Single Bird Challenge entries 2014 -

It was in 1932 that His Majesty King George V presented a new cup to the Irish National Flying Club to be known as The King George V Challenge Cup and was to be awarded to the winner of the OB Grand National.

The 1932 Grand National race was flown from Les Sables at a distance of some 600 miles and the race was won by R Hawthorn from Ligoniel in North Belfast.This race was flown under IHU rules and it was not until 1948 that the Kings Cup was flown under IHU and RPRA rules.The race in 1948 was won by Sammy Robinson from Belfast.

The Irish National Flying Club have a six race programme for the 2020 season which enables its members to compete in the inland Nationals or over the channel at the very highest level. I hope you will enjoy using the website as it will be a source of information through out the season. Good luck to all members competing in this years Nationals. Ronnie Johnston Patron INFC.

The INFC has 2,100 members across Ireland. The 6 Race Programme includes the famous Kings Cup from France. Friendship Nat is also France, Ylr Nat Sennen Cove, YB Nat Penzance and OB and YB Nat from Skibbereen. Numerous other awards including Gold Medal, Hall of Fame Diploma, Triple Championship, Single Bird Challenge, 3 Bird Championship, Merit Awards etc. Results, Reports, Latest News etc. See Website or
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Single Bird Challenge entries 2014 -

