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News Items 03 Jul 2013
Big Result for East Antrim Lofts in Ylr Nat –
The INFC Yearling Nat was flown from Sennen Cove last Wednesday having been put back for one week due to the weather, 4,400 birds were competing and over 1,000 birds were recorded on the day. Released at 8.30am in a Lt NW wind and with helping conditions at the home end, it was one of the best races for many years.
It’s always been a favourite race for Mr & Mrs McNeilly of Doagh & District, Brian and Elaine timed their first bird at 16.45hrs flying 324 miles to record velocity 1149 to take 2nd Open INFC.  A second bird for the loft was not far behind and wins 6th North Sect & 11th Open INFC on velocity 1125, the two birds lift a tidy £660. Grattan Bros from Eastway are another big National loft and they were well placed again, next best in the local Muckamore Centre and finishing 4th North Sect & 5th Open INFC on velocity 1134. Former National winners G K & I Moxham were best in Larne, Connor Bros had 1st Kingsmoss, Arnold Thompson had 1stBallyclare, he had another great card in one of his favourite races , followed by S & A Leith had 1st Doagh & District, and three lofts from Ballyclare all top distance lofts Robin Duddy, Andy Gault and former Nat Champions C & L Woodside.
East Antrim Combined  Sennen Cove Ylr Nat –Mr & Mrs B McNeilly Doagh & Dist 1149, Grattan Bros Eastway 1134, Mr & Mrs B McNeilly 1125, G K & I Moxham Larne & Dist 1117, Connor Bros Kingsmoss 1102, A Thompson Ballyclare 1098, S & A Leitch Doagh & Dist 1096, R Duddy Ballyclare 1093, A Gault Ballyclare 1071, C & L Woodside Ballyclare 1070, A Thompson 1070, W Gault & Son Kingsmoss 1070, S & A Leitch 1045, A Gault 1037, R Duddy 1020, A Thompson 1019, A Thompson 1017, A Thompson 1016, A & N Lewis Doagh & Dist 1015, R Duddy 1015, A Thompson 1011, Mr & Mrs B McNeilly 1007, R Duddy 1000, D & J Campbell & Bigger Eastway 996, D & J Campbell & Bigger 994, B & M Gilmore Ballyclare 988, A Gault 981, R Duddy 973, D & R Turkington Doagh & Dist 971, A Thompson 967, J & R Blair Ballyclare 965, Arthurs & George Ballycarry & Dist 954.
Photo Captions –
Brian and Elaine McNeilly from Doagh finished 2nd & 11th Open in Yearling Nat.
Grattan Bros from Eastway were well placed in Sennen Cove National.


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