St Malo OB National 2014 – Result & Reports

St Malo OB National 2014 – Result & Reports

NIPA – Race marking for St Malo will take place at your Centres on Wednesday and not Tuesday the collection times will be the same as the collection times for Penzance. PENZANCE: The collection times for this weeks race from Penzance at centres on Thursday night will be as follows : Derry 4.30 , Coleraine 6.00 , Cullybackey 7.00 , Muckamore 8.00 , Doagh 6.00 , Larne 7.00 , Carrick 8.00 , Lisburn 9.00 , Dromore 9.30 , Newry 10.00 , Killyleagh 7.30  , Ligoniel 8.00 , Coalisland 6.00 , Loughgall 7.00 , Portadown 8.00 , Lurgan 8.30 .

IHU Nat FC St Malo – RACE MARKING WILL TAKE PLACE ON WEDNESDAY 25 JUNE FOR A SATURDAY LIB . RACE MARKING WILL BE AT 6PM TO 7.30PM IN KILKENNY,PLEASE CONTACT YOUR NEAREST MARKING STATION FOR THERE TIMES.YOURS IN SPORT FRED MALONE I.H.U.N.F.C. ANY CHANGES MEMBERS WILL BE NOTIFIED THROUGH THE WEB . EDC – Hampering for the St Malo Derby will now take place on Wednesday night not Tuesday. Collection times from Centres as follows on Wednesday night the 25th June. Portavogie 6.30pm, Newtownbreda 7.30pm, Crossgar 8.00pm.

Irish SR Fed – Marking for Barleycove will be Saturday evening for a Sunday race, truck leaves Northside at 5pm and Southside at 6pm.   Birds out at 8 Sunday. 

ISRF – Barleycove provisional top 5 1.J Aylmer 1375 2.Bodie & Dobson 1372 3.M Warner & Son 1370.7 4.Grogan & Kearns 1370.5 5.J Brady & Son 1369.6


* Birds held over in St Malo on Saturday 28th June, weather on site is perfect, line of flight has forecast rain and thunderstorms. 

The NIPA have released in St. Malo this morning ( Sunday ) at 07:30.

The wind at the release site was  light west / north / westerly. Please note this is a three day race and not a two day race as printed on the race entry form.

*****   Up date at 22:00 on Sunday 29th June 2014. No birds have been reported yet in todays race from St. Malo. One pigeon has been recorded in Annsborough at 21:26 ( EDC ). A further update will be issued later this evening.

***** Update at 23:00 on Sunday 29th June 2014. No first day birds have been reported in the NIPA race from St. Malo.

One pigeon has been recorded in Annsborough at 21:26 ( EDC ). Three pigeons have been reported in the south of Ireland – Wicklow  20:29, Balbriggan 21.22  & Malahide 21:48

Hours of darkness 23:00 to 04:30 – 2nd day arrivals please inform the secretary.

Please note. Clocks to be returned to your centre for checking within three hours of recording an arrival. Next update will be on Monday.

Latest NIPA UPDATE: One pigeon was recorded on the first day from St. Malo.

H. Cordner Annaghmore at 23.08. Second day arrivals reported so far. John Greenaway Bondhill 04.59, Campbell & Bigger Eastway 05.30, Danny Dixon Ballymoney 05.53. S Beattie & Dtrs – Carrick & Dist – 6.18am
Capper – Bondhill – After 7.00am, RH Clements – Harryville 7.41 am, Mr & Mrs B McNeilly – Doagh & Dist 8.35am – vel 693 , J & R Scott – Doagh & Dist 9.03am – vel 678 , Paul O’Connor – Coleraine Premier 9.05am, Paul Dunlop – Edgarstown 9.33 am, G McBride – Drumnavaddy 10.08 am, Reid Bros &  McCloy Cullybackey 10.17, Martin Graham Ballymena 10.17 & 10.21, S Burns – Larne & Dist – 1.27 pm, F McNeice – Lurgan, Jackie Crossan – Downpatrick.

*****  Update at 13:30 on Monday 30th June 2014. Around 40 pigeons have now been recorded in the race. Probable race winner is H. Cordener Annaghmore on a velocity of 855.

Please contact your centre manager for clock checking arrangements for 2nd day arrivals.

