RPRA Result Virtual Race (1) -18/04/2020

RPRA Result Virtual Race (1) -18/04/2020

Just to let you know that the Virtual Race is starting to take shape. Please check out the NIPA site at http://www.wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults

Once clubs upload the result the Open result can be compiled. The Open result compiles of two clubs so far. A great start and shows the system working. I would like to get every club uploaded with a virtual race.

Login to your account. Synchronise your database. This sets all member details and distances.
Race setup and press the green arrow and the three virtual races will be downloaded.

Watch the tutorial of producing a race using the manual option http://pigeon.org.uk/race-programme-setup/race

Upload your result and check it at http://www.wm28vps.co.uk/RaceResults

Wait for Ian Evans to select a random velocity and see if you win a prize. Each club will receive a prize and the Open winner will receive a prize.

Stay safe

Peter Humphries

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