Mid Antrim Comb 2014/15 –

Mid Antrim Comb 2014/15 –



MAC Awards for 2015 – NIPA Secretary George McDowell as usual is one of the first to issue a list of the seasons awards, presentation will take place at the various club award nights.

W & J Smyth of Ballymena & District win Old Bird Inland Average vel 1419, Old Bird Average vel 1161, Eagleson Memorial Cup best average Talbenny, Sennen Cove Classic , Bude and Penzance vel 1260, and finally Combine Average vel 945. Alan Darragh from Cullybackey won Cross Channel Ave vel 1244, Young Bird Ave vel 1585, Young Bird of the Year GB15C-04320 scored 56 Points and Leslie Mairs OB Fancier of the Year Cup collecting 1083 Points. Randalstown featured with the William McIlhagga Memorial Cup for the best bird from St Malo in France. Hugh Boyd recorded his bird at 16.35hrs flying 467 miles for velocity 1430 finishing 1st MAC, 1st Sect & 3rd Open NIPA 434/1477 a fantastic result and Stewart Bros won the New North Cup vel 1520, best average Bude & Talbenny YB Nat. Steele & McNeill of Rasharkin & District won the T Shanks & Son Cup for Champion Old Bird, last year it was won for the first time by “Super Mario”, this season the winner was GB13R-18102 with 66 Points. In the same club Danny Dixon won the Champions League for Rasharkin for the second year in succession, and the first loft to win this highly prized award for the second time. In the final he came up against Stewart Bros and although they won 1st Club his velocity was better. The INFC Average Cup was won by Reid Bros & McCloy of Cullybackey vel 1117 and finally the Club Points Shield. Old Bird was won by Cullybackey HPS 102 Points and Young Bird was won by Rasharkin & District 63 Points.

Secretary George McDowell has released the list of top awards won in the 2014 racing season, what a year it was for Danny Dixon of Rasharkin & District. He lifted most of the cup and trophies including all the average awards. Old Bird Inland Average vel 1566, Cross Channel Average vel 993, Old Bird Average vel 1293, Eagleson Memorial Cup best average Talbenny, Bude, Thuro and Penzance vel 1008, New North Cup best average Bude & Talbenny YB vel 1332, Young Bird Average vel 1407 and finally Combine Average vel 1493. On top of that in one of the best results for the loft the William McIlhagga Memorial Cup for the best bird from St Malo. Danny Dixon with a bird early on the second morning finished 1st Club, 1st MAC, 1st Sect B & 2nd Open NIPA St Malo OB Nat 404/1304 recording velocity 842 with “Danske Kid”. No surprise he was also the winner of the Leslie Mairs Old Bird Fancier of the Year collecting 618 Points. Rasharkin & District win the Club Shield for Old Birds with 100 Points and Ballymena & District with 65 Points win the YB Club Shield for the second time in three seasons. Steele & McNeill won the Champions League for Rasharkin & District and this loft also had Old Bird of the Year with GB13R-18121. Jimmy Rock from Harryville who won the Talbenny YB Nat for Mid Antrim had the Young Bird of the Year with “Rockies Boy” GB14H-12939. A new trophy was presented at the AGM, the T Shanks & Son Memorial Cup was to be won each season by the Old Bird of the Year. It has been won for the first time by Steele & McNeill of Rasharkin & Dist, an ace racer in the 2014 season. It was also agreed that the trophy which had been awarded for Bird of the Year up to 2013 when won by G & A Eagleson of Ballymena & District would in future go to the Young Bird of the Year. Jimmy Rock was a good winner here getting double points when winning the Talbenny YB National.

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