*****  Update 22.00 Monday 30/06/14 – The Total of arrivals from St Malo tonight at 10 o,clock is 72 with 2 centres unaccounted for Larne 5 birds , Lisburn 6 birds , Dromore 3 birds , Newry 9 birds , Doagh 4 birds , Ligoniel 6 birds , Loughgall 13 birds , Coalisland 6 birds , Killyleagh 4 birds , Cullybackey 8 birds , Derry 1 bird , Carrick 1 bird , Coleraine 2 birds , Lurgan 4 birds. we have been unable to contact Portadown or Muckamore. There are a total of 130 open prizes in this race and it is still open for a further day. the website will be updated tomorrow evening when more information should be available. Congratulations to H Cordner on winning 1st Open


East Coast Fed (Dublin) – ECF – St Malo Update
As of 7pm this evening Monday 30/06/14 16 birds home from St Malo. Provisional result, subject to checking, is
1st C Wilde vel 834ypm.  2nd + 10th G O’Reilly.  3rd P+J Jones.  4th Gregory Bros.  5th M+M Curtis + son + dtr.  6th T Moran.  7th Des Murray.  8th + 9th R Fewings.  11th E O’Toole + Son.  12th Cooley Bros.  13th R Fox.  14th S Kelly.  15th V Kelly + Son.  16th B Cahill.  Clock centres open again tomorrow for a 7.00pm strike off.

Early published report by Homer –

The Premier Old Bird National & Derby from St Malo in France followed the trend of the earlier races of the cross channel season, very hard and a lot of empty perches. As I write the race is still in progress, liberation was at 7.30am on Sunday 29th June in a Light West, NW wind having been held over the previous day due to poor conditions over the route. The total arrivals from St Malo on Monday night at 10.00pm was 72 with 2 Centres unaccounted for – Larne 5 birds, Lisburn 6 birds, Dromore 3 birds, Newry 9 birds, Doagh 4 birds, Ligoniel 6 birds, Loughgall 13 birds, Coalisland 6 birds, Killyleagh 4 birds, Cullybackey 8 birds, Derry 1 bird, Carrick 1 bird, Coleraine 2 birds, Lurgan 4 birds. We have been unable to contact Portadown or Muckamore. There are a total of 130 open prizes in this race and it is still open for a further day. The website will be updated tomorrow evening when more information should be available. Congratulations to Hector Cordner on winning 1st Open, he had the only bird on the day in the NIPA timed in Annaghmore at 23.08hrs. The Cordner loft has had a fantastic 12 months winning the Blue Riband Grand National for Young Birds in last season’s Penzance and now winning the big NIPA event out of France.

Mid Antrim Combine arrivals on the second day – Danny Dixon from Ballymoney timed at 5.53am followed by Roy Clements Harryville 7.41am, Reid Bros & McCloy Cullybackey 10.17am, Martin Graham Ballymena & Dist at 10.17am & 10.21am, McAlonan Bros Ballymena & Dist 12.33pm, Hugh Boyd Randalstown 1.13pm, William Livingstone 6.27pm and H & R McCloy Cullybackey 6.38pm.

The race is full of great stories for those lucky enough to get a bird, a full report will follow at the close of the race. East Down Combine have now 17 birds reported with just two bird’s on the day to R McDowell & Son of Annsborough at 21.26hrs and in the same club James Cleland at 10.40pm. R McDowell & Son are the proud winners of the Millar Gold Cup open to all the IHU lofts in Ireland and his was the best bird in Ireland on the day. Ulster Federation had two birds early on the second morning in the Grosvenor, John Ramsey at 6.30am and A & A Fearon at 9.01am. Race marking for the Blue Riband Kings Cup from Saint Allouestre was due on Tuesday but was delayed due to a poor forecast for this Friday. All the detailed reports will be published next week.

NIPA – Note to all committee members there will be a meeting in the office on 14th July at 7:30 sharp , a note to all members that the YB race on Sat August 2nd is a mass liberation and not an area liberation as printed.

