996; 5th H. Mackin & Son 1995; 6th D. Ferguson 1980
South Belfast H.P.S: (4/77) 1st T. McNally 925; 2nd T. McNally 1910; 3rd T. McNally 1863; 4th T. McNally 1834; 5th Lavery Lavery & Nesbett 1825; 6th Lavery Lavery & Nesbett 1783
Titanic H.P.S: D/S
Trinity H.P.S: (7/258) 1st P&K McCarthy 2023; 2nd P&K McCarthy 2008; 3rd P&K McCarthy 2007; 4th P&K McCarthy 2004; 5th P&K McCarthy 1992; 6th P&K McCarthy 1991

The Winner of Section F (62/1,818) from Roscrea was R. Moore & Son of Bangor R.P.C. The father & son partnership consisting of Reggie & son David Finish 1st Club (217 Birds) 1st Section F (1,818 Birds) The Section F Winning Bird is a Blue Cock. His Dam is their EDC Talbenny YB Derby winner (she is from a son of their No1 breeder the ‘Cuesters Cock’ when paired to the ‘Kittel Hen’ (her dam is a Stefan Lambrechts hen) the Section Winners Sire is a Stefan Lambrechts from John Kirk, Warrington this pigeon has previously bred EDC Section winner he is from 2 direct Stefan Lambrechts. his sire is a full brother to ”The Raven” and his dam is a grand Dtr of ‘Blauw Gert’ & ‘Van Leuven hen’. Their second pigeon winning 7th section is a blue hen whose sire is also from the ‘Ceusters Cock’ & ‘Kittel hen’, her dam is a Van den Bulck/Ceusters. Our third pigeon winning 8th section is again from another son of the ‘Cuesters Cock’ when paired to a full sister of the dam of the Talbenny YB derby winner. The fourth pigeon winning 9th Section is from the ‘Toon Pair’, ‘Bruno G’ & ‘Sansa’, from Kev Parsons Van den Bulck family. The fifth pigeon winning 10th Section is a full sister to our Skibbereen Classic winner and again its sire is another son of the ‘Cuesters Cock’ & ‘Kittel hen’ with its dam being ‘Angel of the North’, from Kev Parsons. The sixth pigeon winning 11th section again is from a Dtr of the ‘Cuesters Cock’ and a direct Stefan Lambrechts Cock. Our seventh pigeon winning 12th section is a direct Dtr of the ‘Kittel Hen’ when paired to the awesome breeder the ‘Danny Cock’. Out of the seven pigeons clocked it is quite remarkable how closely they are all related. all of the partnerships youngbirds are racing natural this year. Many Congratulations to Section F Winners R. Moore & Son and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners

Ards: D/S
Annalong: D/S
Bangor R.P.C: (7/217) 1st R. Moore & Son 1952; 2nd D. Shaw 1938; 3rd Lambert & Stewart 1938; 4th R. Moore & Son 1928; 5th R. Moore & Son 1928; 6th R. Moore & Son 1927
Cloughey H.P.S: (8/307) 1st C. Angus 1860; 2nd C. Angus 1859; 3rd C. Angus 1845; 4th C&H Cully 1841; 5th C&H Cully 1841; 6th C. Angus 1826
Comber Central H.P.S: (4/74) 1st C. Hutchinson 1851; 2nd D. McQuade 1821; 3rd C. Hutchinson 1819; 4th C. Hutchinson 1818; 5th C. Hutchinson 1818; 6th G. Marshall 1794
Corrigs: D/S
Crossgar: (8/296) 1st Adair & McCombs 1896; 2nd S. McLoughlin 1887; 3rd Adair & McCombs 1865; 4th Adair & McCombs 1840; 5th S. McLoughlin 1837; 6th C. McManus & Dtr 1826
Downpatrick Premier: (4/111) 1st T. Burns 841; 2nd Mrs E. Wynn & Dtr 1827; 3rd Telford Bros 1804; 4th Mrs E. Wynn & Dtr 1792; 5th T. Burns 1791; 6th T. Burns 1790
Killyleagh Central: (6/152) Gordon Bros & Sons 1934; 2nd Gordon Bros & Sons 1933; 3rd Gordon Bros & Sons 1933; 4th C. Healy 1858; 5th Gordon Bros & Sons 1850; 6th Gordon Bros & Sons 1850
Killyleagh & District: (7/186) 1st D. Grieves 1893; 2nd D. Grieves 1890; 3rd K. Murray 1880; 4th D. Grieves 1873; 5th J. Morisson 1852; 6th Morrisson Bros 1850
Kircubbin: D/S
Millisle & District H.P.S: (6/130) 1st Duffy & Murphy 1845; 2nd Duffy & Murphy 1840; 3rd R. Strain & Son 1833; 4th Duffy & Murphy 1829; 5th R. Strain & Son 1806; 6th J&J Hollinger 1790
Newtownards H.P.S: (6/145) 1st H&S Muckle 1881; 2nd H&S Muckle 1879; 3rd H&S Muckle 1877; 4th H&S Muckle 1876; 5th J. Orr 1871; 6th J. Orr 1868

