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News Items 28 Mar 2013

Old Bird racing starting soon –

First race of the new season will be flown weather permitting on Saturday 13th April from Tullamore, the weather at present is more Winter than Spring and will have delayed training. This would usually start around the Easter Holiday weekend, keep in contact with those who provide training services. Ballymoney HPS have requested the members return Race Sheets, and Vaccination Forms and Clocks to the Secretary ASAP.

The NIPA Rule 18 states all Race Sheets must be with each club secretary at least 14 days before race marking. All birds listed must be the bonafide property of each member as per RPRA Rules 102 and 103. Where a member uses ETS a signed copy of the assignment print out has to be with the secretary 14 days before racing commences. The NIPA will also enforce RPRA Rule 121 on any member found not wing stamping their birds, or the birds having name and address rings instead. With new regulations this year concerning the drivers working time, it was not possible with the present collection arrangements to have the Comeback Races as part of the main race programme.

Due to the fact there is a demand for them and that the one on Talbenny (2) weekend will not be flown due to the Yearling Nat for Cock and Hens on the same day, it was decided to leave the other two as optional races. Although the NIPA will produce a result and award Sect & Open Diplomas they don’t count in any average or for Fancier of the Year. Mid Antrim Combine decided at its AGM to not count them in the averages and I have learned they won’t publish a result either. Birds will be rung at member clubs and collected at Marking Centres. No decision has been made yet regarding the Kings Cup venue, a strong contender is Nort-sur-Erdre which is down below Rennes, the distance to Ballymena is 552 miles approx. Bird found dead at Ballee GB12B-10424, the ring is registered to Broughshane & District.

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