Hard National race from St Malo –

The Annaghmore HPS in the Portadown area kept up its fantastic record in the NIPA Old Bird Nat, the feature race of the old bird programme has been now won for the 5th time in the last 10 years. Hector Cordner timed his Red Cheq yearling hen sent on overdue eggs at 11.08pm to record velocity 855, “Home Alone 46” wins pools and prizes of £872 taking 1st Sect E & 1st Open NIPA plus the News of the World, McComb Cup and Pigeon Cups to collect at the annual Ladies Night. W G Neill won the race from St Malo in 2010 and before that Glen Buckley and Son won the event on three separate occasions. From Lamballe in 2004, Portland in 2005 and then from Lamballe again in 2007.

The winner had four races in Ireland the Talbenny and the Yearling Nat Sennen Cove, 6th bird home. Birds are not usually trained after racing starts just flown around the loft but this year the five St Malo entries had on 20 mile spin. He missed the bird but found her in the corridor of the loft at dark to be timed in at 11.08pm and end up winning one of the hardest races in recent years from France. The loft is no stranger to top success just last season winning the INFC Blue Riband YB Grand National from Penzance. Breeding of the bird is Jan Theelan on one side through birds purchased from Ian Axe, the other side is his old Busschaert family of birds going back to a batch he obtained when starting the sport again in 1997 from Wayne Kane who was leaving the sport. His 17 birds cost £90 and that included nest bowls and a hamper. Ond Black hen has produced over 30 prize-winners, Hector will tell the whole story in his Year Book article. Many congratulations Hector, two big race wins in just two seasons is more than most could wish for.

Just one NIPA Bird on the Day from St Malo –  Sections C, D, F & G Latest update by Steve McGarry PO.

The NIPA were in St Malo for their annual old bird national event. After a one day holdover the birds were released on Sunday 29th June @ 7.30 am. Wind at the release site was a light west/north westerly breeze. The NIPA have witnessed one of the hardest channel seasons to date and St Malo was again a hard testing event. Results are scarce at time of going to press but I will endeavour to inform you of any info I have to hand. There was only one bird on the day of toss. Topping the NIPA O/B National, winning the News Of The World Cup, McComb & Pigeon Cups was Hector Cordner from Annaghmore. Hector timed at 11.08pm. Hector found the game yearling in the corridor of the loft but no matter it turned out to be this year’s eventful winner in one of the hardest O/B National events in recent years. The yearling Red hen was Hector’s 6th bird home in the INFC Yearling National and was sent to St Malo sitting on overdue eggs. Breeding: Sire is mainly Busschaert. Dam is Jan Theelan, purchased from Ian Axe. Hectors now adds an Old Bird National victory to his CV having topped the INFC Y/B National from Penzance only last season. Congratulations Hector on your recent top result. Up to the close on the 2nd night approx 80 birds were recorded in the following centres: Larne 5 birds, Lisburn 6 birds, Dromore 3 birds, Newry 9 birds, Doagh 4 birds, Ligoniel 6 birds, Loughgall 13 birds, Coalisland 6 birds, Killyleagh 4 birds, Cullybackey 8 birds, Derry 1 bird, Carrick 1 bird, Coleraine 2 birds, Lurgan 4 birds. Top bird in the Larne centre was to the father/dtrs partnership of Sam Beattie & Dtrs of Carrick & Dist HPS. Sam & Dtrs have a good record in this event and record another top result timing @ 6.18 am early 2nd morning. Their latest top performer is a smart two year old Red hen, known as “Bright Eyes”. She was sent to the race sitting eggs 10 days and was a club winner from Bude earlier in the season. Congratulations to the Beattie family on your recent top performance. Topping the Larne & Dist club, timing @ 9.08 am was Tam Mullen & Sons. Tam and Sons timed a two year old cock sent on three day old young to claim 5th Section C & 13th Open St Malo National. Sire is a Dutch Janssen from good friend B Walsh and the dam a winner of 10th Open Penzance bred by good friends G Rankin & Son Scotland. Topping the Horseshoe club, timing @ 1.27 pm – 2nd day – was Sam Burns who timed his single entry, “Shanlea Lass”, a seven year old Blue Cheq hen, sent to the race on a small youngster. This hen is a previous winner last season of an NIPA Bronze Award having previously won: 10th Sect C & 55th Open St Malo 2012 and 9th Sect C & 35th Open Portland 2013. Her latest top performance will now win her a coveted NIPA Silver Award – Well done Sam –

