2nd Roscrea YB - Sunday 20/08/23

New NIPA Press Officer – I would like to inform everyone that I have been newly elected as Press Officer for the NIPA and will be covering Sections C, D, F and G in the NIPA in this forthcoming season 2024. I kindly ask for all the Club Secretaries or race Secretaries within these sections to get in contact with me highlighting their club and contact details for the future publication of results, loft reports and any other information for publication. I would loke to take this opportunity to wish everyone the best of luck and good health in 2024. I am very privileged to be taking on this esteemed role and I can’t wait to get up and running. Jordan Hughes. "Journey’s End” NIPA Press Officer. Mobile: 07713 808554, E-mail: jordanhughespro.gmail.com
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2nd Roscrea YB - Sunday 20/08/23

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The N.I.P.A. where scheduled to be in Gowran Park, after a meeting between the AIR Corp Bal Donnell, Dublin Airport Authorities and Southern Officials from our sport of Pigeon Racing dealing with the issues of the area around Dublin Airport. It came to the same conclusion as the old bird race scheduled that the race point would be moved to Roscrea in County Tipperary further inland away from the safe zone area of the Airport. Our Team in the N.I.P.A have worked very hard on this matter and put the safety of everyone’s birds first as always and a great job they do to make that point. A Total of 533 members of the Mighty N.I.P.A. sent 16,981 Birds to 2nd Roscrea. The Birds were liberated in Roscrea Liberation site at 8:15 AM on Sunday morning the 20th of August in great conditions with a Southerly Wind.

The Winning Bird from the fifth youngbird race of the season belongs to N. Weir of Loughall H.P.S in Section E for the second week in a row.
Many Congratulations to Nelson Weir on claiming 1st & 2nd Open N.I.P.A. from 2ndRoscrea from 16,981 Birds. 3rd Open was T. Patterson & Son of Muckamore in Section B. Congratulations to all after clocking rapid velocities.

The Winner of Section C (94/2,699) from 2nd Roscrea was T. McNally of South Belfast H.P.S. Tom Finishes 1st,2nd,3rd Club (78 Birds) 1st,2nd, 3rd Section C (2,699 Birds) and 6th,13th & 14th Open (16,981 Birds) Tucker has had a terrific youngbird Season thus far winning the first 5 races in the club and takes the top 3 in the Section. The Section C Winner has been newly named as ‘Avenue Lad’ His parents were bred by Clive Lister of York. Second Section Winners Sire is a Luc Van Mechlin Cock who was 2nd Skibbereen OB Derby (Ulster Fed) in 2015, The Dam is a Gus Jansen who had 5 wins in her racing career & her parents also came from Clive Lister of York. Third Section Winning bird is from a pair of eggs from Ciaran McVeigh of Trinity HPS & its nestmate won 1st Club 5thSection also this year they are both from direct Luc Vervoort’s. Many Congratulations to Section C Winner Tom McNally and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners
Ballycarry & District: (9/231) 1st N J Arthurs 2026; 2nd E. Arthurs 2005; 3rd S. Beattie & Dtr 1983; 4th E. Arthurs 1980; 5th S. Beattie & Dtr 1970; 6th S. Beattie & Dtr 1968
Ballyclare & District: (8/230) 1st J&R Blair 2044; 2nd Higginson & Fasciola 2026; 3rd Higginson & Fasciola 2011; 4th A&T Agnew 2004; 5th A&T Agnew 2004; 6th A&T Agnew 2004
Carrick Social: (7/248) 1st W R McClean 2040; 2nd Mr & Mrs Robinson 2034; 3rd Mr & Mrs Robinson 2034; 4th Mr & Mrs Robinson 2033; 5thMr & Mrs Robinson 2031; 6th Mr & Mrs Robinson 2031
Doagh & District: (10/327) 1st D&S Suitters & Sons 2088; 2nd A&N Lewis 2054; 3rd J&L McClean 2034; 4th A&N Lewis 2030; 5th D&S Suitters & Sons 2024; 6th D&S Suitters & Sons 2017
Eastway H.P.S: (11/443) 1st G. McKenna 2042; 2nd G. McKenna 2041; 3rd G. McKenna 2041; 4th G. McKenna 2041; 5th G. McKenna 2040; 6thJ. Burrows 2026
Glenarm & District: (2/34) 1st G. McWhirter 1937; 2nd G. McWhirter 1905; 3rdG. McWhirter 1878; 4th O. O’Neill & Son 1875; 5th O. O’Neill & Son 1752; 6th O. O’Neill & Son 1751
Horseshoe H.P.S: (4/99) 1st K&D Hagans 2030; 2nd J. Hastings 1994; 3rd J. Hastings 1993; 4th K&D Hagans 1987; 5th J. Hastings 1960; 6thK&D Hagans 1956
Kingsmoss: (7/169) 1st J. Dawson & Son 2048; 2nd J&S Graham 2038; 3rd T. Cairns & Son 979; 4th J. Dawson & Son 1961; 5th J&S Graham 1955; 6th Knowles & Hill 1947
Larne & District: (15/367) 1st Crawford & Robinson 2080; 2nd Crawford & Robinson 2050; 3rdCrawford & Robinson 2044; 4th Rea & Magill 2028; 5thR&M Robinson 2027; 6th Crawford & Robinson 2013
Ligoniel & District: (15/344) 1st C. McManus 2063; 2nd Bingham & Seaton 2056; 3rd Bingham & Seaton 2044; 4th T. Longman 2028; 5th Bingham & Seaton 2025; 6th G. McCann 2022

