O’Neill Insight – Alexandra Kildare (1)

Well yesterday the 19th April was the first old bird race of the Ulster Feds 2014 race program the race itself was from Kildare and I think that we would be one of the first drops for our club as we are not far from the edge of North Belfast its roughly 106 miles to us so for Stevie and Joe Fagan racing under Fegan mc Adory a bit longer they had a really great result yesterday winning the first 7 places in our club the Alexandra HPS Belfast but then that’s nothing new for this team of lads if they aren’t winning THEY KNOCKING ON THE DOOR great result for a great team of fliers from all your friends in the Alexandra very well done lads

some of you will be wondering why theres 2 photos and both of Stevie when Joe was asked to get in Stevie said no theres no need for Joe to be in the photos as no one know him people only know me so then it was can I see the photo no problem Stevie mick that’s not a very good photo what do you Stevie could you not take another but try and get in the diplomas in the back ground as a lot of them are mine so I hope your happy Stevie hahaha



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