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Single Bird Challenge
Entries 2024.
Wayne & Eddy Ellis, Ballybrack RPC, Blue Hen, IHU 20 S 105757, “Wayne’s Girl”.
Stephen Doyle & Daughter, Ballybrack RPC, Ch Hen, IHU 23 S 28941, “Sarah”.
Pritchard Bros, Annsborough, Blue Cock, GB 21 V 05860.
Jeff McMaw, Carrick Social, Mealy Cock, GB 21 C 03985, “Willowdene Boy”, 228th Open
King’s Cup 2022,13th Open King’s Cup 2023, 2nd Single Bird Challenge 2023.
Kevin Sharkey, Castlebellingham, Blue Pd Hen, IHU 19 S 15591, “Lily Mai”.
T. Cairns & Sons, Kingsmoss, Blue Ch Cock, GB 22 X 14124.
Chris Moore, Cullybackey, Blue Hen, GB 21 A 05581.
Reynolds & Cairns, Castlebellingham, Ch Hen, IHU22 S 017812, “Lady Bellingham”.
Liam McCall, Wicklow, Dark Ch W/F Cock, IHU 19 S 073764, “Dunbur Lad”, 7th Open King’s
Cup 2023.
Tommy McClean, Edgarstown, Blue W/F Cock, GB 21 A 15730, “Tommy Boy”, 12th Open
King’s Cup 2023.
Joe Sharkey, Castlebellingham, Red Cock, IHU 21 S 044060, 56th Open King’s Cup 2023.
Joe Orr, Ards HPS, Blue Bar Cock, GB 22 C 70464, “Piston Broke”.
Mr & Mrs P. Bell & Kids, Kildonagh, Ch Hen, IHU 22 S 126189, “Maggie”.
McCracken Bros., Banbridge, Red Hen, GB 22 X 11973, “Ella”.
A. & R. Neill, Edgarstown, Ch W/F Hen, GB 22 D 66834.
A. & N. Lewis, Doagh, Black Cock, GB 20 D 13043, 40th Open King’s Cup, 2nd Single Bird
Challenge 2022, 59th Open King’s Cup, 10th Single Bird Challenge 2023.
C. & L Kelly & Sons, Ballywalter, Ch W/F Cock, IHU 21 N 18399, “The Dundrum Cock”.
N. Black & Son, Dromara, Dark Ch Cock, GB 22 B 86902.
Glen Buckley & Son, Annaghmore, Blue Ch Hen, GB 19 A 29817, 45th Open King’s Cup, 9th
Single Bird Challenge 2023.
E. Murtagh & Sons, Individual North, Blue Bar W/F Cock, GB 18 H 12149, 12th Open
Friendship National 2021, 179th Open King’s Cup, 11th Single Bird Challenge 2022, 43rd Open
King’s Cup, 8th Single Bird Challenge 2023.
Karl Murphy, Coalisland, Mealy Cock, GB 22 X 12044.
T. Mooney & Son, Millvale, Mealy Cock, GB 21 V 34832.
Gordon Bros & Sons, Killyleagh, Blue Cock, GB 21 B 07327, “Mark of Steel”, 112thj Open
King’s Cup 2022, 48th Open King’s Cup 2023.
B. & P. Emmett, Boyne Valley, Ch Cock, IHU 19 S 005013, “Spike’s John”, 3rd Open King’s Cup
David Corrigan, Boyne Valley, Dark Ch Hen, IHU 18 S 065794, “Grace”, 23rd Open King’s Cup
2021, 255th Open King’s Cup 2022, 40th Open King’s Cup 2023.
Dylan Dwyer, Boyne Valley, Ch Hen, IHU 19 S 096646, 234th Open King’s Cup 2022.
Tom Doran & Sons, Individual South, Blue Hen, IHU 21 S 102164.
Jason Carey, Malahide, Ch Hen, IHU 21 S 116213.
R. Bothwell, Beech Park, Red Ch Cock, GB 22 B 23953, “Billy", 78th Open Yearling
G. Douglas, Meadows HPS, Dark Ch Hen, GB 19 X 35183, “Jim’s Girl”, 2nd Open King’s Cup
F. Black & Sons, Downpatrick, Blue Ch Hen, IHU 21 N 15089.
J. & S. Graham, Kings Moss, Ch Pd Hen, GB 22 X 14297.
Mark Ewbanks, Newry City, Blue Bar Cock, GB 20 B45330, 28th Open King’s Cup 2022.
J. & I. Moore, Bangor, Dark Ch W/F Hen, IHU 22 N 03466.
B. & H. Marshall, Newtownbreda, Blue Ch Hen, IHU 22 N 13323.
Allan McDonald, Portadown, Blue Hen, GB 21 D 13830. “Clan Expected”, 60th Open King’s
Cup 2022.
C. McCardle & Sons, Newry City, Blue Ch Hen, GB 20 B 45106, 25th Open King’s Cup 2023.
Agar Bros, Cloughey, Blue Ch W/F Cock, IHU 21 N 04516, “Starry Skye”, 88th Open King’s Cup
J. & R. Blair, Ballyclare, Mealy Cock, GB 22 B 25188.
R. Duddy, Ballyclare, Blue Hen, GB 20 B 18012.
Kenneth O’Brien, Malahide, Ch Pd Cock, IHU 22 S 122078, “Hillside P”.
Joe Brown, Blackwatertown, Blue Cock, GB 22 C 14155.
I. Deazley, Strabane, Dark Ch Hen, GB 21 S 10963, “Young Kate”.
Paul Brown, Kircubbin, Blue Ch Hen, GB 20 X 37095, 82nd Open Friendship National 2022.
Smyth Family, Kircubbin, Dark Ch Hen, GB 21 X 33011, “Eleven Hen”.
E. McAlinden, Banbridge, Blue Cock, GB 21 D 01998.
C. O'Hare & Daughter, Ballyholland, Pd Cock, GB22 X 12184.
I. Donaghy, Lisburn, Ch Pd Cock, GB21 D 23154.
W. Kelly, Clontarf, Blue Hen, GB 19 A 40441, “Sky Barbie”.
Denis White, Clontarf, Ch Hen, IHU21S 038978.
Joe Doheny, Malahide, Red Cock, GB 20 B 19727.
Fintan Moran, Malahide, Red Hen, IHU 20 S 005774.
McCartan & Woodsides, Crossgar, Blue Hen, IHU19N 06607, 35th Open King's Cup 2022.
Adair & McComb, Crossgar, Blue Cock, GB22 C 14079, 50th Open YB Penzance 2022,41st
Open Yearling National Penzance 2023.
J. Burrows, Eastway, Blue Pd Cock, GB 22 C 42025.
