Talbenny YB National 04/09/16 –

Hard National race from Talbenny –

Willie Capper and son Glen proudly holding their Talbenny National winner.

Willie Capper and son Glen proudly holding their Talbenny National winner.

With very poor weather forecast for Saturday the Premier YB Nat from Talbenny in South Wales was arranged to be flown on Sunday 4th September, race marking was on Friday making it a busy day with clock checking for the Fermoy Birds. Liberation was at 10.30am in a Lt Westerly wind with good visibility on the channel. Weather at home was not so hot with a number of showers and light rain, many birds were missing at clock checking, especially the longer flyers. Few results were available when going to press best in Muckamore Centre were Thompson Bros of Crumlin who timed at 15.20hrs flying almost 204 miles, best in Cullybackey Centre were the Percy Son & Murphy team from Randalstown who timed at 15.35 hrs flying 213 miles.

Well done to Willie Capper of Capper Bros (Bondhill) winning 1st Open Talbenny a true gentleman and also winning Markethill Gold Ring race.

NIPA Open Talbenny YB Nat 339/2390 –

1-1E Capper Bros Bondhill 1271, 2-2E D Thompson & Son Laurelvale 1270, 3-1C R Francey & Son Eastway 1269, 4-2C A & N Lewis Doagh & Dist 1367, 5-3E J Douglas & Son Lurgan Soc 1266, 6-1A S Hughes Coalisland 1263, 7-1G R Williamson Newry & Dist 1263, 8-2G R Williamson 1260, 9-3G R Williamson 1260, 10-4G R McKelvey Newry & Dist 1257, 11-4E J Trotter Laurelvale 1257, 12-5E G Buckley & Son Annaghmore 1256, 13-6E D Calvin Bondhill 1256, 14-7E G Buckley & Son 1256, 15-8E A & R Neill Edgarstown 1256, 16-5G R McKelvey 1254, 17-9E S & N Lester Laurelvale 1254, 18-6G C McArdle & Son Banbridge 1254, 19-10E Calvin & Calvin Annaghmore 1253, 20-11E D Calvin 1252.

Muckamore Centre Talbenny – Thompson Bros Crumlin 1234, J Scott Crumlin 1151, S J G Bones Muckamore 1101, D J Thompson Muckamore 1076, T Patterson & Son 986, N Lusty Muckamore 872, G Grant Crumlin 844.

Cullybackey Centre Talbenny – Percy Son & Murphy Randalstown 1226, J & M Milliken Rasharkin 1177, R H Clements Harryville 1166, Stewart Bros Randalstown 1142, Steele & McNeill Rasharkin 1136, McFarlane & Agnew Kells 1125, Reid Bros & McCloy Cullybackey 1113, J Ramsey Harryville 1112, S Steele Cullybackey 1104, J Rock Harryville 1102.

Coleraine Centre Talbenny – D & H Stuart Ballymoney 1216, W Blair Ballymoney 1082, J Hutchinson & Son Ballymoney 1072, W Blair 1043, D Dixon Ballymoney 988, J L Madden Coleraine Prem 987, Diamond Bros Coleraine Prem 953, J Hutchinson & Son 950, W Blair 912, Brown & Stewart Ballymoney 835, J McDowell & Sons Ballymoney 827.

Foyle Centre Talbenny – E Quigley Amelia Earhart 595.

NIPA Talbenny YB Nat RESULT click here! Talbenny-Y-B-National-2016

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