The Winner of Section D (62/2,031) from 2nd Roscrea was J. Greenaway of Hillsborough & Maze H.P.S. Jeff Finishes 1st Club (387 Birds) 1stSection D (2,031 Birds) and 9th Open N.I.P.A. (16,981 Birds) The Section D Winning Bird is direct from Jeffs super breeding Lambrecht Hen which is now responsible for 6 x 1st Section Winners. This Cock has also won a 1st & 2nd Prize so far this youngbird Season. Many Congratulations to Section D Winner Jeff Greenaway and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners
Colin H.P.S: (6/254) 1st O&M Monaghan 2058; 2nd O&M Monaghan 2057; 3rd O&M Monaghan 2035; 4th Johnston Bros 2030; 5thO&M Monaghan 2030; 6th Johnston Bros 2027
Derriaghy: D/S
Dromara H.P.S: (7/230) 1st Russell Bros 1949; 2nd Russell Bros 1949; 3rdD. Aiken 1919; 4th M. Russell 1902; 5th M. Russell 1899; 6thM. Russell 1894
Dromore West End: D/S
Dromore H.P.S: (7/246) 1st Georgie Gore 2051; 2nd Georgie Gore 2045; 3rdJ&P McCrory & Sons 2032; 4th Aiken Bros 2006; 5thAiken Bros 1985; 6th T. Mawhinney 1976
Glen H.P.S: (9/330) 1st C. Rea 2045; 2nd J&D Braniff 2037; 3rd B&K Mullan & Dunlop 2033; 4th C. Rea 2029; 5th J. Ward & Son 2025; 6thJ&D Braniff 2015
Glenavy & District: (4/141) 1st I. Gibb & Sons 2057; 2nd I. Gibb & Sons 1980; 3rd I. Gibb & Sons 1969; 4th I. Gibb & Sons 1966; 5th I. Gibb & Sons 1953; 6th H. McKeown 1948
Harmony H.P.S: (9/240) 1st McClurkin Bros 2001; 2nd J&V Abernethy 1985; 3rd S. Casement & Son 1967; 4th S. Casement & Son 1963; 5th Abernethy & Turner 1954; 6th S. Casement & Son 1952
Hillsborough & Maze: (8/387) 1st J. Greenaway 2110; 2nd G. Marsden 2074; 3rdLyons & Kennedy 2037; 4th J. Greenaway 2034; 5th J&J Taggart 2011; 6th J. Greenaway 2011
Kingswood H.P.S: D/S
Lisburn & District: (13/363) 1st G. Smyth 2026; 2nd R. Topping & Son 2025; 3rd Smyth & Adams 2017; 4th R. Topping & Son 2014; 5th R. Topping & Son 2014; 6th R. Topping & Son 2013
South Belfast H.P.S: (3/78) 1st T. McNally 2120; 2nd T. McNally 2094; 3rd T. McNally 2092; 4thB. Hutchinson 2034; 5th B. Hutchinson 2026; 6th B. Hutchinson 2024
Titanic H.P.S: D/S
Trinity H.P.S: (7/231) 1st P&K McCarthy 2080; 2nd P&K McCarthy 2052; 3rd P&K McCarthy 2042; 4th P&K McCarthy 2033; 5th P&K McCarthy 2031; 6th P&K McCarthy 2021