T. H. Gibson, Ballyclare, Ash Hen, GB 21 A 40872.
G. & C. Topley, Laurelvale, Smokey Ch Hen, GB 20 L 24192.
A. Thompson, Ballyclare, Pencil Blue Pd Cock, GB20B 18578, 34rd Open King’s Cup 2022, 87th
Open King’s Cup 2023.
D. & R. Turkington, Doagh, Red Cock, GB 21 V 79626, “Bertie Junior”.
C. & L. Woodside, Ballyclare, Blue Pied Hen, GB20V 77907.
J. Serplus, Lauelvale, Blue Ch Hen, GB 20 L 23984, 54th Open King’s Cup 2023.
W Gault & Son, Kingsmoss Dark Ch Cock GB 22 S 80761.
G. Benson, Lisburn, Blue Ch Cock, GB 22V 92969, “Jack”.
Byrne & Bradley, Newtown & Kilpedder, Blue W/F Cock, GB 22 S 61945, “The Tipper Cock”.
R., G. & G. Donaldson, Edgarstown, Red Ch Cock, GB 21 B 53217, “Debutant”, 31st
King’s Cup 2023.
Paul Dunlop, Edigarstown, Blue Ch Hen, GB 21 E 24112.
Pat Lambert, Arklow, Ch Cock, IHU 21 S 062957.
Michael Conlon & Sons, Banbridge, Blue Hen, GB 20 B 45232.
Allen Kelly, Omagh, Blue Ch Hen, GB 22 A 26012.
Paddy Arthur, Boyne Valley, Ch Cock, IHU 20 S 121344, 146th Open King’s Cup 2022, 8th
Single Bird Challenge 2022.
Nigel Gordon,Dundalk Invitation, Blue Tip Hen, IHU 22 S 064322, “Rosy”.
Harry Shealy, Boyne Valley, Blue Cock, IHU 22 S 064660.
Jim Robinson, Edgarstown, Blue Ch Hen, GB 20 E 22584.
John Greenaway, Bondhill, Blue Bar Cock, GB 22 B 229933.
Ron Fewings, Rathnew, Ch Cock, IHU 22 S 001837, “Bernie”.
Richard Corey, Coalisland, Blue Bar Cock, GB 21 C 10736.
Jason O’Brien, North East Channel, Blue Cock, IU 22 S 118758.
J. Gregory & Sons, Colin, Ch Hen, GB 20 C 19554.
McGimpsey Bros, Ards, Grizzle Cock, GB 22 A 45302.
Peter McEneaney & Son, Castlebellingham, Red Cock, IHU 22 S 017570
S. & E. Buckley, Edgarstown, Blue Hen, GB 22 V 74914, “Wee Aud’s”, 173rd Open YB National
2022, 198th Open Yearling National 2023.
Owen & Michael Monaghan, Colin, Ch Cock, GB 22 C 36708, “Mike”.
Gerard Monaghan, Colin. Blue Hen, GB 21 C 23985.
T. Shanks & Son, Dundonald, Blue Bar Hen, GB 20 D 32422, “Clovelly Girl”.
Myles, Kincaid, McCann & Auld, Dundonald, Red Ch Cock, GB 20 D 3495, “Red Adair”.
Noel Grant & Son, Dublin North County, Red Hen, IHU 22 S 039824, “Red Lady”.
P. Rock & Son, Dublin North East, Dark Hen, IHU 20 S 058733, 95th Open King’s Cup 2022.
T. Marshall & Son, Newtownbreda, IHU 21 N 00167, 4th Open King’s Cup 2023.
P. Campbell & Sons, Armagh, Blue Bar Cock, GB 19 A 15182.
John Campbell, Armagh, Blue Bar Hen, GB 20 A 14338.
Seany Hughes, Coalisland, Blue Ch Cock, GB 22 B 89361, “Wee Danny”.
W. & L. McCaw, Ballymoney, Blue Cock, GB 21 B 23489.
C. & L. Fryers, Dromara, Blue Ch Pd Hen, GB 20 D 20285.
P. & K. Braniff, Colin, Slatey Hen, GB 22 C 26890.
D. & H. Stuart, Ballymoney, Blue Ch Cock, GB 21 B 20383.
McDowell & Crawford, Carrick Social, Gay Pd Hen, GB 19 C 04187.
B. & M. Gilmore, Doagh, Blue Ch Hen, GB 21 D 01445.
S. McGarel & Sons, Larne, Black Hen, GB 22 A 99223.
Jamie McGarel, Larne, Blue Hen, GB 19 V 11842.
J. Guildea & Son, Balbriggan, Blue Cock, IHU 18 S 072828.
Colm Reid, Balbriggan, Blue Cock, IHU 22 S 058160.
S. & W. English, Lisburn, Blue Ch Cock GB 19 L 05770.
J. Waring & Son Lisburn, Dark Ch Cock, GB 21 H 03835.
R. Topping & Son, Lisburn, Blue Ch Cock, IHU 22 N 16344.
M. & F. Russell, West End Dromore, Blue Ch Cock, GB 21 A 25505.
T. Halpin & Son, Mulhuddart, IHU 22 S 002925.
P. Fortune, Mulhuddart, IHU 23 S 040680.
F. Heffernan, Mulhuddart, IHU 22 S 004328.
Gordon Kirkpatrick, Harmony, Dark Ch Cock, GB 21 D 23774, 126th Open King’s Cup 2022.
Donnelly Bros, Millvale, Blue Ch Cock, GB 21 C 42844.
P. Murtagh, Ballyholland, Blue Ch Hen, GB 22 B 34282.
J. Murtagh, Ballyholland, GB 20 B 61746.
McLoughlin Bros, Annalong, Blue Ch Cock, IHU 20 N 14118.
O. Fitzpatrick, Gilford, Ch Tip Cock, GB 20 F 05381, 41st Open King’s Cup 2022.
Aiden McAteer, Ballyholland, Blue Ch Cock, GB 21 B 30134.
Sam Corrigan, Loughgall, Ch Cock, GB 20 L 05055.
William Corrigan, Loughgall, Blue Pd Cock, GB 22 V 15698.
Cooley Bros., Derry, Ch Hen, GB 22 D 10273, “Cool Caroline”.
Cooley Bros & Son, Newtown & Kilpedder, Ch Pd Cock, IHU 22 S 054203, “Cool Dude”.
Matthew Russell, Dromara, Blue Pd, GB 22 D 42061
Michael Fleming, South Belfast, Blue Hen, IHU 20 N 13764.
Maurice Weir, NI Middle Route Fed, Red Cock, GB 22 B 84140
E. & B. McAteer, Ballyholland, Black Ch Cock, GB 21 Z 58051.
S. & Y. Kane, Newry & District, Dark Ch Cock, GB 22 D 71924.

Good luck to all lofts competing. HOMER.
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