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Mark Lyford

A Bit About Me
I was 12 years old. I became hooked by racing pigeons. Properly hooked! I found it so
amazing that a little yearling hen flew 512 miles from Lerwick back to her loft and to me.
Wow! Nothing could describe the feeling. 32 years on… although I’m not keeping any birds
at the moment, I am still hooked and I hope to be starting the sport again soon. I plan to
get a good stock loft together and compete in one loft races. I bought and sold pigeons
from the age of 14. It was them that got me into entrepreneurship. Since then I have made
and lost millions in various businesses. But all through these years pigeons have been my

An Introduction
Although I haven’t kept birds for a few years, I still have my magazine subscriptions which
I look forward to reading each week and month and I keep eye on social media and whats
going on. On the 17th March 2019 I saw history happen: the sale of Armando for over
£1,000,000. I have said since 1988 that one day we would see a million pound pigeon and
it finally happened. I then started seeing people comment about the sale of the bird. It all
then started and my Facebook has gone a little mad since. I have since put two videos out
and combined they have had nearly 4000 views at the time of writing this. I have had many
people agreeing with me (much of which I am writing about here).
As a result of the last week's events and combined with my passion for these amazing
birds I have decided I’m going to do all I can to help this great sport. Some people already
agree with many of my thoughts, I am sure many won’t agree. Everyone has their own
opinions and they are within their rights to have them, however I think we have some
major issues with the sport, specifically in the UK. I want to use my skills, experience and
determination to succeed to do as much as I can to see some big changes happen.
So, here we have it: a manifesto if you will. A manifesto that someone may actually stick
to; unlike many political manifestos we're all familiar with… These are my thoughts and
plan for the vision, future and revolution that needs to happen for this sport to not just
survive, but thrive.

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