Fougeres 2016 –

NFC Reports 02 Jun 2016

Fougeres 2016

For the first race of the 2016 campaign members had to wait an additional 24 hours due to the weather conditions through France and out in to parts of the channel. The following morning we were greeted with a much better prospect of having a race as the conditions were much better along the line of the flight well up in to England itself. There were some showers moving across the Midlands and these were predicted to be heavy in places but scattered and moving through quickly. With this ‘thumbs up’ along the line ‘Cock Crow’ Kelly called for strings to be cut and the convoy were up and away in to good sun shine and a light SW wind, with these conditions expected to prevail over much of the route home. With the wind remaining light the convoy took full advantage and the provisional results indicate that they came straight up the Cherbourg peninsula and cut out for home maintaining fairly straight line. As you would expect the Section B boys were in the right place at the right time and have taken 6 of the top 10 positions. This race saw competition to top the new sections and I am pleased to say all sections were topped on the night on what turned out a tight race for some members from the North Midlands northwards – so well done to those members who topped the new sections in their maiden season.

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