Kings Cup 2017 – Results & Reports

Kings Cup 2017 – Results & Reports
Liam McCall winner of the INFC Kings Cup in 2017.

Liam McCall winner of the INFC Kings Cup in 2017.

redladdiemccall2baveGrand National Saint Allouestre King’s Cup update Wednesday 5th July.Posted on July 5, 2017

All prize positions have now been claimed in the race. Over 450 pigeons have been recorded at the end the second day.

Friendship National update Wednesday 5th July 2017.

Posted on July 5, 2017 – No race marking tomorrow Thursday due to unfavourable weather forecast for Sunday.

Grand National King’s Cup St. Allouestre update Tuesday evening.

Saint Allouestre King’s Cup Tuesday 4th July Update @ 23:45

Provisional top ten.

1 L. McCall Wicklow 1343, 2 J. Doheny Malahide 1314, 3 A. Crawford Ballylesson 1262, 4 G. Buckley & Son Annaghmore 1251, 5 M. Hughes Edgarstown 1233, 6 J. Cullen Bray 1221, 7 N. Black & Son Dromara 1220, 8 Burns Bros. Comber 1209, 9 W. B. Shaw Corrigs 1206.7, 10 J.  McLoughlin Blanchardstown 1206.5   138 First day pigeons recorded.

Hours of Darkness 22:46 to 04:51

Clock checking arrangements for second day arrivals Balbriggan, Wicklow, Stillorgan and Cork contact your clock station manager.

Banbridge, Lisburn and Muckamore Wednesday evening 21:00

Friendship national no decision on race marking yet we will update tomorrow evening ( Wednesday).

Grand National Saint Allouestre King’s Cup Liberation Tuesday.

Tuesday 4th July 2017.

Grand National Saint Allouestre King’s Cup – Sponsored by Frazers Animal Feeds

671 members have entered 2546 pigeons and are competing for £35,779 in pools and prize money.

The pigeons have been released at 07:20 in a light and variable wind which will turn South Westerly on route.

No decision on the Friendship National race marking we will update this evening on both today’s race and the Friendship national race marking.

Prov Ammended RESULT –  Click HERE! Saint-Allouestre-Kings-Cup-2017ammend

Single Bird Challenge Prov Result – Click HERE!

Report & Results by HOMER  and by Brendan McLaughlin PO – Click HERE!

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