Topping Carrick Centre – only bird in centre – was Jeff McMaw – Carrick Social. Jeff timed a two year old Busschaert cock to top the club. Having been in the prizes in last season’s Portland National Jeff’s entry is looking good to win an NIPA Bronze Award. Topping Ligoniel Centre and timing 3 of their 6 entries was the Eastway partnership of D & J Campbell & Bigger – Fernlea Lofts . Their first bird was timed at 5.30am early 2nd morning and at time of going to press is the likely winner of 1st Sect C. Their winner was a two year old Blue Cheq hen. Sent to the race on Roundabout this hen was a previous p/winner in the INFC Yearling National last season and this season was 10th Sect & 39th Open Truro and then rested for St Malo. Breeding: Direct dtr of ” Champion Fernlea Squadron Leader ” when paired to a dtr of “The Rook” ( No 1 Producer ). Their 2nd bird was recorded @ 1.25pm . Their third bird timed @ 5.10 pm was their five year old Cheq Pied cock , ” Champion Fernlea Duke”, a top performer for the lofts and a previous winner last season of an NIPA Bronze Award having previously won 9th Sect C & 37th Open St Malo 2011, then 25th Sect C & 89th Open Portland 2013 and now looking good to win a coveted NIPA Silver Award . Topping Doagh Centre was the top racing husband and wife team of Mr & Mrs B McNeilly – Doagh & Dist – timing @ 8.35am 2nd day – Next best were J & R Scott @ 9.03am with J McGrugan & Son @ 12.09pm and W. Cowan @ 6.08pm – All Doagh & Dist – only 4 birds recorded . As stated at start of report, a shorter column than normal. Results and info is scarce but I will endeavour to cover all 1st Section winners and 1st Club winners in next week’s issue – Please help me along and send any info or pics available. On finishing I would like to personally congratulate the winner Hector Cordner and all the fanciers who recorded arrivals in the Premier Old Bird Event of the NIPA season –

NIPA Result – St_Malo_June_2014

IHU Nat FC St Malo Result

1 L Mc Call Wicklow Vel 799.29
2 P Dowling Kilkenny Vel 608
3 P Mc Cabe Gorey Vel 511.54
4 P Lambert Arklow Vel 483.16
5 D Wilson Gorey Vel 479.67
6 S Duffy Wicklow Vel 443
7 P Fogarty Thurles Vel 409.64
8 P Mc Cabe Gorey Vel 360.23

Well done to all who clocked in this hard race. Patsy Dowling Sec IHU Nat FC

Full Result

101 members sent 364 birds.
Liberated 29th June at 7.30am. Wind NW.

Pos Name Club Velocity

1 C Wilde Skerries 834.879 Pool ABCDEFG
2 G O’Reilly Malahide & Dist 792.474 Pool AB
3 P & J Jones Skerries 668.854 Pool ABCD
4 Gregory Bros Rathnew 606.067
5 M&M Curtis Sons & Dr Stillorgan 586.262 Pool ABCD
6 T Moran Stillorgan 583.786
7 D Murray Boyne Valley 572.598 Pool ABC
8 R Fewings Rathnew 553.930 Pool B
9 R Fewings Rathnew 542.108 Pool ABCDEF
10 G O’Reilly Malahide & Dist 521.039 Pool AB
11 E O’Toole & Sons Bray SE 510.505 Pool ACDEF
12 Cooley Bros & Son Newtown/Kilp 505.812 Pool CDE
13 R Fox Ballybrack 435.466 Pool CD
14 S Kelly Sallynoggin 430.870
15 V Kelly & Son Ballybrack 418.557
16 B Cahill Skerries 403.592
17 M Gilbert Newtown/Kilp 348.611 Pool D
18 PJ Corcoran & Son Balbriggan 312.810 Pool E
19 Brady & Burton Sallynoggin 260.593
20 P&S Harris & Ptnrs Bray SE 243.803 Pool E

Well done Kit clocking an all pooler
Well fancied pigeon  – Well done all in the result in YES another Ball Breaker

