No Training Yet re 2020 Season

No Training Yet re 2020 Season
Training Restrictions
Posted on April 14, 2020 by fred
As you will appreciate the decision taken to prohibit ALL training was taken in line with Government restrictions relating to non-essential travel and was therefore in reality a decision of Government. However, it seems that some members are continuing to train their pigeons while carrying out essential journeys, such as travelling to work.To provide clarity in relation to training, we wish to confirm that ALL training is prohibited – even if carried out via an essential journey.

Members should consider that training – whether as part of an essential journey or not – will result in pigeons straying and/or becoming injured. This may lead to pigeons falling into the care of non-fanciers who are unable to care for the bird. This WILL result in a journey that is totally unavoidable, whether it is the owner collecting the bird, or the non-fancier delivering the bird to a vet or a nearby fancier, thereby increasing the risk of spreading the virus and placing lives at risk.

Anyone training during this period will be dealt with under RPRA rules relating to dishonourable conduct.

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