The Winner of Section F (58/1,429) from 2nd Roscrea was Lambert & Stewart of Bangor R.P.C. The lads Finish 1st Club (270 Birds) 1stSection F (1,429 Birds) and 256th Open N.I.P.A. (16,981) The Section F Winning Bird IHU 23 N 10325. This cock is one of the duos A Team consisting of 19 Cocks and 12 Hens all raced on the roundabout system. He has just recently taken a nest box and will not let any other cock near it a great sign of form. His Sire 05206 was 1st Club Mallow for them. The Dam 05202 was 1stClub, 1st East Section from the Skibbereen OB Derby. The lads would like to thank Herman McAvoy for the great training. Many Congratulations to Section F Winners Lambert & Stewart and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners
Ards: D/S
Annalong: D/S
Bangor R.P.C: (8/270) 1st Lambert & Stewart 2001; 2nd Burgess & Brennan 1985; 3rd Lambert & Stewart 1979; 4th Lambert & Stewart 1978; 5th Lambert & Stewart 1975; 6th Lambert & Stewart 1972
Cloughey H.P.S: (5/86) 1st Gordon Bros & Sons 1860; 2nd Gordon Bros & Sons 1855; 3rd Young & McCormick 1851; 4th Young & McCormick 1839; 5th Young & McCormick 1819; 6thYoung & McCormick 1802
Comber Central H.P.S: (5/86) 1st C. Hutchinson 1918; 2nd C. Hutchinson 1918; 3rd C. Hutchinson 1915; 4th C. Hutchinson 1914; 5th C. Hutchinson 1875; 6th W&L Robinson 1866
Corrigs: (8/185) 1st R. Shaw 1837; 2nd R. Shaw 1831; 3rd Toner Bros 1790; 4thP. Brown & Son 1788; 5th Toner Bros 1788; 6th P. Brown & Son 1787
Crossgar: (6/200) 1st Adair & McCombs 1892; 2nd P. Murray 1850; 3rd S. McLoughlin 1839; 4th Adair & McCombs 1812; 5thAdair & McCombs 1811; 6th C. McManus & Dtr 1795
Downpatrick Premier: (3/64) 1st T. Burns 1893; 2nd T. Burns 1802; 3rdT. Burns 1766; 4th T. Burns 1762; 5th T. Burns 1760; 6thT. Burns 1713
Killyleagh Central: (5/150) Gordon Bros & Sons 1855; 2nd Gordon Bros & Sons 1855; 3rd C. Healy 1827; 4th C. Healy 1822; 5th J&P Price 1799; 6thGordon Bros & Sons 1795
Killyleagh & District: (6/150) 1st D. Grieves 1864; 2nd D. Grieves 1859; 3rdD. Grieves 1859; 4th J&R Quinn 1855; 5th D. Grieves 1855; 6th D. Grieves 1854
Kircubbin: D/S
Millisle & District H.P.S: (8/180) 1st Rainey Bros 1984; 2nd Duffy & Murphy 1959; 3rd Duffy & Murphy 1907; 4th J&J Hollinger 1898; 5th Rainey Bros 1872; 6th J&J Hollinger 1870
Newtownards H.P.S: (6/126) 1st W. Leckey 1984; 2nd A. Marshall 1982; 3rdW. Leckey 1967; 4th W. Leckey 1939; 5th A. Marshall 1930; 6th A. Marshall 1930
The Winner of Section G (44/1,873) from 2nd Roscrea was Lyons & Kennedy of Hillsborough & Maze H.P.S. The Duo consisting of Roy & Carson finishes 3rd Club (387 Birds) 1st Section G (1,873 Birds) 83rd Open N.I.P.A. (16,981 Birds) NO INFO GIVEN. Many Congratulations to Lyons & Kennedy and Big Congratulations to all Club Winners.
Ashfield: D/S
Ballyholland: (7/483) 1st G. Murphy 1927; 2nd C. O’Hare & Dtr 1899; 3rd M. Peters 1857; 4th M. Peters 1830; 5th P. Murtagh 1816; 6th J. Murtagh 1796
Banbridge H.P.S: (7/195) 1st McCracken Bros 2021; 2nd E. McAlinden 2014; 3rd F. Simpson 2001; 4thR. Carson & Son 1998; 5th R. Carson & Son 1987; 6th McCracken Bros 1986
Banbridge Social: D/S
Drumnavady: (14/435) 1st S. Ogle 2032; 2nd C&G Quinn 2019; 3rd C&G Quinn 2016; 4th G&S McMullan 2015; 5th J. Smyth & Sons 2013; 6thJ. Brush 2010
Millvale: (3/95) 1st N. Murtagh 2014; 2nd N. Murtagh 1979; 3rdT. Mooney & Son 1939; 4th T. Mooney & Son 1938; 5thJJ McCabe 1936; 6th JJ McCabe 1925
Newry City: (5/211) 1st Thompson & Lunn 2050; 2nd Donnelly Bros 1988; 3rd Donnelly Bros 1983; 4th C. McArdle & Sons 1964; 5thThompson & Lunn 1959; 6th Thompson & Lunn 1958
Newry & District: (8/438) 1st W. Chambers 1915; 2nd Mark Maguire & Son 1905; 3rd JF. McCabe & Son 1859; 4th R. Williamson 1856; 5th R. Williamson 1855; 6th JF. McCabe & Son 1800

