Conclusion of 2023 show Season -

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Conclusion of 2023 show Season -

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The December period is well known for the Show Scene, with great comradery and craic to be had
coming into the festive period getting fanciers out and about showing birds near and far during the
off season.


Congratulations to the Winners of Kingsmoss H.P.S. Old bird Show and many thanks to the judges
Gary Mckenna, Billy Whiteside, Alan Francey & Rodney Rodders Irvine. Thanks very much to all who
attended, a great day was had by all over the results of the three classes. 
Tom Cairns

Show Result

Old Hens
1st Knowles & Hill
2nd W. Gault & Son
3rd G&C Lowry
4th R. McKeown
Res Knowles & Hill
VHC R&C Johnston 
HC. G&C Lowry
Com W. Gault & Son
Old Cocks
1st R. McKeown
2nd G&C Lowry
3rd R. McKeown
4th W. Gault & Son
Res G&C Lowry
VHC J. Dawson & Son
HC R. McKeown
Com G&C Lowry
1st G&C Lowry
2nd Knowles & Hill
3rd G&C Lowry
4th R. McKeown
Res R. McKeown
VHC G&C Lowry

HC T. Cairns & Sons
Com W. Gault & Son
Best in Show - R. McKeown 
Best Opposite Sex - G&C Lowry 
Points trophy goes to R. McKeown for most points over the two shows.
Also, Some photos of Kingsmoss HPS prize winners highest prize winner was J. Dawson & Son
Runner up was J&S Graham. Well done to all and big thanks to Gary Mckenna for handing out the


I had the privilege to be invited to judge the Balbriggan R.P.C. Christmas Charity Show in the
Balbriggan Club Rooms along with my dad Gary Hughes, Jim Ramsey & Roland Irwin who made the
trip down all the way from Derry City.
The Show was packed with 400 Birds with 6 Different Classes in Show & a super Select Auction of
Birds afterwards.

Show Result

Best in Show - T. Harford & Son 
Best Opposite Sex in Show - E&J Campbell 
Old Hens Handling
1 st T. Harford & Son 
2 nd T. Harford & Son
Old Cock Cocks Handling
1 st E&J Campbell
Young Hens Handling
1 st Mr & Mrs J. McMahon 
2 nd D. White
3 rd Mooney & Dunne
Young Cock Handling
1 st A. Byrne 
2 nd T. Harford & Son
3 rd H & McNally
1 st Mr & Mrs J. McMahon 
2 nd T. Harford & Son
1 st D. White
2 nd T. Harford
3 rd A. Byrne
4 th C. Reid

5 th E&J Campbell
Big Thank you to the members of Balbriggan for the great hospitality and a great day out with
tremendous quality of birds on show
Congratulations to all the members and participants in Balbriggan R.P.C. and the very best of luck in


The Doagh Centre End of Year Show was a great success with 6 different Classes. Thanks to all who
attended and Congratulations to the Winners and many thanks to the judges Jim Robinson, Roy
Donaldson, Gary Donaldson, David Harvey & Colin Campbell. The Best In Show and Best Opposite
Sex prizes where kindly sponsored by Beattie’s Bird & Pet Foods. Also a big thank you also to Robert
& June Kirkwood , William McClelland, TC Pigeon Products, Robert Wilson &Robert Turkington for
their generous sponsorships towards the show.
Robert Turkington
Best in Show – Mr & Mrs B. McNeilly
Best Opposite Sex in Show – Fred Simpson
Old Birds Handling
1 st F. Simpson 
2 nd Mr & Mrs McNeilly
3 rd A&N Lewis
4 th A&N Lewis
RES A&N Lewis
VHC D&J Campbell
HC T. Cairns & Son
C Fred Simpson
Old Birds TTW
1 st A&N Lewis
2 nd A&N Lewis
3 rd J. Stewart & Son
4 th W. Moore & Son
RES A&N Lewis
VHC G&R Lawrie
HC R&C McKeown
C Mr & Mrs McNeilly
Old Birds Eyesign
1 st Mr & Mrs McNeilly
2 nd R&C Johnston
3 rd F. Simpson
4 th A&N Lewis
RES Mr & Mrs McNeilly
VHC S. Collins
HC S. Collins
C Mr & Mrs McNeilly
Youngbirds Handling

1 st D&R Turkington
2 nd A&N Lewis
3 rd G&R Lawrie
4 th Mr & Mrs McNeilly
RES Wilson & McCullough
VHC A&N Lewis
HC D&R Turkington
C D&J Campbell
Youngbirds TTW
1 st A&N Lewis
2 nd Mr & Mrs McNeilly
3 rd D&R Turkington
4 th D&R Turkington
RES D&R Turkington
VHC D&R Turkington
HC F. Simpson
C S. Collins
Youngbirds Eyesign
1 st F. Simpson
2 nd D&R Turkington
3 rd S. Collins
4 th D&J Campbell
RES G&R Lawrie
VHC G&R Lawrie
HC F. Simpson
C D&R Turkington


Ligoniel & District H.P.S. Boxing Day Show was held on Saturday the 6 th January and it was a great
turn out. We would like to thank the Ligoniel staff for a great day with food, drink and friendly bar
Thanks to all our judges Barry Telford, Allan Place, Joey Vage, Darren Aiken, Jimmy McSeveney,
Bobby Coyle, Richard McCracken, Eric & Simon Buckley, Geraldine & Chris Larry. Results are 1st -3rd:
Amanda McCullough
Best in Show - McCullough & Campbell
Best Opposite Sex - Calderwood & Waite
Best Weekly Shows - Wilson Bros& Wilson
Old Cocks Handling
1st Calderwood & Waite
2nd Kirk & Dowie
3rd Bingham &Seaton. 
Old Hens Handling
1st Wilson Bros & Wilson

2nd Wilson Bros & Wilson
3rd Calderwood & Waite
Young Cocks Handling
1st C McManus
2nd Wilson Bros and Wilson,
3rd A Taylor & Son
Young Hens Handling
1st McCullough & Campbell
2nd Wilson Bros & Wilson
3rd A Taylor & Son
Old Bird Eyesign
1st F & M Lavery
2nd McAuley Kells Gibson Tosh
3rd F & M Lavery
Youngbird Eyesign
1st Bingham & Seaton
2nd Wilson Bros & Wilson
3rd McMurray & Anderson

Great to see many clubs around the country organise and run such big shows with big numbers and
great sponsors and prizes. I hope you all enjoyed the show season and will be posting writeups in
next edition on some top fanciers.
Yours in Sport , Jordan Hughes N.I.P.A. Press Officer

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