The Winner of Section G (43/1,896) from Roscrea was R. Carson & Son of Banbridge H.P.S. Diamond finishes 1st Club (236 Birds) 1st Section G (1,896 Birds) 99th Open N.I.P.A. (17,805 Birds). The Section G Winner is a Blue white flight hen GB 23 D 20523 and is from Dirk Van Den Bulck bloodlines bred ny Niall Devlin of Banbridge. The nest mate of this hen was 6th club 1st Kilbeggan, 1st Club 17th Section G from the 2nd Kilbeggan. The Sire is ‘Nine Zero One’ from F.B.I Kittel lines and the dam is a hen bred by Brian Keegan. Many Congratulations to Diamond Carson and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners.

Ashfield: D/S
Ballyholland: (7/468) 1st Owen Markey 1981; 2nd Owen Markey 1978; 3rd Owen Markey 1941; 4th Owen Markey 1939; 5th Owen Markey 1915; 6th G. Murphy 1911
Banbridge H.P.S: (8/236) 1st R. Carson & Son 2015; 2nd McCracken Bros 1987; 3rd McCracken Bros 1960; 4th F. Simpson 1950; 5th R. Carson & Son 1935; 6th R. Carson & Son 1935
Banbridge Social: D/S
Drumnavady: (12/380) 1st C&Q Quinn 2010; 2nd J. Brush 2010; 3rd D&K Mallen 2002; 4th S. Ogle 1992; 5th J. Brush 1987; 6th J. Smyth & Sons 1982
Millvale: (4/184) 1st T. Mooney & Son 1965; 2nd N. Murtagh 1951; 3rd N. Murtagh 1927; 4th JJ McCabe 1919; 5th JJ McCabe 1918; 6th JJ McCabe 1908
Newry City: (6/287) 1st C. Duke & Son 1974; 2nd Donnelly Bros 1969; 3rd Donnelly Bros 1967; 4th Thompson & Lunn 1967; 5th Donnelly Bros 1965; 6th Donnelly Bros 1962
Newry & District: (7/376) 1st R. Williamson 1932; 2nd R. Williamson 1921; 3rd R. Williamson 1886; 4th R. Williamson 1844; 5th R. Williamson 1843; 6th R. Williamson 1839

Another great call from our team that works hard behind the scenes from Jim Ramsey our Race Controller & Paddy McNiece our Conveyor. Getting great consideration into the weather and wellbeing of the youngbirds and not to forget getting great racing all year round thanks to the men who work hard to make it happen. I would like to kindly ask for all club representatives/race secretaries within the covered sections to contact myself to be included in my weekly Reports, With Club , Section & Open Winning Photos, With the Winning Pigeons Info.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my N.I.P.A Journey’s End Report

Yours in Sport , Jordan Hughes

Mobile: 07713808554
Email: jordanhughespro.gmail.com
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