Doagh & District Best of the Best Pigeon MOOT
Ladies & Gentlemen, a warm welcome is extended to all on behalf of Doagh & District HPS for the ‘Best of the Best’ Pigeon MOOT. Save the date for Friday 27th October in McConnell’s of Doagh with doors open from 7pm and kicking off at 8pm. Entry Fee is £10.00 which includes Supper. Everyone is welcome to come and pick up a few tips and tricks from the best fanciers around along with a great night’s craic to be had. A Fantastic Panel of superb fanciers specialising from Sprint right through to Distance Races. Mr. David Black of N. Black & Sons (Dromara HPS) who have a fantastic record from the Distance over the years. This year they timed ‘The Magnificent 7’ from the INFC Kings Cup, Mr. Gary Simmons of G&C Simmons (Edgarstown HPS) multiple top performances this year including 3rd Open INFC Friendship National & 6th Open Skibbereen OB National. Mr. David Braniff of J&D Braniff (Glen HPS) top performers year in year out from the first race right to the last. This Season winning 3x Section C from both land and Channel while also finishing 21st Open in this year’s Kings Cup. You can’t beat that for a panel full of top results also a small auction of birds/cards will also take place afterwards from superb fanciers.
That wraps up another successful week of racing after a lot of behind the scenes work thanks to the men who work hard to make it happen. I would like to kindly ask for all club representatives/race secretaries within the covered sections to contact myself to be included in my weekly Reports, With Club , Section & Open Winning Photos, With the Winning Pigeons Info.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my N.I.P.A Journey’s End Report
Yours in Sport , Jordan Hughes

Mobile: 07713808554
Email: jordanhughespro.gmail.com
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