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News Items 26 Sep 2013
The final race of the young bird season was flown last weekend from Skibbereen, some 2,800 birds were competing in the Irish Nat FC Inland National. The race was brought forward by one day due to a poor weather weekend forecast, birds were race marked in Lisburn on Thursday and released in Skibbereen on Friday 20th September in calm conditions at 10.00am, and a helping South West wind en-route.
Race winners were I Rollins & Son from the Hillsborough & Maze recording velocity 1835 for the approx. 230 miles followed by the top two birds into East Antrim, W Wickings of Ligoniel & District and D & J Campbell & Bigger Eastway.
East Antrim Combined Skibbereen YB National – W Wickings Ligoniel & Dist 1829, D & J Campbell & Bigger Eastway 1826, A & N Lewis Doagh & Dist 1811, J Burrows Eastway 1800, G McKenna Eastway 1797, G McKenna 1797, Grattan Bros Eastway 1796, A & N Lewis 1789, J Burrows 1789, A & N Lewis 1786, A S McNaghten Larne & Dist 1781, A S McNaghten 1780, M/M G Robinson Carrick Soc 1774, Beggs & Hall Larne & Dist 1770, Beggs & Hall 1767, W Wickings 1765, M/M G Robinson 1764, A & N Lewis 1757, W Wickings 1755, A & N Lewis 1754, Hanna & McClurkin 1752, G McKenna 1750, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1749, G & C Lowry Kingsmoss 1741, M/M G Robinson 1739, M & T Griffith Eastway 1739, M & T Griffith 1739, D & JU Campbell & Bigger 1736, Beggs & Hall 1735, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1734.
East Antrim Clubs Skibbereen –
Ligoniel & District – W Wickings 1829, 1765, 1755, Hanna & McClurkin 1752, W Wickings 1734, 1733.
Eastway HPS – D & J Campbell & Bigger 1826, J Burrows 1800, G McKenna 1797, 1797, Grattan Bros 1796, J Burrows 1789, G McKenna 1750, D & J Campbell & Bigger 1749, M & T Griffith 1739, 1739.
Doagh & District – A & N Lewis 1811, 1789, 1786, 1757, 1754, 1712.
Larne & District – A S McNaghten 1781, 1780, Beggs & Hall 1770, 1767, 1735, G K & I Moxham 1728, 1728.
Carrick Social – Mr & Mrs G Robinson 1774, 1764, 1739.
Kingsmoss – G & C Lowry 1741.
Ballycarry & District – Arthurs & George 1721.
The North Coast Classic One-Loft Race is proud to offer to the fancy this year’s entrants in the 2013 race, just flown. These birds will be sold at public auction over a series of sales in the coming weeks. On offer is the cream of the fancy and these birds represent the cream of every entrant’s loft. Only the very best are entered and the stock on offer has competed in all six hot spot races and the final event itself. The winner, Ace Pigeon, Hot Spot winners etc. will be offered at public auction. Top reports have been received from fanciers who purchased at last year’s sales and many winners/prize-winners have been reported to the NCC.
The first two sales are as follows:
Sale 1: Saturday, 28th September Sale starts 3pm. Birds on view 2pm
Venue: Glenavy Hall
Sale 2: Saturday, 5th October Sale starts 3pm. Birds on view 2pm
Venue: Chimney Corner Football Club, Randalstown Road, Antrim
Both sales will be online for all to pre-bid who cannot attend, with the final bid online, the opening bid in the live sale room. Each online sale will close at 12 midnight on the evening prior to the sale in question. To view a sale list of the birds on offer log on To view all the Lots on offer please log in to Here you can avail yourself of all the Lots on offer and all their particular breeding details, results etc. and feel free to place a bid. For fanciers who want to place a phone bid, this can also be arranged. Contact: The NCC Tel: 07548 607756 or email:
Sale Dates for Dublin –
The 2013/14 Sales Season is in the process of being put together with a couple of early dates for your calendar. Saturday 28th September a Major Reduction for Hollywood Lofts (Northern Ireland) It’s with great sadness that Ronnie Higginson has decided to take a step back from racing and breeding over the next couple of years. The loft is acclaimed to putting many good fanciers on the map over the years with excellent results achieved by many. Indeed Ronnie racing in partnership with Gregory Johnston topped the NIPA O/Bird National from Rosscarbery in 2013. More details over the next week or so on this one, simply one not to missed. Venue will be the Sarsfield RPC, Ballyfermot Dublin this Saturday, birds on view at 1.30pm and sale starts at 3.00pm. Contact Homer for bookings Tel: (028) 256 44683 or Mobile 07538 238364. Bird details and info from Ronnie Higginson Tel 07526 563168. Sale List available at
Claims for Awards Deadlines –
At the end of the season members need to claim for the various awards, deadline is two weeks after the final race flown last weekend from Rosscarbery, that is on or before Sat 28th September, no late claims will be entertained. Bookings now being taken for tickets to the Annual Ladies Night to be held at the Templeton Hotel in Templepatrick on Friday 8th November. NIPA Secretary Fred Russell has requested that all cups and trophies are returned ASAP, and in a clean condition. NIPA require Average Cups, Sect Fancier of the Year and any claims for Bronze, Silver & Gold Diplomas not already published. For the RPRA (Irish Region) Robert Reid has application forms. Write to 131 North Road, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. BT38 7QJ. Mileage Awards 0-250 Miles, 251-450 Miles, Over 450 Miles and Young Fanciers claim for the same. Club Secretary’s must make claims for Best Single Bird Performance 2nd Talbenny & Penzance. Claims for Robert Reid must be in by 5th October, no exception.
Social Night for Kells & District –
Kells & Dist HPS have another Social Evening planned to take place in the Dunsilly Hotel, Antrim on Friday 1st November, pay at the door. Prior to the main event the Kells & Dist HPS will present the prizes for the year. More details later, with guests etc.
Photo Captions
The A & N Lewis partnership from Doagh & Dist, big result in the Skibbereen YB Nat.
Winner for A & N Lewis 8th North Sect at 257 miles, bred in partnership with Alan Kelly, Omagh.


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