Cross Channel racing 2024 -

The NIPA was founded in 1945 and it's membership was open to all members within Northern Ireland - We are one of the largest weekly convoying organisations in the UK. Presently we have approx. 100 clubs as members, with over 2,000 members. Birds competing each week can reach 25 to 30 thousand, depending on the race. The race programme starts in Ireland down to Rosscarbery and continues through Wales & England to Penzance, and the Premier OB Nat flown from St Malo (France).
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Cross Channel racing 2024 -

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Hi Everyone Ref Chanel Racing

This weekend two organisations that where entering GB via Fishguard were stopped and asked for new paperwork which none of us were made aware off. With some difficulty they were allowed to proceed and given an Orange warning not to return without this new paperwork

As far as I am aware new rules to do with Brexit etc came into force on 23rd February 2024.

As this is a Bank holiday weekend, we cannot make much progress until Tuesday and with us due to ship out on Thursday time Is very limited to finalise what is required of us

I believe we will require a VET SIGNED CERTIFICATE OF HEALTH, does this mean a vet will have to attend race marking at all clubs`? I certainly hope not.

Instead of travelling by Southern routes into GB ,can we use Belfast Port and not require this additional certificate?. We will be making further enquiries.

If this should be the case race marking collection times will have to be turned upside down with the earliest lifts now having to be NEWRY Northwards everyone would be affected,

I can assure you we are doing everything we can to resolve this problem.

I will keep you all informed of any developments.

You are all aware of the problems with the weather we are experiencing this week end and into next week, please be reassured everything possible is being done so you can have racing, this may turn out not to be the case and racing may have to be cancelled hopefully not.

I understand the present arrangements do not suit everyone it is the best I can do. If someone else feels they can do better please feel free to step up to the mark and volunteer.

Regards Fred.
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