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News Items 12 Dec 2013

Monster Prize-Night at Larne & District HPS –

The big Larne & Dist held the annual dinner and prize presentation last Friday evening in the local clubrooms at Glenarm Road, Secretary Willie Ferguson welcomed a good turn-out of members and friends. Prior to the meal he asked senior member Jim Agnew to say grace. After a very good four course meal well served by the staff President Owen Donnelly thanked all those involved with the night and all those who served the club well over the racing and show season. He congratulated the many winners in what was another season of top success for Larne & Dist members. Willie Ferguson said the members sent 14,200 birds during the NIPA race programme with on average 33 members competing for the £7,476 in pools and prizes. This year the overall Highest Prize-winner for the first time were Robert Crawford and Gary Crawford who collected £1,902 followed by Beggs & Hall £1,260 and in third place was the very consistent partnership and able helper Paul of the D & P Harvey team collecting £678. D & P Harvey have been racing just three seasons with Larne & Dist, 6th last year and 3rd this year for a team on the way up. The ever consistent Beggs & Hall topped the Mighty NIPA winning the H A Montgomery Cup from Tullamore in the young birds and then from Portland OB National a super race for two of the Old Hands in Larne & Dist. Jimmy Brown & Son won a Bronze & Silver Diploma with “Jimmy’s Delight” in 2011 – 36th Sect C & 199th Open NIPA St Malo; 2012 – 44th Sect C & 174th Open NIPA St Malo; 2013 – 17th Sect C & 52nd Open NIPA Portland. Sammy Burns won the Bronze Diploma in 2012 – 10th Sect C & 55th Open NIPA St Malo; 2013 – 9th Sect C & 35th Open NIPA Portland.

In the INFC programme there were wins for L & S O’Neill & Sons at Skibbereen OB, G K & I Moxham were the winners in the Sennen Cove Yearling Nat, and also best bird in the Penzance YB National. A S McNaghten was the winner in the Skibbereen YB, and the two big France results were S & S O’Toole in the St Allouestre Kings Cup and D & P Harvey in the Quimper Friendship National. On finishing I would like to thanks the club and officials for the invite to the prize night, Larne & Dist is still a hot-bed of racing in East Antrim.

Larne & District Cups & Trophies –

Tullamore 20/04/2013 (Ferguson Mem. Cup) Winner – D. & P. Harvey;
Roscrea 27/04/2013 (Arklow Cup) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Clonmel 04/05/2013 (Rainey Mem. Cup) Winner – R. & M. Robinson;
Fermoy 11/05/2013 (Joe Goodall Trophy) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Rosscarbery O/B Inland National 17/05/2013 (Minnis Armstrong Mem. Cup) Winner – L & S O’Neill & Sons;
Roscrea Come back 17/05/2013 Winner – G, K, & I. Moxham;
Clonmel 25/05/2013 (Charity Cup) Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Talbenny 01/06/2013 (McCluggage Cup) Winner – L. & S. O’Neill & Sons;
Talbenny 08/06/2013 (Magill Trophy) Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Rosscarbery 15/06/2013 (D.Donnelly Mem. Cup) Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Fermoy 5 Bird Championship Race 15/06/2013 (AVG Trophy) Winner – G, K, & I Moxham;
Penzance 24/06/2013 (Penzance Cup) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Penzance Classic 24/06/2013 (1st OAP to Time in Penzance) Winner – A. S. McNaghten;
Fisherman’s Shield Winner – R. Maxwell;
Portland O/B Channel National 01/07/2013 (Best 2 Bird Average Portland 2013 & Old Bird Derby Cup) Winner – S. Burns;
Isa Robinson Trophy Winner – S. Burns;
McCluggage France Cup Winner – J. Brown & Son;
Best Single Bird Average 2nd Talbenny & Penzance 2013 (Snoddy Shield & Claim for RPRA Meritorious Award) Winner – D. & P Harvey;
Best Average 2 Talbenny Races & Bude 2013 (Ferguson Mem. Cup) Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Best Average 2nd Talbenny & Portland 2013 (Baxter Mem. Cup) Winner – S. Burns;
Best Average all Old Bird Channel Races on NIPA Programme (Channel Average Cup) Winner – B. McCammon;
Best Average all Old Bird Races (Old Bird Average Cup) Winner – B. McCammon.

