INFC Skibbereen OB Inl Nat – 29/05/18

INFC Skibbereen OB Inl Nat – 29/05/18


The first of the 6 races organized by the Irish National Flying Club was held on Tuesday 29th May from Skibbereen in County Cork. Overall 392 members sent 3,588 birds to compete for £13,442 in pools and prizemoney, down on the season previous. Liberation was at 8.30am in a Lt Northerly wind and the early birds made good time as usual. The race was sponsored once again by Bamfords Top Flight and we are very grateful to them for their continued sponsorship. The race took the same format as previous few years with the Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup and Diploma awarded to the Overall winner and the Gerald Delaney Trophy awarded to the best velocity of the other two sections. The winner of 1st Section with the lowest winning velocity will receive a coveted INFC Diploma. There are no INFC Open positions for the Skibbereen Nationals but prizes are allocated to the three sections. As the result is divided into 3 sections I intend to cover the Top 5 in the three sections in this article as has been past practice. Race winner and 1st South Sect was won by P J Nangle of Carlow & District recording velocity 1308, 1st North Sect was Ronnie Williamson from Newry & Dist 1226 and 1st Middle Sect was Derek Tierney of the Sarsfield RPC in Dublin 1264. P J Nangle wins 2 bags of mixture with 3 bags each going to R Williamson NIPA, J Ward & Son Ulster Fed, J Patterson East Down Combine, T & T Moorehouse & Grandson ECF, P Quirke SLF and D Tierney ISRF. Homers Odyssey will feature Centre Results, Combine & Fed Results and Club Results.

1st South Sect & 1st Open INFC P J Nangle, Carlow & District – Vel 1308 flying 133 miles winning £220 and the Ronnie Johnston Challenge Cup

2nd South Sect D Begley, Carlow & District – Vel 1259 flying 132 miles winning £80

3rd South Sect S O’Hara, Monasterevin RPC – Vel 1258 flying 124 miles winning £60

4th South Sect J Hamilton & Sons, Leinster Premier CC – Vel 1256 flying 115 miles winning £41

5th South Sect P Quirke, Wexford North & South – Vel 1255 flying 130 miles winning £28

1st & 2nd Middle Sect D Tierney, Sarsfield RPC – Vel 1264 and 1250 flying 174 miles winning £601 and the Gerald Delaney Trophy for the Best Vel in the Sect not winning the Open

3rd Middle Sect P Keegan & L Darling, Donnycarney – Vel 1238 flying 179 miles winning £218

4th Middle Sect G Cully, Finglas – Vel 1237 flying 177 miles winning £166

5th Middle Sect McCabe & Byrne, Dublin North County RPC – Vel 1232 flying 180 miles winning £142

1st North Sect R Williamson, Newry & Dist – Vel 1226 flying 219 miles winning £350 INFC Diploma for 1st Sect with Lowest Winning Velocity

2nd North Sect Mark Maguire & Son, Millvale – Vel 1224 flying 217 miles winning £600

3rd North Sect J Greenaway, Dromore HPS – Vel 1224 flying 235 miles winning £250

4th North Sect I Rollins & Son, Hillsborough & Maze – Vel 1218 flying 240 miles winning £200

5th North Sect D Mawhinney & Son, Beechpark Social – Vel 1213 flying 235 miles winning £124

The INFC Committee are grateful once again for all the help at the race marking, and also all those involved in the various Clock Centres across Ireland, every little bit of help is appreciated. On a personal note thanks to all those who supplied text and photos for this report or helped in any other way. The more info we get the better job can be done.

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Skibbereen Liberation. Posted on May 29, 2018

1st Middle Sect Skibb YB Nat 2017, 1st Middle Sect Skibb OB Nat 2018 for Derek Tierney of Sarsfield

1st Middle Sect Skibb YB Nat 2017, 1st Middle Sect Skibb OB Nat 2018 for Derek Tierney of Sarsfield

P J Nangle winner of 1st Open INFC Skibbereen

P J Nangle winner of 1st Open INFC Skibbereen

Tuesday 29th May 2018. Skibbereen Old Bird Inland National Sponsored by Bamfords Top Flight.nanglemontage

392 members have entered 3588 pigeons and are competing for £13,440.00 pools and prize money.

The pigeons have been released at 08.30am wind at the release site was a light Northerly.

Skibbereen Old Bird Inland National Race marking

Posted on May 27, 2018
Update Sunday 27th May @ 14:30

Skibbereen Old Bird Inland National

Sponsorded by Bamfords Top Flight.

Race marking will take place as planned on Monday 28th May times as printed in the race entry form booklet for a possible release on Tuesday.

Results & Reports click here! THE FORUM PAGE IS UPDATED DAILY.

Prov Result INFC Skibbereen click here! Skibbereen-O.B.-2018

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