Talbenny (2) 29/05/16 –

Talbenny (2) 29/05/16 –

The full result for 2nd Talbenny can now be viewed here congratulations to Nelson Weir of Loughgall on winning 1st Open his second of the season.

2nd Talbenny 29th May 2016

756 members sent 12,010 birds liberated at 8.00 am in a light Easterly wind

Sect A 57/796 B 108/1577 C 147/2202 D 87/1563 E 168/3285 F 55/690 G 69/1486 H 65/411

NIPA Club results click here! 2nd-Talbenny-Club-results-29th-May-2016

NIPA Open & Sect result clich here!2nd-Talbenny-29th-May-2016


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