INFC Old Bird Inland National Skibbereen 28/05/2013 (Nancy Donnelly Cup) Winner – L. & S. O’Neill & Sons;
INFC Yearling National Sennen Cove 12/06/13 (Bobby Rainey Mem. Cup) Winner – G, K, & I. Moxham;
INFC KINGS CUP National France Cup St Allouestre (Margaret Mehaffey Men Cup) Winner – S & S O’Toole, Sons & Dtr;
INFC FRIENDSHIP National Quimper 12/07/13 (Atkinson Cup) Winner – D. & P. Harvey;
INFC Y/B Channel National Penzance 11/09/2013 (Bamber Shield) Winner – G, K, & I. Moxham;
INFC Y/B Inland National Skibbereen North 22/09/2012 (Henry Corken Memorial Cup) Winner – A. S. McNaghten.

Navan 20/07/2013 (Joe. Lennon Sen Memorial Cup) Winner – Baxter & Holden;
Mullingar 27/07/2013 (McLaughlin Cup) Winner – Ed. McAuley;
Tullamore 03/08/2013 (Presidents Cup) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Roscrea 10/08/2013 (Dempsey Cup) Winner – N. Ferguson & Son;
Clonmel 16/08/2013 (Town Hall Cup) Winner – C. Campbell & Son;
Fermoy 24/08/2013 (Gibson Shield) Winner – A. S. McNaghten;
Talbenny National 31/08/2013 (Best 2 Bird Average & Young Bird Derby Cup) Winner – R. & M. Robinson
J. Lennon Jun. Mem. Cup Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Tullamore Come back 31/08/2013 (Surgenor Cup) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Mallow 06/09/2013 Mallow 5 Bird A.S.McNaghten (McCluggage Young Bird Cup) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Rosscarbery Derby 15/09/2013 Best 2 Bird Average Rosscarbery Y/Bird & Highways Trophy Winner – Beggs & Hall;
McLaughlin Mem. Cup Winner – D.& P. Harvey;
Best Average 2 Talbenny’s , Bude & Penzance (Reggie Anderson Mem Trophy) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Best Average all Young Bird Races & Young Bird Average Cup Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Best Average Young Bird Derby Races Talbenny & Rosscarbery (Barry McWilliams Memorial Cup) Winner – D. & P. Harvey.

Best Average all Old & Young Bird Races on NIPA Programme & Combined Average Cup Winner – B. McCammon ;
Best Average all Inland Races on NIPA Programme & Combined Inland Average Cup Winner – A.S McNaghten;
Best Points all Old & Young Bird Races on NIPA Programme (Holden Mem. Cup) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Best Average Old & Young Bird Derby Races from Rosscarbery (Longmore Cup) Winner – A. S. McNaghten;
Best Average all National Races on NIPA Programme (T. & D. Mills Memorial Trophy) Winner – B. McCammon;
Best Average Old Bird Inland Races (Royal Tara School of Dancing) Winner – A. S. McNaghten;
Champion Old Bird – Inland Best Single Bird Points Total (John Lee Memorial Cup) Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Champion Old Bird – Channel Best Single Bird Points Total (Civic Week Cup) Winner – Beggs & Hall;
Champion Young Bird Best Single Bird Points Total (Robert Mills sen. Memorial Trophy) Winner – A. S. McNaghten;
Winter Shows 2012 (Show Trophy) Winner – D. & P. Harvey;
Champion Novice (Novice Trophy) Winner – R.W. & L. Donnell;
Old Bird Knock-out Competition Winner – Crawford & Robinson;
Young Bird Knock-out Competition Rosscarbery Yearling Cock & Rosscarbery Yearling Hen Winner – N. Ferguson & Son;
Reihill McKeown Cup Winner – A. S. McNaghten ;
Dillon Bass Trophy Winner – L &S O’Neill & Sons.

Photo Captions –

22.57.16 – Highest prize-winners Crawford & Robinson with Secty Willie Ferguson (l). President Owen Donnelly is on right.

22.37.36 – Wife of the President Nancy Donnelly presents award to Paul Harvey.

22.38.46 – G K & I Moxham won the INFC races from Sennen Cove Ylr & Penzance YB.

22.53.14 – NIPA France Diploma winners Sammy Burns (l) and Jimmy Brown.

22.39.38 – Brian McCammon won the OB Ave, CC Ave, Combined Ave and National Average in Larne & District.

23.23.56 – Larne President Owen Donnelly (l) with the O’Toole team who had the best bird in the Kings Cup.

22.52.05 – Larne & Dist winners and officials in 2013 at the annual prize night.

22.43.27 – R W & L Donnell won the Novice Trophy, with Nancy Donnelly.



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