Millar Gold Cup 2021 – G O’Reilly & Sons

Millar Gold Cup 2021 – G O’Reilly & Sons
Well last week we had one of the most testing and endurance races of the season as we had our French Open race from St Malo also competing for the MILLER GOLD CUP 2021. This is one of the main races of the season the O’Reilly family set their birds up for and the planning and breeding of their birds really shows us what this family of pigeons are bred for with this little hen “Riverview Foggy Due” arriving home at 04:30am on the 2nd day with a winning Velocity 1018.730. A very proud moment for the O’Reilly family.
In the photos below the lads are holding the 3 birds they clocked and also shared the pedigree of the winning bird.
Well done from all the ISRF Committee.
1st Club, 1st Section N
1st Open ISRF 900 Birds.
Winner of The MILLER GOLD CUP 2021
ST MALO Velocity 1018.730 01/07/2021
Bred & Raced By G O’Reilly
Dublin North East R.P.C.
A few words from the O’Reilly family
Miller Gold Cup winner 2021
1St Open S.R.F. St Malo 2021
1st club D.N.E.
Riverview Foggy Due
I.H.U. 19S 094760 Black Cheq Hen.
She was not raced as a young bird but privately trained; she flew Penzance as a yearling in 2020. Before she went to the St Malo race, she has one inland race and a Talbenny race 2 weeks before the French race. She was let run with a cock 2 days before basketing. She is a pure bred Sjaak Buwalda bred down from two direct birds from him.
I.H.U. 19S 062936 Cheq Cock he is a bird bred down from Jimmy Cullen bloodlines, he was prepared for the St Malo race much the same way as the hen above.
The birds in general are mainly fed on Beyers from Herbie Thorpe and Vanrobaeys from Sandyhill pigeon supplies. They are privately trained and flown around the loft. Most are sent to the inland races from training and then selected for the channel program. The birds that go to France are select well in advance of the races and special care and attention are given to them for these races.
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