News Items Requested – Seasons Reports etc

News Items Requested –  Seasons Reports etc

I would be sure I am going to have a lot of space available for the pigeon column over the next number of weeks and months and I will be looking articles of top winners, I have already send out a number of Loft Feature Questions and hopefully they will be sent back shortly. Not everyone is interested in publicity and race for fun, that’s ok the little write ups are just a bit of fun anyway giving an insight into winning fanciers birds and preparation for performance. Each year its impossible to cover each and every big performance, I just usually try my best. This season with all the problems we are going to have plenty of time. Before racing in 2020 I covered a few lofts and a small number did not supply info, maybe they will re-consider. We need to start with ace lofts, those who lift Top/Highest Prize-winner, after that major race winners and major award winners. Our interest would also include the various Fancier of the Year awards and then locally Champion Birds of the Year. We can also look back and I will feature any old news supplied and when time permits lift out a lot of my old archive, it will be the excuse to tidy things up. With no club presentations I will cover seasons report on the winners and maybe add some photos, or new ones if supplied. There will be nothing supplied that won’t be used although it will take time, but I think I will have to stay within the bounds of NIPA lofts and Irish Nat FC. Fanciers can supply on behalf of others who might not be up to date with computers, mobile phones etc with text and photos. If really stuck, info can be supplied by post. Everything is posted on our website as well for those that are modern.

Update – On the main board here in the top Banner we have links for 2 Sites. The first one is INFC History a site first set up by Maurice Alexander and now managed by Homer. I have not had the time to complete updates, it will be on-going for some time to come plus I am learning as we go forward on a step by step basis how to edit the pages. WordPress is a simple programme but to me still difficult to manage although in recent weeks I have managed to make some changes. The other link is to The Forum and listed here are several board dealing with various groups I have worked on over the last 20 years or so, updates here are made weekly and it makes fantastic reading for this lockdown period which will take us through to hopefully the return of racing April 2021. There are many hours reading here, it took a lot of time to list and no doubt those interested will find something of interest.

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