President H Byrne Secretary A Meehan
Pos. Name Club Sec Miles Yards Ring Number Colour Sex Velocity Prize A B C TV N P Total Total
1 ALAN LEAP & SON TALLAGHT 1G 380 61 IHU 12 S 37807 RED HEN 658.112 €1,000.00 X X X X X €1,293.58 €2,293.58
2 GARY DEEGAN BLANCH 1F 386 563 IHU 13 S 52757 CHEQ HEN 640.912 €300.00 X X X X €301.10 €601.10
3 L NEWMAN & FAMILY BALLYMUN 2F 383 1003 IHU 13 S 7875 MEALY COCK 605.963 €200.00 X X X €175.62 €375.62
4 EMMETT & BROWN DNC 1N 403 9 IHU 11 S 19178 BLUE COCK 605.798 €150.00 X X X €117.76 €267.76
5 D. O’NEILL DONNYCARNEY 2N 382 564 IHU 13 S 34140 BLACK COCK 580.732 €120.00 X X X €101.08 €221.08
6 JOHN NASH CABRA 3F 383 234 IHU 12 S 51046 BL COCK 570.222 €100.00 X X X €93.27 €193.27
7 JOE WHELAN FINGLAS SW 4F 393 1575 IHU 13 S 136196 BLUE HEN 557.025 €70.00 X X X €76.59 €146.59
8 GRIFFIN & BENSON CLONDALKIN 1C 384 73 IHU 12 S 102605 CHEQ PIED HEN 522.668 €60.00 X X X €76.59 €136.59
9 GERRY O REILLY DNC 3N 387 130 IHU 12 S 61783 BLUE COCK 517.989 €60.00 €0.00 €60.00
10 PAUL & CHARLIE MOONEY DNE 4N 381 1753 IHU 12 S 14229 CHEQ HEN 517.615 €60.00 €0.00 €60.00
11 LARRIS HARRIS DNE 5N 382 1404 IHU 11 S 004500 BLPD HEN 418.037 €50.00 X X X €68.77 €118.77
12 D & P CHURCH & FAMILY CLONDALKIN 2C 383 1015 IHU 11 S 056077 BLUE COCK 414.673 €50.00 X X X €68.77 €118.77
13 S KENNEDY & DTR. RIALTO 2G 380 1684 IHU 11 S 092964 CHEQ HEN 401.311 €50.00 X X €35.41 €85.41
14 MR & MRS D DUNNE & GSON GREENHILLS 3G 380 954 IHU 09 S 81703 BLUE PIED COCK 323.012 €50.00 X X €35.41 €85.41
15 DEREK CUMMINS FINGLAS 5F 384 579 IHU 12 S 66473 BLUE COCK 302.754 €50.00 X X €35.41 €85.41
16 J CULLEN BRAY 1D 366 325 IHU 12 S 114784 RED COCK 288.345 €50.00 X X €27.60 €77.60
17 GERRY O REILLY DNC 6N BIRD 2 IHU 12 S 120309 CHEQ HEN 258.980 €50.00 €0.00 €50.00
18 T NORRIS NORTHSIDE 7N 382 1256 IHU 12 S 6129 CHEQ HEN 257.257 €50.00 X X €27.60 €77.60
19 M BYRNE DUFFY & SONS SHEL PREM 2D 379 827 IHU 11 S 125414 CHECK HEN 252.495 €50.00 X X €27.60 €77.60
20 D. O’NEILL DONNYCARNEY 8N BIRD 2 IHU 12 S 36846 BLUE COCK 234.268 €50.00 X X €27.38 €77.38

Further updates will follow. HOMER.

Hector Cordner from Annaghmore only NIPA bird on the day and probable winner of St Malo OB Nat. In 2013 Hector was winner of 1st Open INFC Young bird Grand National Penzance.

Hector Cordner from Annaghmore only NIPA bird on the day and probable winner of St Malo OB Nat. In 2013 Hector was winner of 1st Open INFC Young bird Grand National Penzance.

Hector Cordner holding 1st Open NIPA St Malo winner.

Hector Cordner holding 1st Open NIPA St Malo winner.


Annaghmore trio 1st Open NIPA Old Bird Nat. From (l) Willie Neill 2010, Hector Cordner 2014, and Glen Buckley 2004, 2005 & 2007.

Annaghmore trio 1st Open NIPA Old Bird Nat. From (l) Willie Neill 2010, Hector Cordner 2014, and Glen Buckley 2004, 2005 & 2007.

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