North West by Billy Knox – Fermoy 5B & Rosscarbery

North West by Billy Knox – Fermoy 5B & Rosscarbery
Leo Flanagan Londonderry best in the Foyle Centre from Fermoy.

Leo Flanagan Londonderry best in the Foyle Centre from Fermoy.


Two races again this week, although not the two we expected. The NIPA were supposed to be in Bude this week, with the Fermoy 5 Bird as our second race. But, once again, due to bad weather the Bude race was cancelled, and the NIPA decided to hold a race from Roscarberry instead. This won’t have suited a lot of fanciers who have their birds geared up for the channel events, but it looks like the only sensible decision that could have been made given the circumstances. The birdage for this week also took a bit of a hammering with clubs struggling to get twenty birds for the Roscarberry race, and with the Fermoy 5 Bird being a centre race, we only saw 31 members, sending 125 birds. With all centre races, the results always end up very patchy, as club results will come in for Roscarberry, but not for the Fermoy 5 Bird. Anyway, I will give as much information as I can with regard to both races.

We will start this week over in the Derry and District club, where Jim and Gary Ramsey have another good week from Roscarberry, taking three of the first four positions. Jim’s hen was a gift bird from Brian Mailey, and won the Roscarberry National earlier in the season. The only man stopping a clean sweep this week is Stephen Barker who takes third. The full result was 1st, 2nd and 4th J+G Ramsey 1252, 1108, 1012, 3rd S Barker 1017.
In the Maiden City club this week, we have both results to report. In the Fermoy 5 Bird, it’s great to see Billy Ogilvie getting a win. Billy only keeps a tiny team of birds, and I’m sure this will be a very popular win in the club. Billy is way out in front of Mc Gettigan Bros who are second, with Kieran Quigley in third. The full result was 1st B Ogilvie 1487, 2nd Mc Gettigan Bros 1311, 3rd S Quigley, Son+Grandson 1280, 4th and 6th P Mc Laughlin 1265, 5th R+G Martin 1030, 7th S Morrison.

From the Rosscarbery race, Mc Gettigan Bros clean up, taking three of only six positions recorded. Only five members took part, sending 23 birds. The full result looks like this, 1st, 4th and 5th Mc Gettigan Bros 1255, 1163, 1049, 2nd R Lyle 1205, 3rd S Quigley, Son+Grandson 1180, 6th R+G Martin.
In the Amelia Earhart this week, Andy Mitchell gets that elusive win at last, and is miles ahead in the Fermoy 5 Bird, while from the Roscarberry race, Willie and Darren Hamilton take the honours. The Fermoy race looked like this, 1st Andy Mitchell 1403, 2nd C Mc Laughlin 856, 3rd C Fox 737, and 4th W+ D Hamilton 620, 5th C Fox 569. From the Roscarberry race, the result was, 1st and 3rd W+D Hamilton 1182, 1152, 2nd J Quigley 1166, 4th and 5th P ward 1105, 1040, 6th C Fox.

Over in the Londonderry club this week, Leo Flanagan does the double, winning both races. Leo has a super day and is well in front in both results, also taking top spot in the centre from Fermoy. The Londonderry result from Roscarberry looked like this, 1st and 4th L Flanagan 1211, 1108, 2nd, 7th and 8th D Kelly, 1141, 3rd J+D Kelly, 5th,6th, 9th and 10th N Murray 1106.
Up in Limavady this week, Ronnie is knocked off his perch by John Mc Cool. John is always there or there about each week and it’s no surprise to see him taking top spot this week. I’m sure he will be looking forward to the remaining channel events, where he always does very well. The result then for the Limavady club looked like this, 1st, 6th and 7th J Mc Cool 1395, 2nd and 4th W Mc Ilmoyle 1370, 3rd R Witherow 1346, 5th D Johnston 1328, 8th J Kerr.
Just got a quick update from Tony Conway in Strabane with their result, which looked like this, 1st and 4th D Mc Nulty 1198, 1071, 2nd R Mc Ateer 1112, 3rd T Mc Ateer 1092.
The Derry Centre result from Fermoy looked like this, 1st L Flanagan + Son 1603, 2nd B Page 1585, 3rd B Ogilvie 1487, 4th S Mc Grotty 1460, 5th A Mitchell 1403.
Short and sweet then this week. Congratulations to all our winners this week, especially Leo Flanagan who takes the Centre win. And, congratulations to all those who took positions in their respective clubs.

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